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10-15-2003, 06:35 AM
G'morning to you all..... It's a bright but windy and cold morning here, must soon brave the elements and let my dog take me for a walk:D...... Hubby is in lots of pain, he had his big toe nail removed yesterday, and must rest for four days, so that means no movement on the kitchen.... it's still under wraps in boxes in our lounge.... how on earth can I be creative with art with all this mess? :( Hope your day will be better than mine.


10-15-2003, 06:52 AM
ouch Mo! Years ago I used to do Karate and had my big toe nail ripped out by someones heel while sparring, it didnt hurt at the time, but walking around for the days to follow hurt like.... Don't envy him there.

Well I have just woken up and its 11am, will go into work for about 1pm ish. But I did a 14 hour stint at work yesterday getting home at 2am this morning and I have a run of 12 days without a day off and probably another at least two or three 14 - 18 hour sessions at work in the next 12 days, so Im a tired bunny and will be for a while I think, guess the art materials will be gathering dust for a few days.


10-15-2003, 07:36 AM
Good Morning

My two year old has gone off with my mom and I have the next 2 days with out my toddler toddling. lol I am missing her (alittle :D ) but I have a day planned of painting since she isnt here. I am working on my most ambitious painting so far - Josie,2yo, with mirror.

I do have a personal website that you all are welcome to go see -mostly my kids are on there, my sister helped me to do it because I am so slow with puter techno stuff!



10-15-2003, 08:03 AM
Mo, my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, I thought for a second it was your husband's toenail wrapped in a box in your kitchen!
You could always do a life drawing of hubby, since he won't be moving around much! :D

10-15-2003, 08:14 AM
Poor Mo! Poor Mo's hubby! I do hope things get settled around your house soon.
Pouring rain here...and I have to go out this morning.
I hope everyone has a good day!


10-15-2003, 12:52 PM
Guess I'm the only one with decent weather and I'm not complaining. We're still having summer here and it's even warmer in the hills where the painting is better. All that said I'm going to the eye doctors this morning where he'll dilate my eyes and I'll have to wear wrap around shades till class tonight. Yuck!

Mo - tell your hubby my thoughts are with him. Poor guy.

Wendy hope that coffee kicks in - I'm still laughing about your version of the story.

Angie - happy painting today - make the most of it!

Sandy - after living in Seattle 18 years I'm an expert on rain - just don't let it stop you!!!

Charlie - get some rest - sounds like a tough bunch of hours at work.


10-15-2003, 01:21 PM
Hi all!!! Wow... a lot happening here today.

Mo... Remodeling is a pain in the tushie ... and now in your hubby's big toe too! Ouch :( . Hope he's better soon and you can move on with your project. (trust me, its worth the wait to have it done right even if it is a drag for awhile!)

Charlie... Rough job to have to work all those long hours and extended work weeks, just be sure to take some "me" time (I know that's woman's talk - but guys need "me" time too even if they won't admit it :D )!!!

Angie... Nice job on the web site... trying to work one up myself.. lol... I think I need a techno nerd too!

Sundiver... LOL Toenail wrapped in a box... hmmmm sounds like too many late nite movies.. better get that coffee!

Sandy... we had that rain last night.. just wait the wind behind it is a real kick in the can ... better tie down everything that can possibly move and keep your car out from under trees. Already helped a neighbor pick up a tree out of his drive today!

Barb ... and you know I'm so through with u! Out there in California... I'm still jealous!! :evil: Glad to hear that the weather is still nice. Sorry you have to do the eye dr thingy..

Myself... well, trying to get some "me" time in. Hubby has volunteered to help another buddy with his car and I've had the past 2 days to myself... YEA! Doing a little pasteling and just languishing around the house in my robe... :D okay not a pretty sight but its fun! (although had to get dressed to go help the neighbor :rolleyes: ) It's too windy to venture out, which is what I really want to do but all in due time ;). Everyone have a great day and its good to be able to chat a little. Take care!


10-15-2003, 02:26 PM
Barb, Sharon... I'm a big believer in me time as well, it is going to quite rough going for the next couple of weeks, not only the long hours but as I'm the project manager you can never really totally shut off, but I will be taking some chill out time when I can with my brushes and paints, and my guitar.. I tune out for a while when Im painting or playing.
The job is stressful, but Ive kind of become the master of relaxing at home, which I do by painting, playing the guitar, watching baseball, reading etc.. for a bloke it may sound wierd but I always have candles and scented candles on the go at home, soft lighting that kind of thing..helps me relax