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10-06-2015, 09:49 AM
This is my latest ocean painting. I posted this in acrylic last week but realized there was an abstract page. Its 18x24 on canvas. I had originally planned to make the water look realistic but after painting like 8 samples this design popped up into my head.


10-06-2015, 09:52 AM
Really neat! I like the way the shapes are so representational without being realistic.

10-06-2015, 01:43 PM
It is acceptable to cross-post in more than one forum, this also could be in Landscape...and mebbe Illustration
having said that, I am glad you popped in here and showed us this.

Fun, cheerful and happy


10-06-2015, 03:22 PM
glad you kept the ocean stylized like the rest of the composition. Good comp and color

10-06-2015, 04:30 PM
This has a fun Peter Max feel to it. One could almost see a yellow sub surfacing in the background. Sometimes the best Art is made without pretensions to greatness.

10-09-2015, 08:18 AM
Certainly didn't need realism Adam.Keep with your interest and love of the ocean

10-10-2015, 12:06 PM
serious question - my wife and family really think i need to start selling these works. is this good enough to sell? i mean i feel like such a beginner. its ok to say i suck, i just really dont want to look like an idiot trying sell something i shouldnt.

10-10-2015, 01:24 PM
This has an art deco feel to it. :)

10-10-2015, 04:50 PM
no offense meant to your art, but wife and family are the ones never to listen to. I would try ebay and see how they respond to your work. If you have a body of work, go to a gallery that has work that feels comparable and ask for an appointment for the owner to look at your work. Never just drop in. To sell my work I had to be in a gallery because I sucked at selling my own work. I priced it so low that people would look at it wondering what was wrong with it. lol. But in order to get into a gallery I either had to know someone (my first gallery experience) or have a body of work good enough to make a gallery want it.

10-10-2015, 05:20 PM
Nice! Love the wave.
It would make a nice poster. Agree about the Peter Maz look.

Also, this is a good place to say something i've been meaning to: this forum (Abstract/Contemporary) is my favorite because people post and comment often, and it is very open and friendly. On some of the others you post and its like it's falling on "deaf eyes". They just don't comment. And the posts of people's works are fewer and far between.
Just saying...

10-12-2015, 03:29 PM
hi from this part of the forums ;)

Fun piece... I am enjoying the general composition and the sharp contrast between the colors. I feel myself distracted by those areas where the brush strokes are still visible, but that is just me.

10-13-2015, 10:53 AM
This is a fun piece, I can see it on beach towels or posters