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Shirl Parker
02-01-2015, 12:04 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our monthly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives! I hope you will all chime in and look forward to hearing about them.


02-01-2015, 12:35 AM
Awaiting big snowstorm. Good excuse to stay in tomorrow
and paint.

02-01-2015, 10:02 AM
Purr! Thanks for hosting, Shirl!

Purring at you, Barbara. Sounds like your snow day will be a good painting day. I remember those, when you have heat it's a great thing to have the whole day off from errands and hassles or work or school. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you paint and hope you don't get a blackout.

I still have this wretched dripping cold and have used more toilet paper on my face than on my bum. Yeah, I'm too cheap to buy facial tissues because I rarely need them. One of the really annoying things about it is the way my eyes leak too, I wind up crying my eyes out for no emotional reason. The tear glands get going and I can barely see sometimes. Don't know why it's doing that, maybe pressure from sinuses.

Other than that actually in a good mood and looking forward to painting today, maybe pastel, maybe watercolour markers, depends on what first grabs me. Or maybe both. Pastel pencil or markers look good because that's less cleaning up involved.

I am spoiled. Because I hardly ever go out, I don't get as many colds as most people. That this is the third time this winter that I've been sick is huge. Once I do get something, it'll last two or three times as long as most people because of my body energy and other problems, but this year's been really rough. The weather's nastier than last year and more changeable, which means when it turns nice I get knocked over by the chronic fatigue fibromyalgia stuff and arthritis, then it turns bad and I get knocked over again before I get a chance to rest. Which might be why I'm so rundown to keep catching anything anyone else is carrying. It's seriously annoying. I envy people who don't get sick, I really do, can't imagine what it'd be like feeling good every single day and just trusting that if I had something planned I'd be able to function on the day I set to do it.

02-01-2015, 01:02 PM
Barbara, blr2449, I just checked the old Scumble and I am so glad I did! May I please sketch or paint her? I copied the photo of beautiful Miss T, she is so lovely and alert! Thank you for taking her in, she is such a grand lady! So glad you were able to help with her hyperthyroidism too, it's hard for me to conceive of someone so cruel as to turn away a sick cat they lived with for years. I can't imagine it.

If Ari got sick I would be posting all over Facebook and Twitter with his picture starting a fund for his care even if I can't afford it, because he has online friends and enough of them chipping in a five or a ten would probably save him unless it was thousands of dollars of cancer. Or maybe even then. We've been lucky he's healthy and giving him the high protein super food helps his health and coat.

He got a bit pudgy and lazy and his coat coarsened when we lived in Minnesota and had no money or food stamps, he was eating Meow Mix provided by the people who ran the building for all the cats. Meow Mix and regular Purina and the "standard" dry cat food brands are all now formulated a lot like the super-cheap "Alley Cat" and other bargain brands used to be. I shudder at what must be going into Alley Cat now. The Premium grade like Science Diet and IAMS and all is about the quality that Purina standard used to be, good decent dry cat food but nothing that special. The fancier foods like Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, or Ari's new favorite grain free Royal Gold Indigo Moon are much better for cats. So I spend about $15 a month on him or about 50 cents a day out of my food budget, but I have one and I wouldn't hesitate to get him the best. I'm just happy what he likes is the dry food because fancier canned cat food still costs quite a bit more.

Fortunately for us, he doesn't register canned cat food as being actual cat food. Things out of cans are human food. He'll eat the gravy and not the solids, which seriously confused me. Part of it is he's a nibbler used to three kibbles at a time every few minutes whenever he feels ilke it, and wet food goes nasty in fifteen minutes if not eaten. Especially if all the gravy has been licked off. Wish some company would put out a special tiny can of "Just The Gravy" to give him for a treat! In a refrigeratable squirt bottle so I could give him half a teaspoon of it at a time on a little saucer and nuke it to room temp. But human gravies are too salty for a cat.

There is one exception to "Canned food is for humans." Tuna. He will have a few nibbles of tuna when I have it, like yogurt it's on the short list of "Foods dad should share." Tuna, yogurt, brie, cream cheese, buttered toast or buttered anything if it's on top and he can lick it off.

There is an old saying that if you butter a cat's paws it won't stray.

It's hilarious to do that, they will happily sit down and lick all the butter off the tops of their feet. I would guess that really means "Cats are easily bribable and the ones that get their feet buttered stay home where the goodies are." But it's just as effective to give them a little dab on the tip of a spoon. Ari likes yogurt or butter a tiny dab on the tip of the spoon, but I cover the butter dish or he'll take his share off the top.

