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07-14-2015, 08:53 PM

Title: Peter's
Year Created:
Medium: Mixed-Media
Surface: Watercolor Paper
Dimension: 20 x 11
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

For my first submission, a rendering of my Grandparents' luncheonette (demolished 1988) in upstate NY. This was done from a 3x5 b&w postcard from about 1961. The colors are from memory.
I did this a couple years back and haven't done anything else until this year.

Drawing/painting people is one of my many weaknesses - otherwise, all C&C's welcome, especially in regards to my use of color and creating the illusion
of depth. Thank you!

07-14-2015, 10:01 PM
very nice job. I think you've done well with the depth. The darker corner pushes it back.

Jeanette Diaz
07-16-2015, 12:22 AM
This is nice and tight. Lots of little details, my eyes go back and fourth from the white sign to the out door light. I like the cloudy sky and the blue color in the signage it makes me want to walk around the corner. :-)

07-17-2015, 12:44 PM
What a terrific project! I like the idea and the execution.
The only thing I would work on is drawing the viewer's eye to the center of interest. My eye goes immediately to the colored areas. Much of the area surrounding your grandparents' diner looks unpainted, or very lightly painted, in comparison to the storefront immediately behind/left, whose yellow catches my attention. I would jack up the chroma of the grandparent's storefront, both above and below the window to give it more visual interest. Postcards do have that colorful element, right?

07-19-2015, 06:04 PM
Thank you Beverly - that's what I was going for - bringing a little depth to an otherwise dull & flat b&w photo. And thank you Jeanette - I guess the tightness & detail comes from having worked as a draftsman for most of my life. I don't know if I should work on loosening up or just accept "the draftsman" as my style - not that I've done enough of this to really claim a style.
Thank you KarenLee - Using color is another one of those things I'm trying to loosen up with - I guess I'm a bit inexperienced and timid with it. Well... maybe more than a bit....

Thank you, all