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Kami Noel
04-14-2015, 11:23 PM
Sharing my latest portrait. I am calling this one finished to nearly finished, but if there are some minor things you can see that I can do to improve this I'd be curious to know thoughts. Generally when I try to wrap up a painting, I sometimes I think it's difficult to decide on the level of polish, and to do so without either being lazy, overworking or being frivolous.


04-15-2015, 05:30 AM
The people in the portrait look friendly and pleasant, like people I would like to know. Nice job.

04-15-2015, 08:19 AM
You've captured a beautiful pose and done a good job on it! The placement of the boutoniere (sp?) On his lapel was strategic, I think, to bring a light, warm color into all that black. And I totally agree that "...it's difficult to decide on the level of polish, and to do so without either being lazy, overworking or being frivolous."

04-15-2015, 09:55 AM
It's interesting. Very accurate and detailed, colors seem very clean and almost idealized, the couple are very idealized. It reminds me a little of 1940s and 50s illustration, especially her skin tone. The reflection of the white tablecloth up onto her arm is nicely done, a little intensified, but there's a gap in her left arm underside which is shaded dark when it too must get some reflected light. A lot of what made those illustrations work well was meticulous attention to light and reflected light and dramatic lighting.

The lady's the star of the painting, with the gentleman's 1/4 view face it's a great pointer, my gaze follows his and she's caught his interest with something she said, maybe something flirtatious. There's definitely a story. This style lends itself to story illustration and maybe book covers, if you want to pursue that market. Well done.

Great rendering on long blonde hair, it's very common for artists to get the shadows in blonde hair too light but you captured its texture and values perfectly.

04-18-2015, 12:54 AM
Very nice

Kami Noel
04-20-2015, 01:31 PM
Thank you for your nice analysis, Robert. The 1950s style illustration is an interesting comparison. I had not thought of that. I may revisit the reflected light on the arms. I was perhaps a little heavy handed on her right arm. And interestingly I do not see reflected light on her left arm in my reference, but it seems some reflected light could possibly go there as you mentioned. Light can be so complex and mysterious, at least to me, but I enjoy studying it.