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08-01-2015, 02:25 AM
Welcome to the Goal Post. Goal setting is a very good tool to help people get organized. If you write or post your thoughts, you are more committed and have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Your goals can be short term or long term. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals. Goals are personal, so everybody's goals will be different. They are your goals, so you can do what ever you want.

Come join the regular gang and get encouragement to help you reach your goals. We have a very friendly group and we are always looking for new people to join us!

Ari Cat purrs at you and sheds Cat Hairs of Inspiration in your general direction!

08-01-2015, 04:40 AM
Good morning everyone from Berlin! It's going to be a nice and sunny weekend.
Regarding my plans for August:
1. I definitely want to do more drawing and sketching. I got a folder where I put all kind of references - photos, reference drawings and such, and I have to use that more than I actually do.
2. I want to keep up painting regularly, which means at least two paintings a week in a rather small format.
3. I want to do more paintings using references; up to now I rarely use references for my paintings (all the images coming from the deep of my mind).
That's all for the moment, and I think it's enough for a month...


08-01-2015, 09:23 AM
Nice to see you, Ulla....good goals.Good idea to keep a folder of references.

I got 8 paintings hung yesterday, at the Bank where they will be on display all this month. Now I should be able to concentrate on other things.

Tomorrow is the Art League Annual Meeting and Potluck. I'll attend that, for the first time in several years.

I will do at least 2 paintings this month...a Spotlight vacation, and one more.
The months just fly by so quickly, and time just gets away from me.
But I'm determined to paint this month!

08-01-2015, 12:25 PM
Ulla! Thanks for joining us again, Ari purrs at you. If you're remotely interested in painting cats, I'll post his pretty face in the Scumble. There's also the Spotlight and still more photo based challenges in the Subjects forums - Western & Southwestern, Landscapes, Marine, Floral & Botanical, Animals, all have photo challenges. Finally, every weekend there's a Weekend DRawing Event up in the All Media Art Events forum. Each week's host posts 16 photos and an invitation, often there's a theme. Enjoy!

Judy, congratulations! That's so wonderful. Get a photo of your exhibit and post it in the Scumble, please? Glad you're painting again. This is great!

My goals for August...

1. Daily painting, drawing or artish. Keeping this loose!
2. Some writing this month, articles, blog, editing, demos.
3. Sort my beautiful Canson Mi-Tientes stash of All The Colors, cut down the big sheets to manageable sizes and store them in sealed plastic tubs. Maybe also other oversize papers and surfaces.
4. Participate in August Spotlight
5. Enjoy my newest art supplies and tools! Try new things!
6. Organizing, mailing and progress on any long term goals.

Well, I wasn't going to put in too many specifics considering how I wound up blitzing the Matting and Framing without even listing it as a goal. I have some old projects that could get done, stuff to mail this month, may do still more supply organizing and cleaning because summer's when I can do physical things like that. Any activity I can't normally do but get the itch on a day when I'm up to it goes in that "Other" category including long overdue projects.

08-01-2015, 01:08 PM
Thanks for your welcoming words, Robert and Judibelle! It feels good to be again!
Did I say that I wanted to paint something using a reference? Well, today I painted something using my NeocolorsII again and it is a ... abstract painting again! It looks like I am somehow obsessed with painting abstract paintings. ...

08-01-2015, 09:02 PM
Ulla- A painting is a painting! Great start to the month!:thumbsup: I think we all have that file and it is always handy when you need something to draw or paint. The references caught out eye for a reason. Good luck with your goals.

Judi- Yes, the months are just flying by. We are starting the eighth month of the year!:eek: Good luck on your goals and your show. Have fun at your potluck. Take care of yourself.:)

Robert- You have quite a list there. No need to hold back. It always good to have something to remind you of the important things you want to get done. It is so easy to forget something. It is for me anyway.:confused: Good luck with your goals and your health!:thumbsup:

Last night I watched an Ian Roberts video on Artist Network (I subscribed again after about a six month rest) and he said it was a good idea to set a goal of painting a number of paintings using his composition rules. It got me thinking of using my pastels and acrylics. So I have decided to go big with a six month goal. But, my studio is such a mess I have to tidy it up before I can start. So with that in mind, here are my goals for August.

1) Clean my studio and have separate areas for each medium.
2) Spend at least twenty hours a week on the watercolor course.
3) Do 50 paintings, using Ian Roberts' composition methods, by January 31, 2016. These paintings can be done in any medium. They can be any size.

Well, I have started cleaning and rearranging things in my studio. I should be able to get my pastels out tomorrow and hope to get painting by Monday. Tuesday could be a non painting day, because I have a dentist appointment for a root canal!:mad:


08-02-2015, 05:46 AM
Doug, hope your root canal goes well. I had one recently and it was surprisingly ok. Not that I'd like to make it a regular thing though.

I haven't used pastels for a while. I have found it so much easier recently to do some sort of art most days but just not pastel. The whole issue of everything being stored away makes me lazy. As I have other tasks in progress my goal for this month is simple and achievable-

to get my pastels out and use them sometime this month.

Might be a bit of a pathetic goal but I bet once I use them once I will be hooked again. I also don't work well with too many set targets. I have found that I tend to rebel against myself. Good grief I am so stubborn that I don't even like to be told what to do by me!

08-02-2015, 10:19 PM
Good goals from Robert, Ulla. JudiB, Doug and Sydney.
Mine have to be similar to last months as I got nothing done - too many interuptions as it takes a while to set up and clear away after. Read that as each month cuz we have the grands around every 4/5 weeks. Two lots and I try to time them together - not always easy.
Might try looking for a shed.........

I need to re-iterate July's goals.
I will have to fit them in where ever I can.
Make 8 separators for the pastel box, discard unwanted ones if not needed.
Categorize all sticks in the spectrum hues of R, O, Y, G, B, and V. Grey is where Black and White will reside (ATMIT- at this moment in time) Fit earth colours at the end.
Determine the make and model of the CPU fan on this computer, source and fit. Give feed back to the techies (this is an art goal as I am non-commudicado with out it)
Do a spotlight of the skies it would be nice to do this if I can get the sticks organized in time. I'd like to do this as I want to try out the Mi Tient Touch paper.

08-03-2015, 02:48 AM
Oh that is so cool! Doug, your goals are ambitious, go go go!

Sydney, that's a great place to start. Not a pathetic goal at all. That's the way to light the fuse for more pastel painting. Without the stuff in reach it's much harder to get started. The one thing that most inspires me is having the paper at hand and the Unisons box open to see all the colors and values in order. I had to do that to finish my June-July painting, so your goal is a powerful one. After you do, others are easier.

Jim, yay for organizing goal! And great to keep going on July goals till they're done. Having finally finished that dang painting I know the feeling!

