View Full Version : finished mountain bluebird. first pastel in years

06-05-2015, 02:01 PM
i generally do watercolor but i had to break out my pastels after seeing a photo of a mountain bluebird in the reference library. it's been literally over 6-7 years since i touched pastels so any cc is welcome.

I used Terry Ludwig, Schminke, and Rembrandt pastels and used watercolor for the underpainting.


water girl
06-05-2015, 02:13 PM
Welcome to the pastel forum! No crit here, you know what you're doing and still know how to put a pastel to paper. Let's see more very soon...:angel:

06-05-2015, 02:25 PM
*blushes* thanks water girl. that means a lot because i am a bit insecure on my pastel skills.

however, i must say i've always loved pastels. and now the bad thing about picking up pastes is that i am DYING for more. i have a limited few and obsess over my next big haul (which will be a long way away)

06-07-2015, 09:13 AM
Glad you came back to pastels! The background is very effective. Watercolor underpaintings are a powerful technique. I like your textures and the mood in the painting is striking! Bluebirds are often a sentimental subject and this painting breaks any sense of that, reminding me this is a wild creature in motion. I love the gesture of the head. The look in its eyes is feral and alert!

06-10-2015, 11:12 AM
He's wonderful! Let's see more like him, please!