02-01-2015, 04:51 PM
Rob, of course you can. "T" stands Tallulah.

When we finally found the person who said he was owner, we told him that we'd been feeding her and asked what her name was. "Tallulah. Yeah, my ex-wife named her." The tone of his voice told us that he would not care less what happened to her. We told him where we lived (one alleyway over) but he never came to inquire about her. So we took her in and to the vet. We take her every other month for a hyper-thyroid blood test and keep her on her meds. I really HATE people like that. So the kitty is older and needs meds. So you abandon her, just because she's your ex-wife's kitty? :evil:

Now, we've noticed cloudiness in her eyes, so we've moved the one litter box upstairs.

02-01-2015, 06:31 PM

02-01-2015, 06:45 PM
regular Purina and the "standard" dry cat food brands are all now formulated a lot like the super-cheap "Alley Cat" and other bargain brands used to be. I shudder at what must be going into Alley Cat now.

Wish some company would put out a special tiny can of "Just The Gravy" to give him for a treat! In a refrigeratable squirt bottle so I could give him half a teaspoon of it at a time on a little saucer and nuke it to room temp. But human gravies are too salty for a cat.

It's funny. Purina is all I will use as it's all made in the USA. The vet printed out a list of Fancy Feast varieties to give Miss T and she has done really well on them. The other ones get Purina Special Diet. Cat Food wet/dry for all runs about $150.00 a month. Good thing I have a great job. LOL And luckily only a couple have conditions that require meds. Our vet is a cats-only vet and we love him. He trims the claws for the fussiest of our clowder for free.
And when we lost one last year to bladder cancer he had his arm around me the whole time.

So, I'd love to see what you do with Miss Tallulah. :-)

02-01-2015, 11:48 PM
Purina Special Diet sounds premium, the good quality stuff. Oh you've got multiple cats though! An entire clowder of them indoors, yeah, that adds up. I only have the ability to take care of one, that's my limits, but they are so wonderful in a clowder when they form their own society. You're very lucky!

Oh your vet sounds fantastic. Way cool! Poor Tallulah, good for you to put a litter pan upstairs for her. Just because someone's elderly doesn't mean they stop being loved.

What I don't get is why Tallulah's person left her with her ex anyway. But that's your good luck. Purr and thank you! No art today, was too sick with the cold getting worse and just collapsed under chronic fatigue.

Been watching Netflix shows all day, "America Unearthed." Archaeology is fun and the number of different interesting pre-Columbian ruins and cultures and artifacts gets fascinating. The guy's pretty good about just looking into things and showing actual results if something turns out to just be a story and there isn't any solid evidence. Some of the stuff was awesome. They talked about Mayan Blue pigment, which reminded me Daniel Smith carries it and researched six Mayan pigments that I meant to get sometime in their watercolors. $87 worth of future extravagance, they discontinued selling sets of their watercolors to my annoyance. But at least they're still doing them!

And that's where my mind's wandered. They still have a basic set of watercolor sticks and two triad sets of watercolors but all the great variety of mid-range bundles like the Susie Short set, the Transparent Set and Color Wheel Set and so on are gone. Took a bit of the fun out of it but I still love their paint. They do still have the dot cards so you can try all the colors to get the ones you want.

I'm pathetic. In watercolor paint all I would actually need is a dang triad, the original primary triad would do, but no, I have about 70+ tubes of the DS paints from their triad discount sets and smaller sets and special effects colors like duochrome and iridescents and interference. Only one was disappointing, Lapis Genuine was not as brilliant or pretty as French Ultramarine, so now I know that we've had a real advance in Ultramarine.

Still brain fogged, blathering at keyboard. Hilarious to ramble on art supplies when too sick to paint but it gets me back toward painting and maybe a markers scribble if not pasteling tomorrow.

02-02-2015, 11:08 AM
2/2/2015: I am so ready for spring.

Stayed up late to watch Superbowl. I'm an NFL fanatic. Yay Pats :clap:

I took today off. No one is going anywhere we are SO snowed in. At least we have power.

Robert: Yeah, that's why I can't retire just yet. Or, at least I'll get a part-time just to pay for cat stuff. LOL

02-02-2015, 11:49 AM
I can completely understand that, Barbara. The cats come first, the cats are worth it. For some peculiar reason I've now got this image of cats playing football, your indoor clowder versus the outdoor cats. It might devolve into kittenish free for all and I wouldn't be surprised if the ball deflated.