Sketched yesterday but didn't post the ugly drawing of various vase shapes, nothng worthy about it. But it was a sketch. Today did better, a pastel life study of my big plastic pear (it always looks real even to me, I try to eat it every few weeks because real ones turn up in my lunch!). Then a cat gesture this evening! Two in a day. Doing well!

i try for daily painting or art and maybe this month I'll get it back, especially if sketches too ugly to post count!

08-03-2015, 09:20 AM
Doug...Thinking of you and hoping the root canal goes well. (been there, done that, and it ain't no fun!)

Sydney...I know you'll love getting back with the pastels! Good goal.

Jim...I know how busy life can get! Do hope you get to do at least a bit of art, between all the interruptions....

Rob..I didn't take any pictures of the display, but a friend did, and said she would email them to me....hasn't happened yet...

Started a non-spotlight painting yesterday...a scene from my back yard. Hope to work on it again today..

08-04-2015, 12:15 AM
Oh cool! Judi, if you ever take a "staycation" your back yard plein air would count! I'm planning plein air some time this month on account of living in a vacation destination. Provided I get a good day.

Today wasn't, but I carved up the Flannel Gray sheet of Canson Mi-Tientes! It's a lovely color and it's the one I wanted to use for my first Spotlight. just didn't get started on the painting and it's dark now. Tiny start on one of my goals!

08-04-2015, 01:49 PM
July was a total bust for me in terms of my goals. I could not get inspired to do much of anything. Spent most of the month looking longingly at my full set of pan pastels but with no ideas for a painting using them. I just spent an hour in the RIL trying to find a reference photo that would get me going. I will do something this week! Leaving next week for two week vacation on Wisconsin lake then on to Minneapolis-St Paul area for visit with family. I will take my pastels and hope to find inspiration. I would love advice on how to get out of the dolldrums.

I should adopt the NIKE motto: just do it.

08-07-2015, 12:54 PM
Norma, that's sometimes the best motivator. Just do it. Getting started is so much harder than getting going.

Wow. I had more Organizing than I thought. A dear friend bought me a crystal urn vase on eBay and a gorgeous little cut glass bud vase, each of them worthy of one of those great realist crystal and silver watercolor paintings, because I didn't own even one flower vase. Another bud vase in a different design is on its way. She also bought me lots of lovely artificial flowers and the first batch came in - all of them favorite flowers! Lilacs, pansies, roses-and-lilies bouquet. I'll be doing LOTS of floral studies and floral still lifes now, maybe also with plastic fruit arranged around them and no piles of rotting food and vegetation needing to be tossed before the painting's done.

Yesterday was Artish organizing and unpacking the trove. I set up the first flower arrangement too with all of those making a very harmonious large arrangement across the room currently in front of the microwave. I'm thinking of rearranging the top of the dresser to have them a bit farther from the microwave and create a display area where I now have something like a wide flat basket of groceries.

I could take all the food stuff out of the basket, sort the food shelves, toss stuff that's so old it's no good any more and toss some of the coffee cans and extra containers I kept. Some stuff has to go from that corner, to create a good place to stash flowers not on dsplay. I can rotate what's in the vases but would like to create a good space for them.

That and clear the top of the fridge and planter, the other place other flowers can go is into the planter. Maybe use some packing material to create something to hold them in place.

I am planning to do the Pink Milkweed and might do that today for Spotlight but missed out several days of daily painting. Did sign up for 30 Paintings in 30 Days for September, which is a good month, so hoping weather will favor me. So far the city just hasn't gotten miserably hot! Never can guess what weather will be year to year.

So I'm having fun but really going to be doing a LOT of organizing.

08-07-2015, 01:57 PM
Well Robert, organizing is something I plan to do as well in my two weeks of summer vacation which have begun just now - jay! And I could not resist a yearly subscription to artistnetwork.tv, and plan to watch some of the videos there.

08-07-2015, 04:15 PM
Oh that's awesome! I love ArtistsNetworkTV and am enjoying a year's subscription too, it's so good. They have some great pastel videos!

Today I broke through again and did my Pink Milkweed for the Spotlight, one goal checked off. I may have time to paint again too. Also yesterday I signed up for Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge (http://30paintingsin30days.weebly.com/), which starts in September. Sign ups are open now for anyone who wants to get really serious about daily painting and have another place to post theirs. Beginning is Sept. 1st and it'll be a lot of fun. There's something about having a place to post it that helps me in sticking to it even if the day's painting is another pen sketch or Conte of my cat. Sign up early and you can see yourself on the map!

08-08-2015, 03:02 AM
And today I also did another page of cat sketches in Pentel brush pen! Great day - rearranged top of fridge and moved flower arrangement, played with rowdy cat, drew him in a number of poses, after having pasteled... it's a good day. Also cut a piece of Mi-Tientes Moonstone from a pad to do a smaller pastel maybe tomorrow.

08-11-2015, 03:20 AM
Well, painted and drew yesterday. And then painted and drew again today, this time a study of two apples and a sketch of my room as seen from my computer with my cat draped on the bed as a natural focal area. He's a good cat, he waited to move till I was done putting him in. Then turned around in a better position while I finished the "interior view" for And The Next Sketch Is..." thread in Art Journals.

He's still cute even when he's facing the wall with his head on one of his little pillows. He likes resting his head on pillows.

Getting back into daily art. Helps to have the pastels cleared off!

08-11-2015, 04:24 AM
I rediscovered my coloured pencils. Watched two videos on Artistnetwork on coloured pencils. A long time ago I had bought a small bottle of alcohol, now I used it with q-tips as a solvent for the coloured pencils. Up to now I don't regret my annual subscription to artistnetwork.tv.

08-11-2015, 07:37 PM
The root canal went fairly well, but it took a few days for the discomfort went away. By Friday I hardly noticed it any more, which was good, because I had a teeth cleaning appointment that I had forgotten about. Lucky me! Two dental visits in a four day week!:D

My goals are going well, with the exception of the watercolor course. I just have to put some finishing touches to my second painting for the fifty painting goal. I am starting to remember the things Ian Roberts stresses. I know more things now and understand more of what he is saying than I did just a year ago. Maybe I moved up a notch in my painting knowledge. It's funny how things like that happen unexpectedly.

My studio is clean and rearranged!:clap: It took a few days, but it all came together. All of my pastels are out of storage and on display on a table beside the easel and I used them today. On Sunday we put the finishing touch to it when my wife and daughter moved a love seat into my sitting area to go with my recliner. Now my wife can visit and she has a place to do her cross stitching while I am painting.

I think some of you might remember when I told you our oldest daughter had a cross stitch design published in a British magazine about a year ago. She is now a regular designer for two British cross stitch magazines and she has been published in a Dutch and a Turkish magazine. She is working with the Dutch on another design. She is also selling more designs on her Etsy account. Someone started a FB account for her and I think she has 700 followers.:eek: Anyway, I just thought I would let you all know how things are going for her. It all started with an email to one magazine. You never know until you try.

