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05-08-2015, 10:53 AM
Hi All,

I've been working with acrylics for the past few years but decided I want to get back to concentrating on pastels. Here's one of my first "attempts". 9 x 12 on sanded paper

C&C along with any suggestions are welcome.



05-08-2015, 11:21 AM
Hi Randy, welcome to the pastel board!

Poppies are my favorites and yours really glow!

water girl
05-08-2015, 02:28 PM
Welcome! This is a great start for you. Don't be afraid of the darks. In other words, as you progress, pick up some pastels in the darker values. If you have some, you can put a spot here and there among the front flowers. It will add a bit more contrast. Another suggestion would be to add a few light red spots into the line of the far grasses, to break up the grass. Just consider any suggestions before you act on one. I like to leave my finished painting on an easel for a few days and I generally find a few small corrections. Let us see more of your work soon.

05-08-2015, 03:58 PM
Great start. I like the soft tints in your clouds and the field of poppies receding is wonderful. Tree masses are excellent, good textures and values. I'd suggest scumbling a little other colors into them and maybe cooling the farther trees a touch with light blue to get atmospheric recession, or maybe a little lavender like there's some mist in the air. Touches of deep dark purple at the base of the dark trees go very well, purple is a friend to green. Earth oranges and gold-orange earths here and there also make greens pop, as do accnts of turquoise. If you variegate te colors in a treeline it can become very interesting. Orange over blue makes some great mixed greens too.

But the texture on that foliage is magnificent! Also the form and the musical line. I love your strokes. You have a great touch with pastels! Keep going!

05-11-2015, 09:18 AM
Thank you both for the comments - I can see where I need more darks and some variation in the colors.
Rob - especially thanks for your last comment - I did a bit of painting this weekend and had a TOTAL fail so your encouragement is just at the right time.


05-11-2015, 11:30 AM
Welcome! You've gotten some excellent advice already, so I'll just say your poppies are gorgeous, and I absolutely love the soft cream color of the houses and their orange tile roofs!