I hope the game was fun. It's not my thing, aside from flunking gym as soon as I got anywhere near a school, even spectator stuff was right out of it. Sitting on hard bleachers wrecked my back to the point that watching other kids play meant losing the rest of the day. Or bending over to pick up something I dropped and not being able to get up again.

I didn't mind that as a kid but I knocked myself out trying to enjoy rock concerts about half a dozen times in HS and college, till I gave up on it.

Yikes! Your weather is horrible! I'd be bedridden, when it gets that cold I need climate control and the air gets dry, so it gets hard to breathe. I hope you don't have to get out and shovel snow. Might be a good time to sit by the window and paint the colors in the shadows on the snow without actually going out in it. Ari and I are definitely all for indoors and you have a clowder of warm cats to keep you company.

My cold is breaking up. I'm feeling better this morning and might sketch or paint, itching to. I saw some wonderful skies in that archaeology documentary - they fill in half of the video with gorgeous local landscape panorama to establish place, with or without ruins and so on. It gave me ideas and I want to fiddle with them by design in my sketchbook. Maybe in Pan Pastels, that'd be cool.

02-02-2015, 07:44 PM

Just a little fluff boy to make the day softer and purrier. Cat Hairs of Inspiration wafting your way!

02-03-2015, 09:49 AM
Hi Robert and Barbara, love your kitties they are all beautiful!
Robert I have a question for you,when you 1st moved out to SF you thought about doing art on a tablet for days when you felt like drawing but you weren't up to getting out supplies. Did you explore that venue? Would you make any recommendations? I am seriously thinking about it for when the mind is willing but the body isn't. Anyone else please chime in I am frustrated because this recovery time is dragging on and on...I am just able to start PT next week..groan...:crossfingers: thankyou...

02-03-2015, 11:48 PM
Linda, that is a good idea! If you have a tablet you can probably get free or cheap art software. Warning, it has some learning curve, more so the less experience you have with tablets. I started with my iPhone and one of the apps I got was Brushes, because I saw a famous artist do an incredibly cool impressionist cityscape with it on an iPhone. It's a little easier to use and I got a bit farther with it than the free Sketchbook Mobile. I also got a free or cheap (all my apps are $5 or less) one called Colored Pencils which pretty much does what the title says, emulates colored pencils in texture and transparency. I have had fun with them on the iPhone.

Since then Sketchbook Mobile has become a cheap program with a free version Sketchbook Express or something like that. I bought it for my Kindle Fire because it was in the Kindle store apps. I had trouble exporting images out of it on the Kindle, being able to put them on my computer. I solved that problem on the 1st by figuring out how to save an image (I lost several attempted sketches doing that) and then in one of the save attempts discovered export, so chose to export it to JPEG. Lo and the JPEG turned up in the autoplay "do you want to retrieve images and videos from Kindle" to Dropbox or Windows or wherever, four or five options of which I always just use Windows and it makes a folder in Pictures for those most recent.

Digital Skyscape from Memory
800 px by 500 pixels, original is larger.
Sketchbook Mobile app on Kindle Fire

Original was 2100 pixels on the long side and I saved it too, just reduced the post version.

I am still learning Sketchbook Mobile. It's been months since I last played on the phone sketching and when I do, I'm more likely to use Brushes or Colored Pencils because Brushes was easier and Colored Pencils is easy. This is lazy-brain talking, when I use either the phone or Kindle for sketching it's because I'm in pain or fog and stressed and not up to getting out so much as a pocket sketchbook and whatever mark making thing is closest to my hand.

The step before that is pen sketches of my cat or anything in front of me, little, about 2" long cat gestures. Because practice and comfort zone.

I have painted the cat on the iPhone but don't remember when so finding the image in the phone photos will be tough. It didn't turn out well enough to post it in my art journals thread, though it's recognizably a blue eyed Siamese. This was more my goofing around with "clouds in motion, lots of little ones, can I show that motion?" and using Sketchbook Mobile as a color study tool.

If you have an actual tablet, iPad or Kindle Fire or anything like that with apps, you can get better results than with finger painting. I bought a Sensu Brush on sale at Dick Blick for $17 - when it was $30 or $35 I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much for a tool to use with free software to goof around on the phone with. I'm now trying to figure out which tool the brush will actually have a good effect with, but with the tool in hand it may come out cool. I'm pretty sure with one of them I'll get a "brush strokes" looking effect that will make softening edges easier and it won't look like I'm painting with Opaque Round Tip Markers, which this does.

