View Full Version : Seeking info on Heilman Backpack box.

08-06-2015, 06:55 PM
I am going to build a box for myself based on the Heilman backpack, am a bit confused by the measurements given on their site. Mainly that the height of the box closed is listed at 2.875" (2 and 7/8"), yet the height of box open is listed as 1.625" (1 and 5/8"). This doesn't seem possible, as the height closed should be at least double the height open, which would be 3.25", rather than 2.875". Can anyone with this box shed any light on this? Thanks.


08-06-2015, 11:53 PM
A friend made one for me last x-mas & had the same problem. We decided just to make it the height I needed to accomodate my materials and pastels, and since I use Mt. Visions, Ludwigs and other fatter sticks it was slightly different than Heilmans anyway, as was the thickness of the lid, foam, etc. Just assemble your materials and go with what fits you best. The outside height on one side of mine is 1.6".

08-09-2015, 02:15 PM
Thanks for the input!

08-10-2015, 07:35 PM
I just glanced at the backpack model on their website. It lists the interior depth as 1.125". That is the number you need to be concerned with.

08-11-2015, 12:07 AM
Mike, the depth is crucial, but knowing the true height would reveal some other construction details, like the thickness of the plywood bottom, as well as where the groove that holds the bottom would be located. I think I have it figured out now, (assuming top and bottom are 1/4" ply), but will need to see what foam selection is available locally, as that could alter things too. We have an upholstery place here that sells a variety of foam in sheet form.

I think that the height closed measurement was correct, which would make the correct open measurement 1 7/16", given a 1/4" top and bottom inset by 1/8". Would still be interested in confirming this.

I'm thinking of adding an inch or two in width, just to let me get a few more pastels in there without adding significant weight.