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02-02-2015, 11:44 AM
Hi friends,

I'd love to see what you've been up to. Doodles or just what are you studying up on??

Here is a sketch I did last week. I'd like to do some more like this.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/02-Feb-2015/88676-Photo-on-1-28-15-at-2.56-PM.gif

02-02-2015, 04:36 PM
A very interesting sketch, robin! I love the whimsy , dreamlike nature of it!

02-05-2015, 12:18 PM
robin...what a great piece..definitely do some more..!!! just had both of my eyes cleared of cataracts...what a difference....its almost too bright...!! tyree:wave:

02-10-2015, 09:08 AM
Hi Tyree. Sorry to hear you had to have cataract treatment...but so glad it has made such a difference!!

02-10-2015, 09:13 AM
I am still making tags for the google tag swap. I have enjoyed the last 3 swaps and I am on my fourth...but it is taking up a lot of time and so I think I'll probably give the March swap a miss!!

Other than that, I've been doing art journalling as its a good way to learn mixed media techniques...which are great fun.

Here's a couple of recent things..this week...from yesterday & today actually!


Amarylis queen, art tag


Windows on our street, journal52 topic for this week.



02-10-2015, 12:22 PM
june...those are really cool...I love the first one...but...I don't have a clue what art tags are??? :eek: but they look like fun, and a lot of work...tyree:wave:

02-11-2015, 12:27 PM
Love the crazy looking fish, the tags and windows painting. I think I'm back among the Classicos at last....did some inchies. I'm trapped inside so might as well do art.




02-12-2015, 12:01 PM


02-20-2015, 09:19 AM
Greetings from Boston. I've been house bound for almost a month. You'd think I would be doing lots of art...but instead I'm lying around like a slug watching old Hercule Poirot series


02-22-2015, 05:25 PM
Oh, lovely mean snow!! We love to watch Hercule Poirot!!!! Those tiles are nice colors Janet....aaaaack.....I think I would be near crazy being house bound so long.

I kept thinking about Boston but forgot you were there.....now I can think about you too! Is that block for painting on piled on the window sill?

TYree - I'm so glad your eyes are much improved!!

June- I really love the row of houses journal page....it is amazing and the lady tag is really nice and good words to read too......

02-24-2015, 12:43 PM
how in the world do you get out in that snow..that deep...I would be so stir crazy....hopefully not much longer Janet....stay safe and warm...tyree:heart:

02-26-2015, 12:01 PM
Icicles crashing down from the eaves as I write. Does this mean a thaw? I'm sure we won't be rid of the white stuff until summer, then there will be water problems. I E-mail to friends because no one can visit...no where to park. The freezer is almost bare...but I'm getting a ride to the super market Monday People, lights, color, food Hurrah!

I'm getting my right eye done in April Tyree. Haven't been able to read books and I miss them.

Keep well everyone. Maybe I can do a project for March. :heart:


02-27-2015, 06:43 AM
janet...wait till you have it done:wink2: you are going to feel like a new person....it was so bad for me, it looked like looking thru yellow wax paper....I do a lot of computer work on my job,,,and I too could not read anymore....or drive:eek: ......im glad you are getting some grocery in...that really worried me...take care...tyree:wave:

02-27-2015, 09:19 AM
Wow Janet that is a LOT of snow!!