I also got a little free app called Drawing Pad, or maybe it was a dollar, free to me by spending Amazon Coins that they were trying to get me to buy apps with (In the hope of selling me new apps every other day for cheap games and sports score things and junk). This one works more like a kid's drawing tools thing.

Drawing Pad is incredibly easy to use. You have a choice of things to draw with that are markers, crayons, pencils, etc. and eraser types. Each has texture effects. You can save to its own album. Whether this downloads off the Kindle, I'm trying now. When I got the app I could not save anything I had on it unless I posted it to Facebook or something, which I didn't necessarily want to do if I didn't like the sketch but wanted to save it. Why load my Facebook friends with bad digital sketches in progress cause I wanted to save to end the session? Yeesh!

It was really easier to use. I just sketched a cardinal in it using the Crayons tool to have something stupid easy to post. Going to see if that saves now, comes through from the app, since I sent it to something called Autodesk Sketchbook that was part of Sketchbook Mobile with the button that lets you use Facebook. I figured that'd save it Somewhere Else In Kindle Where It Might Download From. Really wanted the photo album thing to save sketches but it doesn't give you that as a choice.

So that's the thing with using digital tablet art apps. They don't seem to have much in the way of helpful instruction. I really did not like the idea of exporting half done art to Facebook. Okay, it's now doing something really weird. It threw me 879 images out of "Books" and that may be all the book covers or pages or icons or something, just weird. All this beacuse I saved ONE image off to Autodesk Sketchbook.

Well, that re-exported every photo I hadn't deleted plus icons for everything and images for Washington Post that added itself to my apps and kept wanting me to try a digital subscription and buttons and a Solitaire game one card move at a time, but, it got that dang digi-art sketch in at the last. So it IS possible to save an image out of Drawing Pad into something where you can save it without automatically Posting it on Facebook.

Here is the funny little crayon drawing:

Cardinal from Imagination
digital by Drawing Pad app on Kindle Fire, Crayon tool.

You can see that it's a fun thing to play with. I found this one easier to use but it's set up for little kids. Sketchbook Mobile lets me actually change line width, though maybe it has a sharpener tool to get narrower lines. Colors can be chosen much more precisely with Sketchbook Mobile.

I just wish one of them ad a big ? choice so you could look at an icon after it and find out how to use the thing. Sketchbook Mobile is very weird at first glance if you're used to mousing and choosing or handling physical mediums.

Eh, software has a learning curve. I just wish labels were a part of it! Or some specific move or thing that puts labels on what you're doing it!

If your tablet is a tablet PC or a laptop with touch screen, I bet you can use GIMP for digital art. GIMP actually has lovely drop down menus with words that are pretty self explanatory and so is easier to explore.

Hope this helps. I feel like the Dummy explaining to Newbie - and if you're used to doing other things on a tablet where most of the things I'm learning to do are easy, go ahead and laugh. I'm sixty years old and these things didn't even exist when I was learning to use crayons. I wrote my first novel on an actual typewriter with physical keys, golf ball variety.

Still, the idea of paperless, mess-free sketching whenever I'm out or stuck in bed and don't have my stuff is intoxicating. I do not actually ever forget to bring my sketching stuff when I go out, that's what the Vest of Art Supply Pockets is all about - at least one and often two or three pocket Moleskines and an ATC size pad and pocket watercolor sets, colored pencils, oil pastels sometimes, pens, water brush, kneaded erasers, color Conte sticks, six-pack tin of normal sketching colors Conte sticks, lead holder with different sketching leads... just any pocket thingies I bought on impulse wishing I could get out of my room over the years goes in the vest and rotates.

Plus whatever sketch stuff including up to 9 x 12" pads and 10 color Pan Pastels trays and pastels sets goes in the basket of my rollator... plus a backpack stuffed with art supplies and books that goes stacked on the rollator - if I'm having a good day I might have ten or fifteen pounds of art supplies on me rolling along ahead of me on-in the rollator. (Usually don't stuff it if I use the backpack but occasionally I did!)

And for all that I still want to be able to do it on the Kindle.

Because sometimes even with all my good things right in reach, I would not be up to refilling the water brush or washing my hands afterward. Sometimes all I want to do is play electronically and when it's done it's done. The cardinal's not great but if I'd done it the whole size of the page before reducing I might get a decent one.

Try the freebies first, or if you have money surf and try different ones till you find what works easiest for you. They are cool and it does work. It just has a learning curve.

