View Full Version : Stabilo Carbothello sticks ?

05-28-2015, 02:12 PM

I have an old set of Stabilo Carbothello 12, the are not pencils but stick form,
are they pastels or chalcks and what is the diffrence between the 2 ?

I did a lot af search, but I don't think they are made anymore, it has rested in the bottom of a drawer for years. ;)

I made this sketch today, just for the fun of using them a bit.


05-28-2015, 06:25 PM
Fun sketch! Those are probably hard pastels. I would guess they use the same formula for pastel pencils and hard sticks just like Cretacolor and other brands that do both. They look like hard pastels to me!

Jazzy little design you've got! I would trust them. I haven't heard of any Stabilo products being fugitive or nasty. Wish those were still available! What you've done with them looks like you could've used any hard pastels brand.

Chalks are dyed chalk and have a distinct texture. While chalk is a pigment itself and calcium carbonate (chalk) may be an ingredient in binders, pastels are primarily ground pigment. If you think of the chalk as something like filler in ground meat, the main ingredient is still the meat.

Dyes are brilliant but fugitive. Student pastels are often made with dyed chalk and some colors may be pigmented or all might be dyed. They have a soft smooth very consistent texture and usually are thick rectangular sticks at a very low price - like $15 for a set of 48 type of price. They're good for color studies, practice, learning and for pavement painting because the dyes are non toxic, safe for children and animals.

The one time you want to call htem chalks is explaining to airport security what pastels are. Tell them "artist chalks" and also how much they are so they'll let you be the one to handle them. Pastels cost more, even hard pastels that are the least expensive category.

05-28-2015, 06:37 PM
thanks Robert, I'll try to experiment a bit more with them and see what may come up :)