View Full Version : Brugge Canal-Belgium

06-20-2015, 08:06 PM
16 x 20 oil on canvas. All comments welcome.


06-21-2015, 05:02 AM
Beautiful painting. I would like to see less blending of the paint on the bridge as it looks a little muddy from too much blending.

06-21-2015, 10:21 AM
Probably am wrong, but for some reason I want the foreground reflections to extend a bit further back into the shadow. Lovely!

06-21-2015, 10:54 AM
I think this is beautiful. I love the water. Only little nit would be the roof and wall in the upper left. I think there should be some darkness on that part of the roof, lessening the contrast. It's pulling the eye up there. Really has a wonderful feeling to it.

06-21-2015, 11:20 PM
Really like the painting. A very relaxing, inviting scene. I do agree with Beverley that the roof appears a little bright. It should be lowered in value, even if only a little. Some shadow behind the dormer window will also help.

06-22-2015, 06:01 AM
Lovely calm atmosphere to this painting. I like the strong contrasts of light and shade, and the little details of the colours reflecting in the windows.

There are a few adjustments that I'd make if it were my painting:

The perspective would be helped if the distant trees weren't such a strong colour. Distant colours in a landscape tend to appear paler, foreground ones stronger, so a paler colour would make the trees recede further into the distance.
I'd bring just a touch more sharpness into the building closest to the viewer. Again, that sharper focus would bring this building forward and aid the perspective.
I'd check the reflections from the buildings. Surely ivy-covered stone would have a darker reflection than uncovered stone? If the furthest white building has such a strong reflection, wouldn't the middle one have a reflection too, even though it's in shade?

A good painting of an appealing subject though. Well done.