02-04-2015, 09:19 AM
Thankyou Robert. Your explanation was spot on for this digital art newbie. I'm in the same age range as you, and yes the learning curve is there. I've been checking cheap/free apps only to find out they have subscription costs for how many tools or options you want..so you end up spending $$$ and no tech support as you described. I too have my go to portable light weight water colors, few pencils, pens, etc. I can't carry 15 lbs of supplies so I streamlined my entire large fanny pack to 5 lbs or less.It travels on airplane or whatever. No problem w/TSA ever.I am planing to get a surface pro 3 so I can down load my art. Having physical limitations doesn't mean "no can do"..I love challenges and going out to do Plain Air means art to me. :lol: and if I use my back yard,1 of my kitties loves to help me paint...lol she is a tortie, strong willed and it's her way or highway...all good with me..we love her to bits...:heart: she has added her "signature" to many of my sketchbook water color pics...wouldn't change a thing. Esp.since she was dumped on our driveway and left to starve...she knew we we softies and would take her in and give her a forever home with lots of love.:music: and vet care, extra TLC..the works..heated kittie home, heated water bowl, hot food..3 times a day and more fresh growing cosmic catnip than even she can use:-0! .

02-04-2015, 06:44 PM
Oh she sounds so wonderful! Bossy little torties are so cool. Signing your sketchbook watercolors, sweet! Of course you couldn't resist her. At least whoever dumped her picked a cat person's house. Yay for cosmic growing catnip, that's awesome.

Yeah, I downloaded a free one but found out it has "in app purchasing" so I became leery of it. Sketchbook Mobile is decent, it just takes a bit to learn, and that Drawing Pad one for all its limits is easy to use. I have more hope of decent art from Sketchbook Mobile.

Though if I ever get a hang of using it, a book on using it might sell well as a cheap ebook. If people are willing to pay $ for extra tools or options, whoever does an actual user guide for dummies could make a lot on the ebook.

02-05-2015, 09:47 AM
Hi Robert, your idea for e- book sounds great. There are alot of people that are in this" learning curve" and have made many mistakes. I like to read the forums or feed back about an app. I also know there are naysayers out there that nothing will suit them. I will take your advise and tread carefully thru the maze of apps.:-) I also hope there is a special place for people who dump animals because they no longer want them for what ever reason. Animals are traumatized terribly when dumped. Rejection is a basic fear all animals and people feel and one of the most hurtful. All "we " can do is try to help our little friends as much as we can.:-))

02-05-2015, 10:45 AM
I would miss the dust if I went digital!(?)

No bunny sightings for a couple days, but it's been snowing on and off here. It hasn't been a bad winter, but I still look forward to spring.

My cold settled in my chest, so pastel dust is a no go for now at least. I've been too busy with all of my son's activities to paint anyway. Regular swimming season is coming to a close, but he made it to districts, so practice continues. The Navy, the Eagle Scout project, church activities, etc. I'm not sure how people with several teens keep up. It seems he's only home to eat and sleep.

02-05-2015, 12:13 PM
Oh that bites, DB. I still have this cold - just as it starts to end, I get up the next day and it's back. Symptoms switch around between coughing and the sneezy nose dripping version, which has just started its third iteration. I hate that. It's like I can never really get rid of it.

Makes sense to stay off the pastel dust till you can breathe. Oh yeah, if you're running around being the taxi for all his activities that can chew up all your free time.

Linda yeah, I know it'd go well - but it will also take my really mastering it and that's the hard part. I might play with it again today.

02-05-2015, 02:55 PM
Yeah, I downloaded a free one but found out it has "in app purchasing" so I became leery of it. Sketchbook Mobile is decent, it just takes a bit to learn, and that Drawing Pad one for all its limits is easy to use. I have more hope of decent art from Sketchbook Mobile.

I bought it last night for my mobile phone. I'm a bit disappointed that I can't vary the width of the brushes or the tips of pencils and crayons. Oh well. The colors are beautiful and such a variety!

I'd love the Colored Pencils but it's only for Apple stuff.

02-06-2015, 04:19 AM
Yeah, that's what I found out. Very frustrating since I really liked Colored Pencils. I'm not sure if there is a way to vary widths of the brushes in Sketchbook Mobile but I haven't found it yet, that's the thing. It has a heck of a learning curve.

02-07-2015, 04:35 PM
Since I've seen so many photos of everyone's beautiful pets, I thought I'd share a photo of our newest family member. We went this morning and chose a new little man to join our clan. Our Lady is not very happy with us right now, but I'm hoping within a few days, she comes to love him too. He should help her get over her loss, when her mate passed last September. Colt was my best friend, but I'm hoping this new little boy will help me move on too.