Sydney- I hope you get your pastels out. Just looking at all the assorted colors can give you the urge for painting. Those sticks are just waiting to be set free! Go for it!

Jim- I know what a pain sorting pastels can be, but once you get going it gets easier. The only advice I can offer is, don't look for perfection. Just get them sorted. You can always change them around later. It is such a good feeling to get it done. Have fun.:evil:

Robert- You have been very busy! Thanks for the link for Charlie's YouTube video. It was neat to hear her voice and watch her in action. You are getting all organized and you are probably very happy about that. You are doing daily art as well! Way to go!:thumbsup:

Judi- A backyard painting! Good for you!:thumbsup: I am glad you are finding some time to paint. You owe it to yourself.

Norma- Sometimes the hardest thing is finding something to paint. One thing that works for me is to use the same reference more than once. The painting I did today is based on a photo that I have painted six or seven times. Just a suggestion. I hope you find the inspiration to use those Pans.:crossfingers:

Ulla- You sound like me. I often get inspired by watching videos on Artistnetwork. I even like watching videos using other mediums. Now I want to use my colored pencils. :lol:


08-11-2015, 07:38 PM
Ulla, I love artistsnetworktv! It's so great. I'm still enjoying all the new pastels videos but I like the new colored pencils ones too.

Today I got started on another fruit painting because my lunch included a peach for dessert. Lovely peach. I had to paint it before I could eat it, so I'm using Unisons on Mi-Tientes and so far it's working. If I need final details I'll get out the Ludwigs.

08-12-2015, 09:07 AM
Good to hear everyone's doing so well with their goals! I have slowed down a bit...to much else going on right now...but I will get back to it soon. I started
a painting of a covered bridge...something a little different for me. We'll see how it goes...

I must get my pastels cleaned and sorted again...you-all make me feel the need! The only sorting I have done is the hards away from the softs...but even they get mixed up after a while...

So good to hear you've picked up the pastels again, Doug! Good goin'!

08-13-2015, 03:52 PM
Judi, I hear you! My Unisons are crying out for cleaning again, they're looking a bit grungy. I've been working on a 5 x 7" painting of a peach that I really like, but getting it right was tricky and took a whole lot of my pastels. All my Unisons are smeared with other colors and really need cleaning.

08-14-2015, 09:25 AM
I didn't plan this and it wasn't one of my goals, but I went into my oil pastels again. Artwise I seem to be a rather anarchic character... Can anyone of you recommend a video on Artistnetwork about oil pastels? They only have a pastels category, and I could find out whether the videos were about using soft pastels or oil pastels...
I went up to your blog, Robert, and read the paragraph about using thinners. Made me actually try to apply baby oil on my oil pastels - which worked. I will upload my first piece to the oil pastel page, so the result of my experiments can be watched.
I must say I love this thread here very much. I love it because it is not only about our goals but also about the experience we're having. for me it is a place to talk about art practise and the daily life - which is just great!http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif

08-14-2015, 02:20 PM
Ulla, that's fantastic! I'm not sure if they put oil pastels with pastels, oil painting or with mixed media. It's an interesting question.

Finished my peach yesterday! Going to try to do something today, maybe pastels maybe water mediums.

08-14-2015, 02:58 PM
I am unable to make any recommendations WRT tutorials on sticks Ulla as I have looked at so few :(.

I am glad that some peeps are getting to their goals, other unplanned things turned up here as has been usual for the past few months. My car needed an MOT before I could road tax it. The MOT garage ( of an hour away :() helped by providing an alternative vehicle. I taxied SWMBO to the hydrotherapy physio for an assessment. All seems to be ok and will have to take her once a fortnight at least for now as she has been told her poor sight is due to fast forming cateracts. I have similar but they are not affecting me yet.

I was looking for the last book I got by Mark Daniel Nelson. In my upgrading of the computer I lost the Book case listing ( :() I had made in surname alphabetical order. So I have spent most of today redoing that in the hopes it would turn up. I did find it but at the very end.

Oh dear, it's nearly half way through the month already.

08-14-2015, 04:36 PM
Yeah, Jim. That tends to be a bit of a shock when life's interfered with goals. I haven't really stuck to daily sketching but did manage today, yesterday and day before since the peach took Tuesday and Thursday and I did a pen line drawing of an iris not yet posted on Wednesday. Need to paint that iris! Hm. Actually that's four or five days in a row, starting to look good especially if I can keep going. May want to keep the watercolors handy!

Actually, finished that just now,going to post it. Getting to be a very productive day. I love good weather!

08-15-2015, 04:17 AM
Jim and Robert, thanks for answering my question regarding videos about oil pastels on artistnetwork.tv. I began to watch two videos about pastels, but up to now - I haven't finished them yet - they didn't mention oil pastels.
Robert, as you are an expert on oil pastels: You mention thinners on your blog. Pat Isaac from the oil pastels forum says that in general no thinners are used when painting with oilies because thinners dilute the pastels. In order to get a painterly look you have to use more oil pastels. What's your opinion? And would you be so kind and have a look at my painting, please? It's here:
Thanks so much in advance!
Regarding goals and life - I know what you mean, have been there. I had a long list for my vacation - one week is over and the list is still long... It has been simply too hot here in Berlin for outdoor activities.

08-16-2015, 01:28 AM
Ulla, sure, I'll go look at your painting and comment on thinners here. I did use them occasionally. It's a matter of what you like. I used to use turpenoid to dissolve a first layer underpainting sometimes a lot like I'd use a wet underpainting in soft pastels, especially if working on a canvas board. Pat's really good though and her technique works. Thinner's good for toning the surface especially if it's white. Let it dry thoroughly before going back with more oil pastels. You could also use watercolor on the paper or watersolubles on the first layer to kill the white. Just a technique decision.

With thinners you can get "wash" looking passages. Pat's paintings are sublime. I bought one of them. She builds up heavy luminous layers and blends with sticks to produce a look a lot like oils realism sometimes. OP are versatile and everyone uses them their own ways.

Thinners do dilute them so only use them on the first layers if you do, final layers look much better with the sticks.

Ouch, sorry about the Berlin heat. Today had he first really hot day in San Francisco, a month late. Don't know if I'll have a shorter than usual heat wave or if that will slip into the usual easier late August, September and October weather.

Today I did two WDE sketches with Tombow brush pens, both full page letter size sketches that I was happy with. I got a reminder that I need to get going on the ATC Animals exchange!

