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04-05-2015, 03:45 PM
Valri, thanks for the fantastic images, and for hosting.
I adore cats, but in their hearts and instincts, they are still leopards and tigers. Let's say for the sake of argument that this cat has caught a plastic toy model, and is thinking "Go away dogs, it's mine and you can't have it". No pre-drawing, straight to ink in sketchpad. 8x10" (20x25 cm), 35 mins. The pen is an old Edding 1800 propen 0.1 I'd forgotten how much I liked it till now, glad it wasn't dry ;-)


Valri Ary
04-05-2015, 03:49 PM
This is awesome, Lauren!! Plastic toy, you say.......LOL
I could so see Marsha doing this. My dog has toys that the cat steals. Mostly the barbie doll heads. Bahahahaha
Great pen work. Hope you don't lose that old pen - it makes gorgeous stuff happen on paper!

04-05-2015, 04:32 PM
Good drawing!:)

04-05-2015, 05:21 PM
Wonderful penmanship.

I adore cats, but in their hearts and instincts, they are still leopards and tigers. But of course! "Look at me, I'm a mighty hunter." :)

04-05-2015, 05:51 PM
I'm sure my cat has the same attitude- "yeah, I could catch a deer, but I don't feel like it right now". The deer in our backyard just ignore her. Anyway, love the expression, and really nice inkwork!

Lake of Trees
04-05-2015, 08:16 PM
Very neat! I like the expressions in both the cat and elk toy model faces. Good job!

04-05-2015, 08:32 PM
Is that a Sabre tooth tiger on a dwarf elk? This made me chuckle. Great work with that pen!

04-05-2015, 11:11 PM
Great inkmanship! Love Marsha's evil expression :)

04-06-2015, 12:07 AM
This is so funny Lauren, but could see this happening with my cats as they are big boys - good use of two refs and great pen work!

04-06-2015, 12:22 AM
The form is rendered beautifully! I find it very diffcult reference tobwork with. You have done an excellent job and with ink!

04-06-2015, 06:45 AM
while I was slowly scrolling down the kitty, it was a surprise to see its catch:lol: what a great ink job !! tyree:wave:

04-06-2015, 09:38 AM
Lauren, this is really wonderful! You nailed Marsha's expression and I love how she snagged the toy elk for her own possession.

04-07-2015, 01:40 AM
Very good drawing Laure n fun combo

04-07-2015, 11:01 AM
Very cool. Love the combo.

04-08-2015, 04:55 AM
Well I would not mess with that cat, so beautifully drawn. I love your work.

Charlie's Mum
04-08-2015, 03:30 PM
What a great combo idea Laure n!
Evil cat guarding her captive!!!:)