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04-14-2015, 03:07 AM
I did this today at our art get together and it started off so well. I kept things very washy and the eyes seemed to come easily enough then I got stuck on the nose and chin, I kept changing the length of the face and the shape of the nose and chin but could not get it right.
This was taken on my laptop camera at the 2 hour mark
As soon as I saw the digitised version the problem jumped out at me and I took another 15 minutes to get to this point. I wish I had photographed it an hour earlier. Its still got problems but much better I think.
This is acrylic on canvas 12 x 16
Thanks for looking
All C and C welcome

04-14-2015, 04:09 AM
I love how your colors all work together. Did you use a limited palette? It also looks like she is radiating (don't know if this is the correct english word?)
It always amazes me people can do soft, harmonious things with acrylics, I find it The most difficult paint medium.

a stunning portrait

04-14-2015, 05:09 AM
Actually I simply used the paint already on my pallette from the roses I painted on Sunday- white, magenta, lemon yellow, cyan blue, purple and monastral green and a little bit of veridian. Love my wet pallette it saves me a fortune in wasted paint.

04-14-2015, 05:19 AM
This is very well done. Thank You.

Charlie's Mum
04-14-2015, 05:22 AM
It's amazing how looking through 'different eyes' helps isn't it?
Really good this Christine - a good portrait and I love the style!:)

04-14-2015, 05:33 AM
This is a fun surprise to discover I am being painted :) really lovely Christine, you have captured my eyes and my cheekiness which I can see.
I love your soft touch and the softness in the colours is beautiful :)

04-14-2015, 06:15 AM
Loose and lovely portrait!:)

04-14-2015, 06:20 AM
those eyes are captivating...what a lovely portrait...tyree:wave:

04-14-2015, 09:09 AM
she has a beautiful glow

04-14-2015, 09:22 AM
Strong likenesses

04-14-2015, 10:54 AM

04-14-2015, 12:18 PM
This is really good. I love the colours you've used.

04-14-2015, 12:45 PM
I would love to be able to paint this loosely! You should be very pleased that Netty herself likes it!

04-14-2015, 12:47 PM
wonderful portrait , lovely colors.

Valri Ary
04-14-2015, 05:21 PM
I love this! I won't even go look at the photo because I like it so much just as it is. And since the real Netty likes it, it must be a winner

04-14-2015, 09:06 PM
Nicely done. I like the sparkle in her eye and her lovely expression.


04-15-2015, 04:01 AM
This is terrific Christine.

04-15-2015, 04:35 AM
Very good Christine!

04-15-2015, 04:40 AM
very nice:clap:

04-15-2015, 10:50 AM
Love the sparkle in the eyes.

04-15-2015, 03:15 PM
Excellent portrait and the likeness is there. Great palette.

04-15-2015, 07:01 PM
Perfectly beautiful eyes and expression ! The "leftover" colours serve this so very well, it is painterly and exquisite.

04-17-2015, 12:58 AM
I really like this.