So I'm adding hat to my goals:

1. Daily painting, drawing or artish. Keeping this loose! (Sorta)
2. Some writing this month, articles, blog, editing, demos. (Not yet)
3. Sort my beautiful Canson Mi-Tientes stash of All The Colors, cut down the big sheets to manageable sizes and store them in sealed plastic tubs. Maybe also other oversize papers and surfaces. (Cut ONE sheet???)
4. Participate in August Spotlight (Did it!)
5. Enjoy my newest art supplies and tools! Try new things! (Yes!)
6. Organizing, mailing and progress on any long term goals.
7. Work on "Animals" ATC exchange and do LOTS of little cats for people! (Plus one dog by request). Might do the dog first. With luck ship out all of them this month. My plan was always to plow in and batch them, doing ATC after ATC in a series rather than one here and one there. Not fair for some people to get theirs real soon and others wait for ages.

I count doing Flower Arranging as playing with new things even if I haven't sketched the arrangement yet. Rearranged it twice! Also been enjoying that new Pentel Pocket Brush pen a lot, with its delicate point. Plenty of cat sketches with the new pen!

08-16-2015, 10:42 AM
Sorry it is so hot for you Ulla, I suppose we would be glad for some sunshine here. It is a grey day.

Robert, I have done the tree in oil pastels. It is on a grassy hill of my making C&C are welcome. It is in the mini page/forum and I hope it is here in the art listed under vmrs's book review.

My next attempt will be in coloured pencils on the other half of that gessoed hardboard.

08-16-2015, 09:06 PM
Commented to your tree, Jim! It rocks and I like the light spring green foliage, you changed the season on my tutorial tree. Gorgeous work.

Today I sketched the Greek Cats for the WDE in brush pens and then did my second Animals ATC. Yesterday's was a life sketch of Ari scratching his chin with his hind foot. Today's is the dog portrait, which took quite some time and I used a fine point Pigma Micron for the inking before watercolor. Think I might do them all in water mediums so when the series is done and mailed I can create one thread for all of them.

I have good big cats references and of course a live model to help. Several people might get Ari from Life for theirs. He's being cute again.

I have a chance to get them all done this month, though it'll be a better one if some days I do more than one. I have a cat portrait reference up too so that tabby might be next.

08-17-2015, 05:24 AM
I just had a look at my goals, and it looks like that I can really only check one goal off - painting regularly. I did it with watersoluble wax crayons made by Caran d'Ache, with oil pastels and yesterday I tried my luck with chalks. Just playing with various mediums. Up to now I haven't done any sketching - just one small sketch for a painting. We had some rain yesterday - which we needed badly - but it is still very warm with a high humidity.
Wishing everyone much success with your goals!

08-17-2015, 05:06 PM
So far today, got two sketches done full page in the sketchbook with Tombow pens. One white rose wth Ari across the bottom using up the extra space, the other Musky, my Smilodon fatalis character dozing on the "porch" of the pride's den. Then got my third Animals ATC started, penciled and inked. Needs watercolor and that's going to be tricky negative painting, so taking a short break. So far so good. Getting into more than one sketch a day doing these ATCs that can't be posted, so I'm getting productive anyway.

08-18-2015, 06:59 PM
What a difference a week makes. I was starting to experience more intense sciatica pain than normal, so I made an appointment with my pain management doctor. Luckily for me there was a cancellation and I got in to see him this morning. It usually takes about three days for me to see any improvement, so I won't be painting until later this week. Once things start to take effect, I should be back at it for three to five hours a day. He set up a ct scan and wants to talk to me about more surgery on my next visit. I don't know about doing that again. We will see. In the meantime, I will be getting my monies worth from Artistnetwork in the next few days.

Judi- A covered bridge painting sounds exciting! I hope it is coming along the way you want it to. I know cleaning and sorting your pastels is a pain, but you will be so happy when they are clean. If you sort them in value and hue they stay cleaner because they are always surrounded by similar pastels. Have fun!

Robert- You are doing a good job on your goals, Robert. You seem to get a lot done on your "good" days. I can relate. You plan for doing multiple cat drawings makes perfect sense. I am sure the people waiting for them will be delighted when they receive them. I wish you sunny days!

Ulla- The lack of oil pastel videos was a problem for me as well. There are a few on YouTube. There are so many ways to use oilies and so many surfaces. I used Art Spectrum Colourfix and Uart 600 and 800 grit quite a bit. It has been a couple of years since using them (except for a failed attempt two weeks ago) so I can't offer any advice other than experiment with them and see what is possible. I just remembered that I used color shapers to blend the pastels. Used them like paint brushes. Have fun playing with all your toy!:thumbsup:

Jim- Good job on your tree! Doesn't it feel like you are colouring with crayons? I remember thinking that when using OP's.:) Good luck with all your art goals and car repairs and taxiing. So that's how you spell taxiing.:lol:

08-18-2015, 08:10 PM
You did some sketching Robert. You also managed a pear pastel and a cat gesture. I hope you get to some of that Flannel Grey Canson Mi- Teints. You also got the Tom-bows out. So you agree with the philosophy of 'just do it'?I hope that shows in a clean pastel set :lol:. Well done, good progress :thumbsup:. Thanks for the C&C re my tree.The changing of the season was purely accidental. When I went over the blue with the yellow I got the green :lol:.

Judi you started a non-spotlight painting of your backyard, hope you manage to complete it. Does that mean that you have a covered bridge in your back yard? :lol:

Hi Norma, 'et moi aussi' to the 'just do it' campaign for last month. I am just getting around to this month's. I hope you manage something for this month.

Ulla I also did a non goal art thingey with the tree in different mediums it's what I wanted to do with the least effort I suppose LOL.

Jim- Good luck with all your art goals and car repairs and taxiing. So that's how you spell taxiing.:lol:

Yes that is how it is spelt ( spelled) :lol:. How do you spell taxiing over there? I think I hyphenated it though because it didnt look right (modern English would say spelled I know, a tree is always felled, isn't English inconsistent ). Taxing a car is an online process these days. A BTW is I do no car repairs now.
I hope your pain can be relieved by your pain management chappie and the quicker the better.:crossfingers::o
I have done non of my month's goals yet, how remiss of me! I did watch JV's demo this evening so that is something artish.

08-19-2015, 08:46 AM
Ow, Doug! I feel for you. Had a bad morning so I know how deep that can go. Glad you have Artistsnetworktv to fill the time but so frustrating the wait. What does your pain specialist do that takes three days to help? That seems so strange, since my pain clinic visits resulted in strong prescriptions that took about an hour to help.

Yeah, I still need to get the big Mi-Tientes sheets organized. Though I probably won't go using Flannel Grey next because I've got so many other light colors and grays and muted colors to play with. More like ramble around all of them!

Really getting somewhere on Animals ATCs. Yesterday's included a very detailed pet portrait of someone else's cat, took several hours of noodling with pencil trying to get proportions right, then a careful slow inking and watercolor. He's very distinctive. Mixed neutrals over most of him. The other one was a fast lively Ari portrait. So now I've got five out of fourteen done, past a third of the way through.

