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10-04-2015, 07:49 AM
Acrylics on canvas, 50x70cm.

All feedback welcome.


Deep (deep deep) bow to Dan Mangan.

10-04-2015, 02:50 PM
The colours in this are great Daniel!

10-04-2015, 04:06 PM
I am tootaally bebebafflered by this...
it seems to be an homage to something
the buildings and 'specially the shingles are quite wunnerful.

Is this the water village in one of the Ring of the Lords movie trilogy?
Is there a golden dragon nearby?

I be bedafflered


10-04-2015, 04:54 PM
Me too! At first I thought it was a ferris wheel in the background, then realized the half-timbered houses in front wouldn't likely be in an amusement park. Then I thought maybe it was a lighthouse with some sort of crazy curving ladder. A mystery. Nice colors!

10-10-2015, 07:33 AM
This is indeed a hommage to several things.

First, it's a redo on "struggle of the apes" I did in 2001


The tower is inspired from the one in Alcatraz


The town is taken from some holiday photos in France. Ordinary & peaceful town.

The figures sneaked in on their own.

All in all, this is possibly a statement on the state of countries and political challenges of our times. However, I am not trying to make an explicit statement but rather explore how this affects my mind.

10-10-2015, 07:38 AM
Thanks, Alita.

Greg, no dragon... sorry ;) next time. Happy it kept you occupied (and bebebafflered). In computer science, we call this "Nerd sniping" ;)

Source: https://xkcd.com/356/

Thank you Susan. I think that this piece is quite obfuscated without the reference pictures above, and I believe that a good piece should be able to stand on its own... well, as long as it is enjoyable I am happy. Cheers!

10-10-2015, 09:29 AM
I like everything but the spiral staircase. It's just too carefully painted without those broken bits of color with which you are so good.

10-10-2015, 09:37 AM
Now we can take down that sign in France that said 'Disneyland' and call it GollatorLand...full of wondrous and strange places....

10-16-2015, 09:23 AM
Like em all ... Live em all ...

10-19-2015, 03:25 PM
agreed, Bev. I changed it & like the result. Thanks!

Greg: Gollatorland... who wouldn't want to go there? Computer science ramblings, a sign post every five meters telling the world just how cool my kids are, and Menetekel writing-on-the-wall Weltangst every other sign? Suuuure, sounds like big fun ;)

Joe - thanks!

Hairy wolf
10-21-2015, 10:22 AM
For me it's more or less an abstraction of the landscape. Very reminiscent of some Auerbach landscapes. Love it.