Now I have to house train another puppy.... :)


02-07-2015, 05:44 PM
LOL Letetia, have fun with that! A big advantage to cats is that kittens get trained by their mothers. Ari was house trained when he was six weeks old and first arrived. Puppies take a lot more work, my hat's off to you. On the up side, dogs when trained tend to be very obedient as opposed to cats, who don't follow orders, can't imagine why anyone would.

Congratulations on your new little guy. I think your older dog will surely take to him with time.

02-08-2015, 01:11 PM
So far he's doing great. Lucky/unlucky for us, he's already 11 weeks old, so he's half trained in using the great outdoors. So far, only one inside accident.

Funniest thing yet was putting him in the kennel next to my bed last night, and having him try to howl and get my sympathy. He figured it out about a half hour in, but quickly realized it wasn't working, and finally slept until I woke this morning. In a couple of days, I'm anticipating him sleeping the whole 8 hours, which was totally unexpected this early, but very welcome.

He got a name too... Barrett. German for strength of a bear. He'll grow into it.

02-08-2015, 10:30 PM
Oh good. I hope he's easy to housebreak, sounds like it. Yay for Barrett! He sounds like a lucky, happy pup!

I'll stick with my lazy old cat. I thought he was lonely and considered taking him to the shelter for him to choose another feline companion, but when I brought him down the hall to meet Miss Pretty Kitty our neighbor the gray Persian, he didn't like her. He hisses at her. Goes up all curious and then hisses. I don't know what got into him about it, she's never been aggressive or anything. Maybe her flat face is scary.

She's only a third his size so if he hisses I pick him up and take him right out of there. Last time he wandered into her room on his own on one of his hallway rambles and Eric was okay with letting them meet. He hopped on the bed, walked up to her, went right close... I thought he was over it... then he hissed. So I took him home. Maybe he'll learn he can't go play with the neighbor cat unless he stops cussing her out. She's a sweet kitty and has never hissed back.

Actually she is incredibly passive. She just lays there, likes Eric carrying her around, likes being admired and petted, but doesn't run around much or do much other than passive cuteness. Sweet cat but much lazier than my Ari, who's still a cat athlete at going on 15!

02-09-2015, 10:53 PM
:( Our Kitty George is at the vet. He has to have dental surgery tomorrow due to gingivitis. He was listless this morning, drooling terrible and the vet said he had an elevated temperature. Poor Georgie. I'm so used to having him sleep on the pillow next to me.

He's an exotic shorthair who showed up on our porch 3 yrs. ago

I hope we can bring him home tomorrow.

02-09-2015, 11:47 PM
Oh, I hope so too! What a horrible thing to go through. Poor Georgie! He's so beautiful, very striking coloration and sweet loving eyes! Handsome face! Interesting tail and you captured a very dramatic compact pose. Bit of loose skin over the shoulder's very striking. May I paint or sketch him? He looks so gorgeous and sounds like a total darling.

I hope he comes home fast. Sweet that he comes up to share your pillow. Ari tends to stay down by my feet even though I made him a little nest up by my head, he chose his own spot because I happened to put his pillow there. My friend CeCe gave me a little six inch square throw pillow from the Humane Society with puppy and kitten embroidered on it when I moved. Ari loves his little pillow and will rest his head on it since it's just his size.

I put a couple of larger pillows at the foot of my bed to elevate my feet so the space between them and the wall became a cat bed exactly suited to Ari. He rearranged it and moved the throw pillows around to make it comfy. Though occasionally he jumps on the laundry basket and tips it over into his nest too. He might be doing that deliberately to put my laundry in his nest for bedding.

George is a great beauty. I've never seen that coloration before, he's a blonde tabby shorthair with gorgeous features. Looks like he's warming himself under the lamp!

02-10-2015, 08:12 PM
My daughter always wanted a Scottish Fold, but for some reason, cats do not like her. They always end up scratching her, which hurts her feelings more than the pain. Nothing worse than watching a little girl wanting so bad to play with the kittens, and having them run. Puppies absolutely love her.

She's all grown now, at 17, and has three chinchillas that cuddle and play with her. She spoils them, and they love on her. Its a win-win. They are softer than a kitten, and don't scratch. She still wants a kitten though, deep down.

02-10-2015, 09:48 PM
I don't go looking for kitties, they find our house. LOL

George is home. On pain meds. They had to take out two back teeth and more probably later on. Since we have no idea of his background we don't know what kind of diet he had, etc. The vet said he may also be diabetic but won't know until a 2nd blood test next week. He said the tooth problems may have caused a spike in his glucose level. If it does turn out to be diabetes they will try and control it with special diet first.