That's heartening. Oh and yesterday I finally managed to send out a package of art to a dear friend in Europe. I'd delayed it on account of his moving and then forgot it at the top of the month when I had money, serious head-desk banging there. Home carer came, that was the first thing I had to do and I got it packed before he arrived. I was just addressing it when he knocked. So that goal of Organizing and Mailing is going well, especially if I get all these Animals ATCs done and sent.

I might actually succeed in this month's goals. Especially if I can get at the stack of Mi-Tientes and cut it to size, that'll be huge.

08-19-2015, 11:15 PM
Robert- I get cortisone injections in my back. It is painful, but the last ones gave me more relief for four months. The injections are on top of the three prescriptions I take daily. It usually takes 3 or 4 days for me to notice an improvement. It's not perfect, but it allows me to paint for a few hours a day and live a semi normal life. I can live with that.:)

You are going full steam ahead on your goals. Keep taking advantage of your good days and have fun creating!:thumbsup:

Jim- It's just a weird looking word. You don't get very many double i's in a word, and when you do, it just looks strange. Well, to me it does.;) Watching a JV demo has to be worth something. Give yourself a tick!:thumbsup:

Still no art today. Taking it easy and staying cool in my studio/man cave. If I feel I can do some painting I just have to get out of my recliner and walk about six steps to my easel and start painting. It's a good setup.


08-20-2015, 05:46 AM
Doug, I hope you're feeling better soon. Robert, congratulations to getting on so well with your goals! Jim, watching videos on Artistnetwork counts as an art activity - at least it does for me. Sometimes I watch a video (could be on YouTube as well) and feel so inspired that I stop watching and get art active myself.
I finally managed to do a pencil sketch of a grazing horse. Still doing more painting than drawing. I returned to the NeocoloursII with another colourful abstract.

08-20-2015, 12:20 PM
Yesterday did a black cat on a black table, my daughter's 20lb Maine Coon shelter cat Armand. He likes to camouflage on black furniture or trundle around the house like a small thundercloud. Very handsome fellow with green-golden eyes and I posed him on the black table with bookshelves around him. Low key painting but very rich!

This morning I had some energy and cut down an entire pack of Canson Mi-Tientes for flat storage, all of them light colors. Whoohoo! It's doable, maybe not by end of month but I will get them organized!

A friend sent me a new under-bed organizer that's a bit narrower than the ones I already had. Shuffled contents because the larger half of paper wouldn't fit in the new one... BUT... the new one is exactly the right width it could go on those big shelves and has flaps on either end, making it fairly easy to get into. I might rearrange what's on what shelf to put a lot of things into that and then keep it on the shelf. Anything in it is bug protected.

08-20-2015, 06:06 PM
Ulla- Thanks. I am feeling better already and should be fine by tomorrow.:crossfingers: It is great that you are feeling inspiration from watching videos. That usually gets my creative juiced flowing.

Robert- Storage is such an important thing. It makes life so much easier when you know where something is and it is easy to get at. When you can't find what you need, your inspiration can vanish quickly. Good going!

As I said above, the meds are kicking in and I should be painting by tomorrow or Saturday. It feels good to almost be back to my "normal.":D My goals are taking a kicking, but if I can get another 2 or 3 paintings done by the end of the month and get back to the watercolor course I will be a happy camper.


08-21-2015, 03:58 AM
Doug[/B - that sounds good!
[B]Robert - I have to think about organizing my art things too - my vacation is coming to an end, and I will have less time doing art for the next weeks till the middle of October. The Berlin University of the Arts is getting a new website, and I am project coordinator. We plan to get online with the new website in the middle of October. So I will have to put some of my mediums, papers, and paints away...
One important goal for me till the end of August is to keep up with my art activities to a certain extent. Be it watching one video a day or at least parts of it, or working on a painting.

08-21-2015, 09:54 AM
Doug...So glad you are feeling better! Hope it lasts a while, for you!
Ulla...how exciting! Good luck with the project!
Robert..So good to hear you are keeping busy. Sounds like you've made good progress.

I have done nothing in over a week. My days have been busy, and by evening I'm exhausted. Hope to get back to my 'covered bridge' painting soon.

08-21-2015, 01:50 PM
Doug, glad the meds are working and you can now get back to art.

Hi Judi, yes I know what it's like. Some days it can be quite a lot to handle.

Amid the turmoil here I managed a miniature of Robert's tree. It is in the miniature forum
I cannot remember the post number but if you scroll down it should be close to the last post.

08-21-2015, 03:36 PM
Wanted to restate my goals...

1. Daily painting, drawing or artish. As Can.
2. Some writing this month, articles, blog, editing, demos. (Not yet)
3. Cut and store my Canson Mi-Tientes stash.
4. August Spotlight (Did it!)
5. Enjoy my newest art supplies and tools! Try new things! (Yes!)
6. Organizing, mailing and progress on any long term goals.
7. Work on "Animals" ATC exchange.

Yesterday finished the seventh card, an Asian Leopard Cat from Skappy's photo. Wow. Half done. Also did art I could post for art journals thread. Blogged, which counts as writing but I do need to do a good colored pencils article. Still need to cut more Mi Tientes too, but mostly do some more ATCs. Can't stop now that I'm halfway there.

08-21-2015, 07:59 PM
Nice, Jim....a lovely serene scene...
Rob...Sounds like you're on a roll....keep it going...

08-22-2015, 01:01 PM
I ignored my goals and went with doing first six in the book 'Little Ways To Learn Acrylics' on acrylic miniatures that I got. It gives 50 simple miniatures to copy. They are on the same addy as before just a bit further down.
http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/show...2#post20570662 (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=20570662#post20570662)

It is the 22 of the month so it's nearly over and nowt done again. Oh I do feel guilty :eek: :rolleyes: ;) :D.

08-22-2015, 01:09 PM
Oh wow, seriously getting there on Animals ATC exchange. Just finished the tenth one this morning, another Ari Cat sketch from photo. Yesterday did Ari Cat for #9 and a pet portrait cat for #8... so now I've got only four more. Then off they go in their envelopes!

I also have Johannes class today, so that'll be awesome. Start of his Plein Air series. Might cut some more paper too. Really been on a roll trying to catch up on everything I put off.

08-22-2015, 08:32 PM
Class was great and I sketched and painted again. Another Ari cat Animals ATC card, this time with Pigma Micron, and a small pen-watercolor sketch of a vase of silk flowers my friend gave me. Today's been really productive. Only three left before I can send them all out! This is fantastic! I didn't expect to get this far this fast, but every time I do one now it feels a lot closer. I may go on doing ATCs after I finish the series just because it was so intense.

Then again I'm also tempted to do them like Karen Margulis, cut a bit of sanded paper and do one in pastels.

08-23-2015, 04:28 AM
Thanks for the encouragement Judi, I like oils but it takes awhile to get in the groove so to speak.

