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10-10-2003, 04:08 AM
Gaka, I have read and reread your posts about your pastel painting technique (must say you are one of my heros lol).

I would like to ask if you have tried to paint flowers like roses, sunflowers (tho not really a flower, but popular), irises, orchids, etc, using this technique??

Right now my main interests are animals and flowers, i have done a few tiger paintings, but have yet to achieve the realism i am looking for with flowers. Mainly i have trouble with "veining" and slight curvatures you see in rose or other flower petals.

Has anyone else had any success with painting delicate flowers, or even un-delicate ones lol with realism or semi realism at least? I have read posts by well known artists on this site and others about how to achieve a flower painting,and i respect their style but im looking for more.

I feel a little embaressed asking this question to you or anyone else that can help me, because i recently told my aunt, who has alot of interest (not to mention some contribution lol) in my art,
that i have givin up looking for "how to's" to achieve what i want , and just do it til i get it right after all im not lacking talent just practice, but im missing something (ummm yea i know i just mentioned it would be practice lol), but i feel all the waste im making is not progress, so im asking for help from others on this site, and hopefully i can put their help to good use instead of running out of patients (and paper! lol)

Would it be to much to ask for demo on painting realistic flower(s)??

I would be forever greatful :clap: .

Thank you for your time and any help anyone can provide :D


10-10-2003, 06:51 AM
Hi there Srw2034

I have not completed a Flower as such.....I have played around with the pastel flowers....but I did not complete it as I had to move onto other things.

I have all intention of painting a Flower WIP as well as a Still Life, Nude, Seascape, Portrait, Landscape, Automotive, Fantasy, Wildlife as in feathers, fur, and smooth skin WIP's in the dust method that I use. This will be for a prospective Book/CD sometime in the future. I want to do all of these different subjects to show that the dust method can be used sucessfully with any subject irrespective of the texture of the subject that you are painting.

When will I be starting the Flower?. I dont know exactly when...sorry!...I have selected a rose for my first flower but that could change right up to the time I start to paint.

It is difficult for me to give you directions...If I seen the subject then I know exactly what I would do in my head before I started. So I suggest to you to look at your subject and think what color paper do I start with, Then what would be best to paint first...background, subject, leaves etc....If you are not sure, you could try a small test area of the painting to see what it is going to be the best to work on first.

If you are still having difficulties, send me a PM and I will send you a different E-Mail addy to WC and you could send your ref pic, questions or work progress to me if you want to.


10-10-2003, 02:57 PM
The prospective book/cd sounds very interesting!

Ive attached a pic below of one of the roses ive been trying to paint.

No sorries need about when you will get around to painting a flower lol, it was probably to bold a question to ask lol, i was kinda hoping that there were other too, that have tried or have done realistic flowers in pastels. I intend to give it another shot tonight, and when i run into difficulties i will write down what they are , so i can ask questions that are to the point. I kinda have a hard time doing that lol, and i know how difficult it would be for someone to help another out when they dont know exactly what the problem is, wich i could post my wip and other paintings but will have to wait til i can find a willing participant to loan me a digital camera lol.

Thanks very much gaka for your quick response, i do appriciate your help and others immensly :D