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I will be posting 16 images and a challenge ...

Please wait until all are uploaded before commenting - thank you... :thumbsup:

You have 30 minutes to make your choice and choose your materials - you may use any medium.

For the next two hours, just go for it……then STOP!, scan or photograph your work and post it in your own new thread with your title, beginning with WDE, plus date, plus title.

When you introduce your work, please add a description of size, medium, support (paper, canvas etc) and time taken.
If your work is digital, we'd appreciate a description of whether it's freehand drawing/painting, manipulated image or done using the filters available in some programmes - you could also say which programme you've used.
All are acceptable but we'd like to know the "hows, whys and wherefores"!!:)

Use WIP for any work in progress at the 2 hour mark, and MI for multiple images if other works are to be added before the following Monday.

NB. To avoid forum flooding, please put all of your work during the weekend, for the current WDE, into a single thread: multiple threads will be merged!
From the following TUESDAY, you may open a new thread for later work.

You have the whole week to participate - until the next WDE starts (usually Friday). If you finish a piece after that time, please post in its own thread and try to give the date/host of that particular week - if you can!:)

After posting your contribution, please view others’ entries and comment and encourage when you can. Unless requested, please refrain from critiquing.

Your challenge - should you choose to accept it...try one of the images in pen and wash, and of course, have fun :D

........orf we jolly well go .....let's start with some lovers, Alice and George, sitting on the shores of Lake Windermere whispering sweet nothings and watching the birds, bees and boats...


... and here's one of the boats that cruised on by, this one's called the Swan...


...and here's the white rabbit that Alice was looking for, ain't it just a lil sweet thing?


...this chap was busy with his balloons at the tea party, trying to make another white rabbit, or possibly an upside down octopus!...


...more piccies coming soon...:)

04-24-2015, 05:23 PM
...Alice n George went fer a stroll down through the sunny pretty village...


...whilst listening to some street musicians George popped the question, and Alice said 'yes' .....aw...:heart:


...'hooray' said George, and orf they went to look for the venue, these pretty windows caught their eye...


...Alice called her mum to brea the good news, and tell her to go buy a new hat :D


...more to come... :cat:

04-24-2015, 05:41 PM
...well, there was a wedding to arrange, so all sorts to arrange, flowers of course...


...what wedding car, this mascot might give it away...


...or maybe a horse drawn carriage would be nice, here's one complete with little people all dressed up to impress...


...and here's the beauties to pull the carriage...


...one more lot to go... :)

04-24-2015, 05:45 PM
...the dress, here's a lovely one, not a wonderful photo, but Alice couldn't resist it, neither could I, a dream of butterflies...


...and here's the cake George made, oh didn't I say, he's a rather wonderful chef...


...oops...hit the wrong button, anyways, here's a photo of the hotel they chose for the reception, I think that beautiful magnolia out front might have swayed them...


...and finally, the party after the ceremony, well that'll be a hoot... :D :lol:


...that's all folks, ooh and don't ferget the challenge, try one of the refs in pen and wash if ya like.


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:wave: Oh Scatty you tell such delightful tales:clap: :wave: - Lovely refs, thanks for these and for hosting. Tee hee how did you get that owl in front of a church window?

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Such fun! I'm combining two for the challenge. Thanks!

Valri Ary
04-25-2015, 02:57 AM
How about wash and pen?

04-25-2015, 03:00 AM
A fun collection and a lovely story Scatty.


04-25-2015, 03:58 AM
Deliciously beautiful images! Can't decide which one to start with!:clap: :heart: :music:

04-25-2015, 07:26 AM
Thanks for the images! Nice story to go with them :) it's going to be tough to choose!

Charlie's Mum
04-25-2015, 08:19 AM
Thanks Kat, for story and images! Always fun to follow you:lol:

Have stayed in that Hotel too ;) :D

04-25-2015, 10:52 AM
Hi Kat! I saved the owl and the small town. I really hope I get a chance to paint them. Awesome images, Girlie! :)

04-25-2015, 02:05 PM
Thanks for hosting. My laptop has died and can't print out any refs, b6t I'll try to join in even if it's just a few doodles in my sketchbook using therefs on my tablet. Hope i can see that small. So doodles it is.

Btw. I had my honeymoon in Bowness when I married my 2nd husband. Used to go hiking there too when I could walk. It has many special memories. When I split from my 1st husband I stayed at my friends B &B in Bowness a few times. A couple with my son when he was young and once just me and my dog and I dragged them up the fells. Castlerigg is a favourite of mine.