Ok Robert, you seem to be on a roll. You are doing those ATC's and getting them in the post. It makes up for my lethargic month.

I watched JV as well but it was last evening for us in this time zone. Also I did not have a clickable link to get the webinar and an email to JV produced one right away. However I still could not connect so I sent an email to that effect and gave up on it.
On closing all, 'go to webinar' or somesuch was on the desktop waiting to be downloaded :angel::clear::D There was no indication on the screen, and there was nothing prior to that.

On loading it I was taken to the webinar immediately.
I'll wait for the HD recording and then download that.
It was similar for the livestream as my connection showed no link for the livestream and no way of communicating that to JV. An email brought an immediate response and a clickable link. An a-ha..... moment :smug:

I did manage some miniatures yesterday so I did some art. Perhaps some more today who knows? It is Sunday after all and a day off of everything else :)
I do find Northlight products a very difficult page to navigate. I do realize that at 73 I maybe a techni-phobe but in these hard to sell times it is my type (retired leisure-hobbyist, possibly techni-phobe) that has the where with all. Generally most peeps are tightening their belts. It seems easy enough to choose the product but shouldn't it then take you to a payment page or similar? I am registerred with them :clear:.

08-23-2015, 11:02 AM
Jim, that sounds frustrating. I can't remember how that works but usually clicking to buy it does drop you to the payment page.

Three more to go today and then address them all and stamp them. Also got to do this month's CP article soon, feeling a little stressed but there really is time for all of it. I have to remind myself of that.

08-23-2015, 12:51 PM
Robert, it is awesome how you're getting on with all your goals!
I watched some parts of videos on the Artistnetwork.tv -they are really different in quality. Some of them are "only" demos - people presenting how they do things without much explanation and so, and some of them you can learn a lot from. This is the advantage of having an annual subscription - I'm not too much frustrated when one video doesn't give me what I thought it would - I know there's a lot which will.
I will focus on writing blogposts for the next days - I've got enough pieces to show.

08-23-2015, 10:56 PM
I painted the last two days and everything seems to be back to normal. I completed my third painting for my challenge, so only 47 more to go.:evil: Strong verticals is one of the things Roberts stresses. Horizontal "lines" are everywhere in landscapes and some verticals add interest. Now I have to find some more photos that I can use as references. Now I better get going on the watercolor course.

Ulla- I know what you mean about the difference between videos. I guess it shows that just because you are a good artist doesn't mean you are a good teacher. You are doing the same thing I do when a video doesn't hold my interest. Next!:D

Robert- You are just flying! Keep at it!:cat:

Jim- I checked out your paintings and you are going great on the exercises! I hope you find the time to keep at it.:crossfingers:

Judi- You can't paint when you are exhausted so don't be hard on yourself. You will find the time and energy eventually. Soon!:wink2:


08-24-2015, 01:33 AM
Ulla, yeah, some of the videos are more to my taste than others. Some get me engaged sketching along with them and a couple of favorites I keep going back to because they're like prompts, they get me interested again. Others, I wind up taking in a little at a time and it's all right but not as enlightening. Margaret Evans is fun, just watched one of hers today and she reminded me blending on Canson Mi-Tientes is a thing, a very effective technique.

Did one Animals ATC drawn and inked, haven't painted, might batch it with the next one. A good bobcat with the new brush pen that's so flexible and expressive. I'm falling in love with that brush. The reference looked a little stiff, like maybe jyvonne took a photo of a museum mount rather than a live cat, but my drawing looks like a live cat in a better mood. Think I may play with the background wet in wet tomorrow.

08-24-2015, 02:12 PM
I just want to share with you a video I am watching on artistnetwork.tv which I - and this of course is subjective and my personal opinion - consider to be an excellent video: it is Design: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success with Ian Roberts. It is more of a lecture, but Ian Robert is an excellent teacher (with some funny accent), and I can follow him for quite a long time without getting tired. And you can apply what he says to all kind of mediums.

08-24-2015, 08:50 PM
Yes Ulla, Ian Roberts is good and I have a book called 'Mastering Composition' accompanied by a DVD that is in the format of a lecture/talk with loads of example. I found him very easy on the ear and I believe he is Canadian. I could pick out no discernible accent. I wonder what is about that you find unusual?
Canada is where he went to the school of art and college of art in Ontario.
He goes through the different armatures of composition and stresses the H,V,I of the focal point.
The trouble is I am apt to forget all that when laying out a picture and would rather bin it than do it again properly - but I do love to read books on art and watch artists demonstrate on DVD's. :angel::clear::wave:

Well done Robert, you are going well. Must be the weather :thumbsup:.

Doug, glad to hear the meds are working fine and that you are back to your goals. :D

Good on you Judi. No matter the much needed respite. Take your time. We will be here when you are ready.

I have managed another 7 1/2 minis again today so when they are finished I'll put them up tomorrow. They are not this months goals I know but it is what I felt like doing. We have a saying over here - one has to do what one has to do. :lol:

08-24-2015, 08:51 PM
Ulla- I agree with you about Ian Roberts.:thumbsup: I watched all four of his videos and that is why I set my 50 paintings in 6 months goal. I am trying to think of his composition principles while designing the paintings. I have owned his book for years and watched his videos when they first came out on ArtistNetwork TV, but I am understanding things better now. Things are making more sense now. I too highly recommend his videos. I will be watching them again. So much information!

Jim- Hey! Canadians don't have accents!:angel: :lol: I warn my family that if I start talking with a British accent it is because I have watched too many episodes of Lewis on DVD and Midsomer Murders and Spooks (MI-5) on Netflix.

Good to hear you are painting. It seems like when we all get going you can't stop us.:thumbsup:


08-25-2015, 12:55 AM
Thanks for the title, Ulla! I hadn't seen his and I'm enjoying it, he's got three more so now I've got something good to enjoy while working on the last ATCs and doing my colored pencils article.

Jim, yeah, even when I get frustrated I have been starting to get more done. It's getting late in the month though and I do need to do that article. Also a good coloring design for it that'll work well as a demo for Shading. Maybe a mandala, since I have a round protractor to set up a framework for it in radial symmetry. That's up next after the last ATC.

Doug, I know the feeling. I must have my California accent back because no one around me has an accent any more. But I fell into British accents all the time on account of Dr. Who, Blake's 7, Monty Python and Assorted Shakespeare... it's too easy with good BBC stuff available!

Two more artificial flowers arrived today, a couple of lilies (white and yellow-to-orange shaded) that are the one petal calla, plus a spray of very small peach pale roses, nice variety of roses now! Leaves decently modeled too.

I finished painting the Bobcat and then just now, as I was about to fold up for the night, Ari got into a cute pose. I couldn't resist him and got at another one with the pocket brush pen, so that's one done today even if it's spread over two different ones. Tomorrow I'll finish unless I'm really sick, and maybe start the mandala for the CP article. I would like to.

