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10-31-2015, 04:13 AM
A while ago I got a gelli plate, it's a sort of wobbly printing plate that you can do some interesting things with. I ended up with a stack of interesting but fairly pointless bits of printed rice paper, which were subsequently swallowed up by the studio debris.

I found them yesterday and decided to try collaging them. This started out as completely abstract but the figure jumped out and had to live. The right (his left) arm bothers me and needs something, I also may do some lines here and there. I ended up covering up most of the printed papers, except for the central one on the body. Acrylic on paper.


Mr. Nobody
10-31-2015, 04:32 AM
Very cool.... it's awesome! :thumbsup:
It's great when you see things pop out like that....

This reminds me of something I've seen....

It was decades ago, I saw a devil like creature in a wood grain wall... It was the height of the wall and looked like it was coming out of flames. It was very wicked looking, the wood grain was beautiful...The thing is I saw this at a friends house, and then after showing the family, they had the wall torn down and the house was blessed by a priest.

I had no ideal how religious they where, and was never invited back lol...

10-31-2015, 11:16 AM
quite an amazing piece
super power
and unique

love this
a lot


10-31-2015, 02:37 PM
Charles, your story really made me laugh, so funny!

Greggo, love your words!

11-01-2015, 11:51 AM
I tweaked it a bit. Might be time to move on... I still have some more gelli papers to get rid of :)


11-01-2015, 03:21 PM
Subtle changes, but I think they did a good job. The shoulder gets strength through the added red, and the feet make more sense. I am very happy with the figure and the patterns you created. Something in the background, on the upper left, that I can't put my finger on... hm... might need to return, I am pretty tired already.

Magali Lenarczak
11-02-2015, 12:02 PM
I really like it with what you did last. It is quite intriguing and I want to keep looking at it.

11-03-2015, 10:28 AM
Thank you Daniel, your help is much appreciated.

Thank you Magz, I am glad that it holds your attention. :)