View Full Version : Painting in contact with glass vs spacers

Moqui Steps
05-14-2015, 07:23 PM
We just received our first frames with Groglass - Artglass Anti Reflective WW glass in them and I decided to do some testing with not yet finished pastels.

I tapped the back of the pastel a few times to remove loose pastel dust and chunks and then placed it on the glass, followed by some foam core then framing points to hold it in place. NO tape on the edges, so the glass and the pastel were free to rattle around in the frame which had about 1/16" clearance on all sides. Then I shook the frame up and down and side to side a bit to simulate a trip to the gallery or by UPS to a customer.

After sitting in there a few days, moving it around a bit more, I took it out and looked at the glass on the inside. There was a small amount of pastel dust on the glass, but definitely no more than there was on a framed piece with spacers that I have had in there for about 6 months, that I opened up to compare with.

I tried it again with a pastel that had thinner passages on it, and you had to look really closely in good light to even see anything on the glass.

I am convinced that this is the way I am going to do it if I am not going to mat the piece. With the glass / art / backing taped up sandwich you will avoid the possibility of pastel dust moving from one location to another like it could without the tape holding it all together.

As for the Artglass AR, it isn't quite as non reflective as the top of the line True Vue AR but the cost is substantially less from the online pricing I have seen and it looks great. I don't think I can ever use regular glass again in front of a pastel!

05-14-2015, 08:02 PM
Donald, where did you purchase the Groglass from? I'm not finding that name anywhere. I do have a retail license. Are you speaking of Artglass WW < 1% reflection, or is it the Preservation clear you got? As info, Omega sells Tru Vue AR for nearly the same price as artglass - less than $25 per dozen difference.

Moqui Steps
05-14-2015, 09:51 PM

Yes, Groglass is the company that makes Artglass AR WW and other versions of Artglass, and I have the non UV AR version.

Locally the True Vue AR is about 30% more than the Artglass AR but I do have a state tax permit and business license so I will be looking for a source for one or the other or both and will cut my own. I just bought this one to see what it was like. There is a framing supply distributor in Salt Lake that has both and will save me hundreds on shipping since I can pick it up at will call as I drive through there which I do several times a year, so even if their prices are higher than Omega, my guess is the net cost will be substantially lower from them.