Hm. I've sort of got it outlined, might jot that tonight.

08-25-2015, 03:37 AM
Continued to watch Ian Roberts' video. Regarding the accent: Being a German native speaker I can differentiate between American and British accents, and I notice that people from Australia have an accent which sounds a bit different from a British accent; I've been living in the North of England for one year a long, long time ago, and I think I can recognize a northern British accent - a bit. So what I really wanted to say is that it is not a "pure" British accent.
I started with another neocolourII piece. I hope I'll have it finished at the end of the week. It is a snake, but not a realistic one...

08-25-2015, 09:27 PM
Snakes are fun, realistic or not. I've liked some pretty wild snake imagery sometimes in the past, looking forward to seeing it!

Today I finished the last two Animals ATCs. What's left now is getting out the envelopes, finding enough stamps and looking up how many to use on the USPS website. Half of them aren't going to the USA so I'll need to look up those countries specifically.

08-26-2015, 02:46 PM
Jim- Hey! Canadians don't have accents!:angel: :lol: I warn my family that if I start talking with a British accent it is because I have watched too many episodes of Lewis on DVD and Midsomer Murders and Spooks (MI-5) on Netflix.

I watch those on TV as well but I do not talk with the BBC English accent. I think SWMBO is more like that though :lol:. I didn't think Canadians had an accent at least the odd one or two I got as students didn't. I assumed that the reference was to one of our regional dialects or perhaps Australia. Sometimes the telephone help lines (banks etc.) use a regional service and it is very difficult to understand them :lol:.

Hi Ulla. You spent sometime here then and recognize the northern accent. Mine can be mistaken for an American drawl or a broad Sussex where I currently live in fact for the memorable past. I did spend a couple of years in/around Bristol and they have a few sayings that give them away.

Hi Robert, well done on the ATC's. All done and dusted. As Doug said when we get going it's difficult to stop. I think that there was a lot to learn at start-off when learning to paint. There is just too much to remember, all piled up at the beginning. That needs clarifying and I do not think books or DVD's deal with it adequately.

I have completed those I started 3 days ago and just pulled the masking tape away tearing the surface of some of the paintings. It oviously stuck too well :lol:.
They are at the same URL as before.

08-26-2015, 03:16 PM
Jim, I spent one year from 1974-1975 in Congleton, Cheshire. It is on the border to Lancashire (Macclesfield and Manchester not very far away), and the words I learnt there were "ta-ra" and "duckie". I deeply enjoyed the friendly atmosphere...
Just did a quick sketch of a cat - a photo that was provided in one of the watermedia threads. Here is it:

08-26-2015, 04:41 PM
Jim, I spent one year from 1974-1975 in Congleton, Cheshire. It is on the border to Lancashire (Macclesfield and Manchester not very far away), and the words I learnt there were "ta-ra" and "duckie". I deeply enjoyed the friendly atmosphere... Yes I know of it. And of course the accent that goes with it.

Just did a quick sketch of a cat - a photo that was provided in one of the watermedia threads. Very good indeed, you have the pose off to a tee.

08-26-2015, 05:32 PM
I'm enjoying the conversation here, though I really have nothing to contribute.
No art yet.
I like your cat sketch, Ulla...
People tell me I need to paint my Chihuahua...he's really SO cute...but hasn't happened yet.
well, tomorrow I really have nothing on the agenda...maybe I'll actually get to paint!

08-27-2015, 03:50 PM
People tell me I need to paint my Chihuahua...he's really SO cute...but hasn't happened yet.
Hi Judi. Now that is a good idea if you are up to it. It usually starts with getting out the camera. I presume as soon as you get up to get that the dog will follow expecting treats or a walk :lol:.
What medium do you prefer?

08-27-2015, 11:19 PM
Ulla, I love your cat and think it'd be wonderful as a good sized painting, maybe 12 x 16" or even life size on 16 x 20" - please consider scaling it up and doing that in pastels or water media. But keep the strong lines in if you use watercolor, combine with watersoluble crayons or pencils if you do that. It's the clean lines that'd be so wonderful in painting.

Resting Up Day, no artish done. Yesterday minimal sketching, some three and two stroke birds after a couple of seagulls winged past overhead. I was trying for wing gestures and distance rendering and succeeded. haven't photo to post yet, still resting up. Might finish the page first.

Judi, try doing a lot of quick little gestures no more than 2" size or one or two minute timed with your chihuahua, especially poses where it's pretty still. Sleeping, begging, etc. when it's either not moving or keeps coming back to same pose. Bribe the dog with treats. Shoot video with your phone and freeze frame, that helps with motion. And lots of photos. There's my suggestions if you want to paint your dog - sketch a lot first and during and then work from life and some of the best sketches.

08-28-2015, 03:55 AM
Robert, thanks for your lovely and detailed comments! Could you consider letting me have some photo references of Ari - I would love to sketch him as well. And I think I focus on doing cat sketches not paintings. It's part of my August goal, and I haven't done many yet.
I am still experimenting with my neocoloursII. This morning I dropped one drop of water into my palette and then took a crayon and made some marks in the water in order to solve the pigment. Much too much water - it produced a very light watercoloury substance. Will keep on experimenting because I love the idea of using the crayons as kind of watercolour pans...
Snake piece is finished, will upload that today or tomorrow to the watermedia forum.

08-29-2015, 11:32 AM
Ooh some unexpected real life intervenes.
My grandson caught a fish and the bug has bitten..... I have to rootle through the garage for my beachcaster etc.
SWMBO's grandsons are visiting tomorrow (en route to a teaching post in/near London) and as I now have a spare bedroom back my move out of the dining room into that room should be permanent.
Oh we have JV tonight doing a demo, can't remember whether it's pastel or oil. I had forgotten about that until I re-read your post Robert. He did watercolour last week in the live stream.
I will have to give some thought to September's goals as that starts on Tuesday.

Ulla I did look for your snake on the WC gallery but perhaps it is not there yet.

I wonder if any peeps have had this happen?
Last night I stretched some 140lb Arches using staples for the upcoming workshop with JFD and with 1 and 3/4 gummed tape on the other two. The two with just the tape pulled away and cockled (see photo).
I bought the wider tape thinking that it might solve that problem as I used to use the narrower tape. Also I tried the method advocated by an artist on youtube, that was to take off the initial excess water and use a brush to re-wet where the tape goes. It failed miserably. Hence my second attempt.
The tape seems gummy enough and I only got a failure now and then with the narrower tape. I could use staples on them all I suppose but it seems overkill to me. I only do it because of JFD.


08-30-2015, 01:58 AM
I never tried stretching watercolor paper, Jim. It seemed like too much trouble so I always got blocks and journals or work on it by cutting to size and keeping the sizing in. I like the way the sizing aids in control, when it's been soaked and dried it's more like a blotter. Harder to get hard edges.

Sent you some Ari photos in a message, Ulla! Can't wait to see what you do with my sweet boy! I love seeing other artists draw him.

Today, BIG goal done, did my August CP article art and writing. Tomorrow a quick edit and I'll send it off on time. Managed it even when the Animals ATC Exchange ate so many days. Posted the finished, colored demo but not just the line drawing which will appear with all the progress shots and lesson in the article. Which I may add to a bit when I'm editing, it's not as long as the last one.

08-30-2015, 03:12 AM
Jim, the snake is here (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showpost.php?p=20577835&postcount=1)
Robert, I've got the photos. Now I have to decide which to take first.
Re my goals:
1. I managed to do some art during my workweek which is good. Art is a way for me to completely forget work and relax.
2. Using reference photos: There is a difference between my drawings and paintings. I began to do some sketches using photos, but in my paintings I tend to be more non-representational. Maybe it is because I thought for a long time that colours and me weren't friends and I shied away from any kind of painting. Now I love slinging paint, but slinging paint using something which does not come of my imagination but from a photo is the next level.
3. Getting to know my neocoloursII: check. I now know what I have to do if I want to get a watercolour effect (use the pigment from the tip of a crayon with a brush), a watercolour effect with some opaqueness (get the crayon on the paper and dilute the marks - has to be done very carefully) and a gouache effect (use the shavings).

08-30-2015, 03:50 AM
Thanks for sharing.
OOh I hope it does not follow nature and is as nasty as it is highly coloured Ulla :evil:. Actually it looks quite friendly doesn't it! :thumbsup:. Well done :wave:.

08-30-2015, 09:47 AM
I love your colorful snake, Ulla. And the background is fabulous!

08-30-2015, 11:49 AM
Thank you, JudiB and Jim!

08-30-2015, 11:44 PM
Loved your colorful snake and commented! Let's see how my goals look tonight, since I skived off today.

Wrapup on goals:

1. Daily painting, drawing or artish. Keeping this loose! ((Done!))
2. Some writing this month, articles, blog, editing, demos. ((Done!))
3. Sort my beautiful Canson Mi-Tientes stash of All The Colors, cut down the big sheets to manageable sizes and store them in sealed plastic tubs. Maybe also other oversize papers and surfaces. ((Begun))
4. Participate in August Spotlight ((Done!))
5. Enjoy my newest art supplies and tools! Try new things! ((Done!))
6. Organizing, mailing and progress on any long term goals. ((Done!))
7. Animals ATC Exchange ((Done!))

Okay... counting artish, yes did my daily painting. At least watched video or played with supplies, cut paper etc. every day.

Did some plannng for my novel Elder's Pride and blogged and wrote a new CP article demo.

Sorted and cut one pack and one sheet of Canson Mi-Tientes. 11 sheets.

Did Spotlight painting.

Enjoyed my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and got some control over it!

Organized supplies. Mailed Nick's painting. Still need to send in CP article and mail Animals ATCs. Will do envelopes and stamping and send article. May actually put ATCs in mail on Tuesday for logistic reasons, but it counts if they're all addressed with proper postage per country.

Animals ATC Exchange Done, all 14 of them ready to go except for writing addresses and looking up postage amounts.

So I have one more thing to do this month. Today's Artish since I was feelng the weather is blogging and watching the new ArtistsNetworkTV video by Mark Menendez, because he's doing a Siamese cat on Mi-Tientes in Prismacolors. I think the universe is conspiring to get me interested in my Prismacolors again.

So this is almost a clean sweep of all goals. Amazing when I look at how much time went into the ATCs, was doing more than one of those in a day and it still took a lot of time.

08-31-2015, 10:34 AM
Well Done, Robert! You are such an inspiration, with your daily art, etc.

I managed to accomplish 2 Spotlight paintings! So I'm happy.

08-31-2015, 10:44 AM
Ribert, :thumbsup:! I really enjoyed the August Goalpost thread! I love to come here every day and read what everyone's doing or planning to do. It seems to me that we are a kind of international art group inspiring and motivating each other. Looking forward to September!:)

08-31-2015, 05:48 PM
Purr thank you, Ulla! Yes, it's like that. International is so much fun on WetCanvas, I've made more overseas friends since getting involved here than any other community.

Judi, WOW! Your two Spotlight paintings are both fantastic. I saw the second and it's so gorgeous.

This morning's Artish: all Animals ATCs are addressed, packed, stamped, the decisions of who gets which little Ari are all made and sealed, all I need to do is shove the whole stack into a mailbox or give it to my home carer tomorrow to do so. Plus I finished editing the article and sent it out with its images. Whew! Riding deadline on that one but it all got done.

Tomorrow I start my 30 Paintngs in 30 Days challenge, so I need to start the September thread before I go to bed. It'll go up a little early but people can state their goals and of course there's time zones. Cheers to International Friends! September will be a big one!

Bill Foehringer
08-31-2015, 06:56 PM
Goals for August:

1) Make sure I am ready to paint. All materials found and put out. Priority Pastels then Oils. Pochades re-loaded and ready for trunk of car or set up around outside of house. My pochades are still full of my brushes, painting knives and other implements from the move to AZ from Il. At least I have a numbered list of boxes and contents to help find things.

2) Start doing small studio paintings every day. Maybe only 3x5, 4x6. I did that for quite some time and it helped.

3) Paint Landscapes from life.

4) set up a temporary studio with easel and lights.

5) figure out how to post photos of paintings using only cell-phone camera. (not much better than no pictures but the incentive to show progress here is important) My old digital camera stopped working.

As long as this list moves me forward I'll be happy.


08-31-2015, 07:06 PM
The month of August seems to have gone fast.
Hasn't everyone else done well?:clap::clap::clap::clap:

I don't seem to have achieved any of my written goals :( but it has been a busy month :thumbsup:. I got the car serviced and MOT'd and14 miniatures from the book in acrylic, as well as a miniature of Roberts tree (well that was the reference anyway :lol:, I am still practicing Robert) in each of the mediums I have. I have aslo re-located my art stuff to a spare bedroom, and watched JV's demo's. I have also tried stretching some paper for water colours two unsuccessfully with just gummed tape (the wider variety as well).

Perhaps I will achieve more in September and that starts tomorrow.

08-31-2015, 08:01 PM
Bill....Rooting for you and for the list to move you forward!

08-31-2015, 08:02 PM
Jim...Typing in the dark doesn't cut it...I hit the wrong key and lost what I wanted to say....
anyway, you did well for such a busy month...and yes, there is always sept.
better luck next month!

Bill Foehringer
08-31-2015, 08:50 PM
September!!!!! See Above!

08-31-2015, 10:17 PM
Bill! So glad to see you! Welcome to the list. I'm off to start the September Goalpost.