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Mike L
07-10-2015, 09:29 PM
9X12 Strathmore 300 series art paper from their Art Paper assortment pad. Three brands of student pastels - Mungyo, Mungyo Gallery, and Faber-Castel.

If you want to download to make changes or draw arrows and circles to show specifics, or for other reasons, please ask via PM first. Thanks.

C&C welcome. I've made some comments after the pic.

After 60+ years of staring at clouds and trees, this piece is ample evidence I have no idea what either looks like. :lol: Some of the color in the background mountains is good, and the trees, as childish as their shapes are, have some depth thanks to the highlights and shadows.

I'll make notes of all critiques for later use, but this one gets put aside for the time being - days? Weeks? Who knows? It's not done, but there's not a lot I can do with it right now.

Thanks in advance.


pastel lover
07-11-2015, 12:31 AM
Quite nice, Bill. I like your style. My only suggestion is vary the shapes more is the clouds & trees and maybe overlap some.


Barbara WC
07-11-2015, 10:13 AM
Nice start Mike! You have a variety of shapes and sizes in your clouds and trees, which is great- and your sky is lighter at the horizon and darker at the top, which is a good observation.

Were you working from a photo, or looking out a window?

Values are the key to any painting, and in your next painting, you might want to focus on values- for instance, in your painting here, the cast shadows of the trees look a little dark, and there would be a little more "atmosphere" if the sky were a little lighter too. If you were working from a photo, cameras often make shadows in the landscape too dark, and can make clouds look too bright...

Since you mentioned clouds, in the Spotlight this month, Don has done a nice tutorial on skies, including clouds. Don is such a great teacher, and one of our great resources here at WC. Check out the July Skies Spotlight... this is a thread that you can participate in too and paint along, see how other people are interpreting the lesson, and get good feedback. Worth a look! http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1382809

As an upgrade to your paper, you might want to try out Canson Mi-tientes- it is a heavier paper than what your working on (and can stand easier on that shelf you have!). Canson Mi-tientes is inexpensive, can be found in most local art stores, has a nice tooth for pastel, and comes in a lot of colors. I find it easier to work on a paper with some color, like gray, instead of white. I find it hard to judge values on bright white paper- but on a middle gray paper, lights look light, darks look dark. On white paper, lights often don't look light enough, and darks look to dark... Just my own opinion... my painting really changed once I started working on gray paper...

Thank you for posting- nice to see your work! Keep painting to fill your shelf!

Mike L
07-11-2015, 12:22 PM
Thanks for the compliments, but even more bushels of thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Tanja, I hope your comments were directed at me, but if not, you might consider letting Bill know what you think of his work. :lol: Ozarks isn't very far from here, and I have relatives down that way.

Barbara, No photo involved - all out of my imagination which might explain the childish approach. :lol: The July Spotlight is what got me started on this. At first it was an exercise to see how well I could blend the sky and grade the values, then it needed some clouds, then it needed something in middle and...well, before I knew it I was filling up the paper. :smug: Not sure if I'm ready to try one of Don's reference photos, but the month is still young, right?

BTW, and off topic, my older brother is a Yogi in Sausalito, even taught at Marin CC for awhile.

Really appreciate the comments and eagerly awaiting more. :clap: