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Barbara WC
06-29-2015, 04:14 AM
IAPS was an amazing experience! The next one is in 2017. Even if you can't attend the whole conference, if there is any way you can get to Albuqurque, you can purchase a one day pass ($95) and register for any workshops or demos that are still open (there were some open when I looked on Thursday).

The wonderful PastelWorld ALL pastel exhibit, and the vendor's hall are both free and open to the public!

I have posted a general blog post about the exhibit, with a few photos for any of you that are interested. Sorry for not posting it directly here, but since it takes me so long to write a post and add photos on my blog, I decided just to keep everything there in one place.


Right now I'm working on redesigning my art room. The space is adequate, but I'm not using it efficiently, and it has 8 years of "pile up" in it- time to clear out! I'm hoping to clear it out this week to start painting the walls... :) Hoping in a couple of weeks to be back to painting with pastel!

06-29-2015, 09:32 AM
Sorry I missed luncheon with you & Dorothea at IAPS. Studio painting is on my to-do list also; but mine has murals left by the previous owner and will require probably four coats of Killz before paint, so count yourself lucky! I need to develop some shelving that is deep enough to store my glass upright, too....

06-29-2015, 01:13 PM
Oh cool, thanks for linking to your blog post! I wish I could have gone this year. Someday, I'll manage it. May have to be 65 first but I will get there someday!

That catalog of the PastelWorld exhibition sounds wonderful. A great thing to take home and a chance to study reproductions of those fantastic paintings.

Cool artist statement you quoted. That's the kind of thing that's awesome. The blue vases are in it, after reading it I could see them! Love your painting from the workshop, it's so beautiful. Awesome that Barbara Arrighi arranged for a model for her figure workshop.

Sounds like you have fairly heavy supplies though. If I get to go I'll probably do a lot of demonstrations but bring a relatively small pastel collection. Then again I don't work that large, so it makes sense your stuff's heavier. Still trying to optimize my outdoor painting stuff and if I manage that, it'll be easier to plan for workshop trips.

Barbara WC
06-29-2015, 01:41 PM
Awesome that Barbara Arrighi arranged for a model for her figure workshop.

Ha-Ha- I'm barbara Arrighi, it was Diane Rappisi who taught the workshop! LOL!

About my supplies- not super heavy, but bulky- Diane wanted us to bring a board that would hold a full sheet of Canson Mi-tientes (19"x24"). My easel only weighs 3 lbs. And I brought my small Dakota Traveller and a few accessories in a bag. Some people flew with their supplies- we drove, but still, it seemed like a lot of stuff for a workshop! Next time I'll just do the demos- I learned a lot from Mike Beeman and Bill Schneider just by watching them paint for 3 hours... I learned just as much from the demos as my workshops...

Hope you can make it sometime Robert!

Barbara WC
06-29-2015, 01:43 PM
I need to develop some shelving that is deep enough to store my glass upright, too....

Sorry to have missed you Mudfish! I had such a busy schedule, it was hard to get to meet everyone that I wanted! And with over 800 people there... maybe we did meet waiting in line somewhere :lol:

Cleaning out my art room is slow! I hope you are able to cover the murals in your room easily, and do find shelving for your glass! I'm struggling with where to store all the frames from my last show- I now have around 20 frames! My husband recently had a solo show for his photography- he has about 30 good sized frames because he prints large... We need a bigger house (sales have been slow!)


06-29-2015, 04:22 PM
I'm thinking of putting a piece of pegboard on a short wall next to the closet - wasted space now, but I think I can put one of those big 18" hangers on it like they have for bikes etc & hang the frames on that. Which necessitates finding a place for the glass.......right now its in a big flat cardboard box slid under the flat files, not ideal.