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07-26-2015, 01:00 AM
I know this is mainly aviation art but other forms of transportation do creep in sometimes (?)...
Chas's comment on getting satisfaction re seeing a print framed has prompted me to show this wee car. Its a bit of a long story but I bought a ferrari on ebay (1:43 scale model :) ) from a chap in Italy and he saw my signature which had a link to my website and had a look at the cars Ive done in the past. He contacted me and asked if I could do his Fiat Bambina as a commission. Naturally I agreed and set to with the coloured pencils. Eventually it was finished (took about a month) and I sent off the original plus 2 prints plus the scan to him in a tube (yes I know Gollum!! a tube is bad.. but Im sending around the world mate!! and a flat parcel was horrendously expensive and it wasnt paint, just pencil sprayed with a varnish!) Its very VERY nerve wracking sending off an original like that but it got to Trecasali (near Modena) OK and the chap was over the moon and duly had it framed and hung..
So here's the picture he sent me back! and I feel quite a mixture of humble and prideful seeing it!
Very affirming (not to mention lucrative in nice high value (to me) euros)! :)


07-26-2015, 03:05 AM
Congratulations on a successful commission, it must have been nerve wracking waiting for confirmation of delivery. We once sent a painting around the world for painting in sections by different members. Look up the Round Robin Project (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=481217)

Those little Fiat 500's are amazing we used one to travel around a huge building site once and they are quite roomy.


07-26-2015, 07:26 AM
Thats a really nice little picture :thumbsup:

Chas McHugh
07-26-2015, 07:49 AM
Outstanding picture. I saw a collection of similar paintings of Jaguar cars through the ages at Coventry Transport Museum, and as part of a larger collection, they have much impact. Good skills.

07-26-2015, 09:53 AM
Very nice -I like the vignette effect .

07-26-2015, 10:57 AM
Lovely piece of work, famine. I especially like the way you've done the background.

07-26-2015, 12:14 PM
Excellent little picture love the glare treatment.
Thanks for sharing.

07-26-2015, 12:22 PM
stunning , a friend has the roofless noddy car version of the 500

07-27-2015, 01:13 AM
Thanks for the great comments chaps. I really appreciate them especially as they are from the top artists in this forum.
the background was interesting Gray, just sortof coincidental that his house had that classic Italianate look that I softened hugely to pop the car out in the vignette. I like his choice of Frame too, so quirky and 'italian'.

Pencil is such a favorite medium of mine.. So forgiving and no cleaning up or preparation!!!

07-27-2015, 10:56 PM
Looks perfect in that frame! I'm happy that the commission worked out well for you. Very nice of your customer to send the picture of it to you.