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11-11-2015, 09:08 PM
8x11 watercolor on 140lb Arches paper. A friend asked me to paint her boat at their dock. I thought I was done with this, but now I am not satisfied. What can I do to improve it? I'm thinking the side of the boat facing us should be darkened, since it is away from the sun, but then I will lose my area of lightest light against darkest dark. Also, the water doesn't seem to recede like it should. What should I do?? All suggestions appreciated! Thanks for looking. ~Louise


11-11-2015, 11:38 PM
Hi LouMck, Do you mind a digital edit?

11-12-2015, 12:03 AM
I would love to see it! Thank you for taking the time to help!

11-12-2015, 12:46 AM
With a wee touch to the sun (a bit more sun) and dulling the rich blue on the far water reflection....brightening up the dock - yes, more lovely setting sun is reaching the boat. Being fiberglass, a pale colour (white?) then it's very reflective more reflective surfaces, bouncing back the setting sun - shinning more in the setting sun? Opening up the bow shadow in the water. Reducing the colourful mauve a bit (darker/duller) in the side of the boat.... a few other changes to showcase the setting sun and its influence on the boat. Darkening the shadow on the driver's seat and the boat motor, and the control console. Ensuring a touch of colour echoing the sunset in the brighter/lighter light coming off the gunwales and the top of the motor. Hope it helps, cheers!

11-12-2015, 01:28 PM
Thank you, KolinskyRed. I think your changes were subtle, yet effective! Thanks so much for taking time to help.

11-12-2015, 02:52 PM
I tweaked it as best I could...definitely not my best work, but my friend is happy with it anyway! Thanks for your help.

11-21-2015, 10:02 PM
The changes you made were subtle, but made an already beautiful painting pop! I would love to see more of your work!

12-09-2015, 11:34 AM
KolinskyRed's modifications are definitely the way to go. Looking into the light, there ought to be a certain amount of bright specular reflection from the top deck of the boat, and possibly from part of the dock. That's in the modifications. And yes, the near portion of the hull does need to be darker, as it is in shadow, with a tone indicating that its illumination is primarily from the water or near shore, also as modified. The re-worked painting is definitely improved!