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Steve Orin
05-30-2015, 02:16 PM
Once in awhile the topic rises... Painting with "house paints" - all acrylic & made for outside & the sun. Over the last 5 decades I've tested, used most paints. Seen MANY acrylics, oils, watercolors fade in 10, 15 years. But good quality "house paints" linger. Painted for Disney, Universal, Sea World & others.... Not bragging but y'all hafta know that the biggies use it for a reason. It works. So ponder & make up your minds based upon what's inside the book, not out.
Just finished this 2'x4' with another half finished. Hope you enjoy.


05-30-2015, 04:23 PM
So does that paint have any latex in it at all? is this big box store paint? great painting by the way! thats pretty darn good for house paint.

Charlie's Mum
05-30-2015, 04:38 PM
There are no rules that say you have to use one kind over another, so it's entirely up to the painter :D

I like this fella showing off! ... and I like the lower background too.
You could show a larger version by cropping out the stuff outside the painting and making it 800p tall :D

05-30-2015, 05:53 PM
So does that paint have any latex in it at all? is this big box store paint? great painting by the way! thats pretty darn good for house paint.
As an "artist" I am a hobbyist but I have some 30 years as a Sales Rep. for a large West Coast Paint Manufacture. We had products, and they still do that are billed as 100% Acrylic as opposed to some paint that have other fillers. I have used 100% Acrylic Exterior Primer in place of Gesso.

05-30-2015, 06:58 PM
I just looked at Lowe's and can only find oil or latex,where is this mysterious 100% acrylic house paint available?

05-30-2015, 07:08 PM
me too (curious about where to get 100% acrylic)..nice painting

05-30-2015, 07:25 PM
Kelly-Moore 1245 Acry-Shield 100 Percent Acrylic Exterior Low Sheen Paint, Spanish Sand 231

Products in this Consumer Product Information Database (CPID) are classified based on their composition:
Substances: single chemicals
Preparations: products which contain chemicals that can be easily separated during normal use
Articles: products or product assemblies that do not contain chemicals that can be separated out from the product or assembly under normal or advertised use.

Classification: Preparation

Indicates country where product is sold.
Market: US/Canada

Brand Information

Date entered: March 31, 2013

Kelly-Moore 1245 Acry-Shield 100 Percent Acrylic Exterior Low Sheen Paint, Spanish Sand 231, is a premium quality, 100% acrylic exterior low sheen paint, formulated to provide a long lasting, durable, mildew and weather resistant low sheen finish. Designed to provide a tough, weather resistant, decorative finish on wood siding and trim, fiber cement board, concrete, stucco and primed metal surfaces. Excellent for commercial and residential application.

All Latex has "some acrylic" Just think of Latex as "water clean up". This is a sample of the products I am talking about. Go to a full service " paint store like KM, SW, you will find all kinds of 100% acrylic products.

05-30-2015, 08:51 PM
What the paint is made for is kind of irrelevant. What matters is what pigments are used, there are light fast pigments available in all kinds of paint. The paints I use are artist quality and the pigments I use will not fade in 5 or even 100 years. There is nothing inherently superior or inferior about house paint, but at least with artist quality paint the pigment used is listed on the tube.

Steve Orin
05-31-2015, 07:56 AM
Latex is a hold-over from long ago when the sap of the latex tree was used as binder. This has been supplanted by acrylic. Next time you visit a paint store of any kind, do some label reading.
As Gator said, the type paint and fillers are more important. Exterior vs. interior, satin or gloss vs. flat, how much the paint has been thickened to limit dripping, etc. My favorite is Metalatex by Sherwin Williams. Superpaint, under its new label, is good too and cheaper. I really like Acry-shield too but I thought it was Porter? Oh well. I keep the paints in plastic EZ pour containers after cleaning out the laundry detergent.
The flow rate of these paints lend them towards use of different brush & techniques also. Large, long, soft brushes that hold fluid and allow it to flow out. As the underlying layers try to dry, work wet - to -wet in other techniques. I did a LOT of this in the 90s but stopped due to other customers. Now I'm having to re-teach myself. A bit frustration mixed with fun.

05-31-2015, 12:21 PM
Whatever paint you used, that is beautiful work!

05-31-2015, 05:21 PM
It is beautiful work. That it was done with house paint is terrific.

06-01-2015, 04:42 PM
WELL DONE, Steve! Love it!
Paint = paint. Color is important and you got it!
Been using house indoor ceiling (acrylic)(water based) paint for gesso on the last few Paintings I've done. Because I had some left over..works great! But did not improve my artistic endeavors. I was hoping for a little magic. lol