The vet believe George has Egyptian Mau in him. It's funny because "Mau" is Egyptian for "Cat." He's a crazy kitty; he tears around the house like his tail's on fire. :)

Robert (and anyone else) feel free to paint George as much as you'd like. I have pics of a couple of more kitties that I will upload to the Image Library.

So now that my Georgie is back home I can sleep well and do some more drawing/painting.

Thank you for all the nice messages. :heart:

02-11-2015, 03:54 AM
Oh purr, I am so happy for George! Part Mau, oh that's his exotic look. So beautiful. Sorry to hear about his teeth but he'll recover fast, they do. Purr!

Letetia, your daughter needs to learn from an old, experienced cat before tackling kittens. I went through the same learning curve. Loved them. Loved them passionately and it wasn't returned, kittens ran away from me. But kittens would rather play than cuddle a lot of times. She'll get used to it and learn how they like to be touched and not, it takes a while for cats to train humans but they do succeed. It's also good to start with a shelter cat who has a very affecionate, aggressively friendly personality. That's the one who will teach cat etiquette best.

After you learn it, sometimes you can say hi to stray cats out on the street and they'll come over for a moment's pets and see if you have food. But I didn't come to being the cat expert overnight or without good feline handlers teaching me how to behave.

Today wasn't an art day but a big chunk of spring cleaning. My printer is across the room on a shelf. My little table the printer was on is now free to stack pastel boxes on or leave one open right next to me - a good size one like the Unisons or Ludwigs box. Not just the lap size Rembrandt half sticks box but the big boxes.

In the course of doing that, my home care guy Elgie and I demolished a small town of roaches that grew up near the wall behind the cat's dining area. I was storing mat boards and big sheets of paper in the Blick boxes they came in, along with half a dozen giant boards of archival foam core left out of a box of 10. The box has bit the dust.

So when the cold went down to "okay when I'm sitting still, bit of a cough when running around doing stuff" but able to do stuff again ,wham. I went overboard doing stuff. We got ALL the old cardboard boxes thrown out. All inhabitants killed or evicted fast. All crap swept out. Printer moved to shelf.

Wow great stash of archival good 100% rag Stonehenge and Arches paper, Canson Touch sheets and boards, PastelMat full sheets, Canson Suede sheets, and a portrait that got done in a life drawing class back when I lived in Kansas that looks horrible compared to how I look today. Said portrait carefully stored in the large portfolio, it was a gift from an artist in the group.

She was accurate to all my deformities and at the time I was overweight and sick. I look like a nightmare. She went nuts trying to get the proportions right and they were all wrong because in reality they are. Slumped in a pain posture, that made them more obvious. It drove her crazy but she stayed true to what she saw and made me see the truth of my body. It hurt at the time but I kept it for a reality check... and now after three years in San Francisco, Elgie took a good portrait of me standing out in the hall by the window with the pretty front view of the street.

I'm tan, have good color, lean build, better posture balanced on the cane (didn't have to hold the pose 15 minutes!) and was in a good mood... and I swear it looks like a different man. Outright spooky. So now the ugly portrait of me stands as a reminder of how debilitated I was when I first got back from Minnesota to stay with my daughter. A lot of its horror is sickness and malnutrition on top of congenital deformity.

My head did look too small for my body and my butt and legs were that enormous, the pants I wore then fall off me now. The effects of San Francisco and good medical care are incredible. So that's a good feeling.

Elgie also commented on our latest round of deep cleaning that my room looks better than it did last year, with more space and better organization. Less clutter. That was a good feeling, to realize that I am starting to get a handle on it and adapt well to this space. To some extent it takes years after a move to settle in - and I have had that time here. The easier it is to get at my good supplies the more I paint!

Anyway accomplished a lot. Going out tomorrow, don't know if I'll pastel sketch or use water mediums but I'll definitely bring sketching goodies and do something while I'm out. It's more fun that way. Maybe the garden will be blooming.

02-11-2015, 03:45 PM
It sounds like you are feeling a LOT better, Robert. :clap: Just don't overdo it. :wink2: Weather Channel showed some pics from San Fran. It looked really nice and they said it was going to be in the 60s. Sounds lovely especially since here it's supposed to go down to 4 tomorrow night and -9 on Saturday and Sunday nights. Congratulations on Spring Cleaning. I'm looking forward to being able to open the windows and air out the rooms. The cats love it.

