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05-12-2015, 11:31 PM
I've just bought a new photo quality Epson inkjet for reproduction prints of my paintings. I have a bit of Epson photo quality paper, the results so far have been good, but the paper doesn't have a 'fine' feel to it and is too white as well. Looking around for finer quality inkjet papers has merely produced an avalanche of different makes, weights and surfaces, it's too difficult to make a choice? Has anyone found a paper they're pleased with? I'm hoping for something fairly heavy and not too glossy, and not overly white either?

Thanks for any help,

Andre Yusin
05-14-2015, 11:21 PM
Have you looked at Red River paper yet? Specifically at their Aurora Art Natural?

05-15-2015, 02:20 PM
I use and Epson also (3880) and have a few favorites. Red River's Aurora Natural and Innova's rough textured are for the Matte black ink and Red River's San Gabriel Baryta for a rich satin gloss that is thick and prints beautifully for the photo black ink. Many choices out there. Check out this site also:

06-20-2015, 12:34 PM
Hi Dave

I have been running an Epson 3880 for the past five years. So far - a fantastic machine! Most of my prints are photographic B&W and colour. However, I also do quite a lot of digital art stuff.

I live in South Africa where the choice of A2 (or 17"x22") inkjet cut-sheet paper is limited. The Epson papers are about the best as far as availability is concerned.

My favourite paper by far is Canson Baryta Photographique. This is a 310 gsm lustre finish paper with a warm tone. Unfortunately, its a big problem for me to obtain this paper.

Next is Epson Premium Luster - a colder tone but only 250 gsm.

Next on the list is Epson Enhanced Matte - a hardish matte paper of 192 gsm. Used for lower quality camera club prints.

Finally comes Epson Velvet Fine Art paper - a soft matte with a definite tooth and a weight of 260 gsm. This makes a beautiful print of most art images, subject to the limitations of a matte paper. Its pretty expensive though.

No one paper suits all images. I find that doing a soft proof in Lightroom with the candidate icc profiles usually gives a fairly good idea of how the print will come out - which is the best paper. But this is not always so! Ultimately one has to have the paper print in your hands to decide if your happy.

Hope this helps

regards - Peter