View Full Version : Acrylic longevity? Enamel/house hold paint?

06-15-2015, 03:30 PM
I paint in a fairly unique way, on the floor, abstracts.

I generally prefer using house hold paints for a few reasons, biggest being that I like the more muted colors it provides, and it tends to have a much thicker texture that makes it look more dynamic in regards to my style.

However, I'm concerned that it may hurt my chances of my work selling because if people hear that it's "enamel paint" they may be concerned the work won't age well, and that it will fade over time.

Is this really going to happen? I mean, Pollock painted his most famous works with house hold paint. I read an article from a museum too that said his works are holding up well.

If I paint on canvas with enamel paint, is the paint really going to start fading in like 30-100 years?

And also, how long does say...professional grade acrylics last?

06-15-2015, 04:09 PM
Artist grade paint is designed to be archival, house paint is not. That said exterior house paint stands up to adverse weather and direct exposure to sunlight for quite a few years, (up to 20 I think for premium grade paint.) much harsher conditions than paintings on canvas are expected to, so no one really knows how long house paint will last, probably longer than you or any of your customers are likely to.

06-15-2015, 04:17 PM
i have work done with low grade acrylics that have not changed in almost 20 years. painters in pollocks era were alchemist. this added and mixed all sorts of concoctions to fit their immediate needs. i always favored acrylics for many reasons especially the fear of crackling.it is such a interesting concern you raise. I would have loved to be at the moment of completion of every great work and see how time has changed it. ultimately time absorbs all. when i first started painting i treated every work as a newborn. i over valued the finished piece, as i have moved on in time i barely value and of my finished works. it was about the process for me, about becoming more self aware more affluent in my own language. now when a painting nears completion i am reserved to say it as such, cause it will be almost dead to me. and immediately i will need to start again and i know this cycle will never end.
I got off topic,sorry.but acrylics and enamels seem to hold up well. every oil painting seems to crack or yellow over the decades.