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Charlie's Mum
03-29-2015, 09:04 AM
How the RIL and Image Uploader work.

The RIL is a huge resource of images, all given freely by members of WetCanvas. The following will explain how it all works and why we ask you to 'keep the filing cabinet tidy'!!!:)

The Uploader allows us to choose the category and sub-category most suited to the image e.g.
Category: Animals > sub-category Birds … and then further subs for specific types of birds.

NB. The first 'Category' to show is 'Our Contributors' but this is not a category for uploading images; uploads here will then need to be moved to more suitable places!

The Uploader then asks for keywords.

Search works by using keywords and if an image is uploaded and no keywords are included then, by default, the title becomes the keyword. You can see the difficulty if an image is uploaded without a title or merely with an image number!
Some titles may be meaningless to searchers – I doubt anyone but the owner would look for ‘Tiddles’?! We don't recommend using pets' names as keywords but if you do want to use a pet's name, then we encourage you to include other descriptive keywords (i.e., orange tabby furry).

Hence the importance of keywords.

Keywords should be chosen to best describe the image – simple ones like the object, the colour, texture, light, season, mood etc.

You may find you need a ‘double-barrelled’ word to describe an image, like ‘spotted petals’ but search would only pick up a single word 'spotted' or 'petal'; therefore, hyphenate the words to become ‘spotted-petals’ and it makes a single unit.

You also may want to identify images for a specific event – we do this for the WDEs in the All Media Arts Events forum and there are many challenges and groupings throughout the site where this may apply. We ask you then, please, to arrange your keywords:

a) for members of WC not involved in the event
b) for the specific event (phrase hyphenated)

e.g An image of a Landscape for the WDE of April 17th 2015 may have keywords thus:
clouds mountains sunlight river rocks WDE-April-2015

NB There should be no punctuation marks between keywords, spaces only please.

The words to be identified as a unit are hyphenated; the other keywords are so other members of WC can find such a still life image irrespective of any event.
(Search does not recognise 3-letter words or less!)

If you need any help at all, Judy (Pinkrybns) and I are usually available via PM!

Further information about the RIL can be found in the Reference Image Library Requests and Support forum (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=115) and in the sticky thread The New Reference Image Library- helpful information. (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=446620) – near the top of the forum page.