Speaking of cats, cats are curious and HATE to be ignored. I find They become friendlier if I just ignore them. They come around as it they need to know WHY they are being ignored. LOL

02-12-2015, 10:18 AM
Ive enjoyed reading the pet comments and info on digital art apps. I've tried to use some digital art sw but I too find that it is a trial and error experience with little guidance on how to use the tools. I've been in Florida (usual home base is Delaware) since Christmas and have not been able to get into 'art" mode. I need inspiration! What do you all do to get over a block? I have my 14 year old Havanese by my side. Have been doing a lot of recreational reading and looking for something to get excited about to paint. Just in the winter doldrums I guess. Any ideas?


02-12-2015, 09:18 PM
Norma, where in FL? I'll trade you---right now it's 14, on the way down to 5. Saturday and Sunday lows down to -6. BUT, it could be worse, at least I don't live in Boston anymore!! LOL

George is recovering nicely. Right now, he's in the sunning booth. :lol:

Then I get a call from my youngest son's fiancee in Wisconsin. My son is in the hospital after having gotten is hand caught in a machine at work. He has a broken arm and a very bad gash on his wrist. Luckily the bone didn't break the skin and he's in surgery now. So I just get over one 'crisis' and right into another. :lol:

No wonder I'm always too tired to paint.

02-13-2015, 02:51 AM
LOL Barbara, yeah, I had to overdo it because that's when the clinic visit was scheduled. No changing those and the shot does leave me with more energy. So my back is still whinging but I've got energy, a dangerous combination because I feel like I should do things yet really need to sit still and not run around. Slept a lot today though.

So true about cats, they get curious and if ignored will come pester you! They're very social beings, they want to know what's going on, connect, renew the relationship and reassure themselves they're loved.

Ari gets surprise snuggly on me if I sleep too much. He came and woke me up this evening six hours after I laid down for a nap. Just stomped on me and then purred, head bumped, wanted loves. Of course I got up and petted him and fed him and checked his water.

02-13-2015, 03:14 AM
Norma, that was my experience with digital art and why I haven't done it much. It doesn't come out as well as when I use physical tools like pencils, pastels or watercolor. I just don't have the experience with it. But what I learn about art in general applies and so they aren't too pathetic either. I've fiddled with it around the edges for a decade and still not gotten great results. At best it looks like Farmville cutesy cartoons.

What I do to get over a block... clean and sort my supplies tops the list. Get them out and put them in reach. Cleaned pastels that look bright and are organized well by chroma and hue and value are enticing. They make me want to paint. Or I order new supplies and they are clean when they come! I switch up what I'm using, choose different papers and subjects and sometimes mediums. I also try to get in daily art. At least a little sketch - the key word is "little" on those, it can be only two inches wide or smaller. Life sketches of my cat became a thing some years ago and I did so many that they became "easy." Now all I have to do is glance at him to get the gesture and I can trust the little Ari drawing will come out looking like Ari.

It gives me a dose of success. A small boost to my ego. I'm not just a sick guy doing nothing and living on being sick, I'm an artist and a writer. I don't sweat it if the reason I'm not drawing is that I'm working on a novel, sometimes Writing Mode and Art Mode don't work well at the same time in the same brain. But if I'm not writing a novel then I try for at least an easy gesture sketch every day.

I head right into my Comfort Zone. Favorite subjects, favorite medium, anything to make it easy. What I want is to reach that procrastination and boredom motivation. Get my mind into it as a pleasant alternative to worrying about chronic conditions or other stresses. The daily sketch and pocket size sketchbook does a lot. So does keeping hard pastels handy for quick pastel sketching that isn't as much work as a full on layered painting on good sanded paper.

Once in a while I revert to kid materials, cheap paper and student pastels so that I'm not at all worried about goofing up. I almost intend to. Then it comes out better than I expected because wow yeah, I draw better than I did when I really was a child. Or I dare to use the most expensive, fanciest, coolest supplies I have in order to indulge myself. Either way that works. Indulging the itch to work on the best papers with best pastels reminds me how good they are and how easy it is to work with them. Playing with kid stuff reminds me that I'm really that good. It's all about instant gratification and following the day's whim, doing what I want to, having control of what I choose to do.

That is a perk few people have in any aspect of their lives.

Basically I frame it as a treat I deserve rather than an obligation to fulfill. That gets me going on it. I have to enjoy it. I think about it as something to look forward to. I post the results, always, immediately, since compliments from other people are another thing to look forward to. That support here has been so good for being able to do it continuously.

Daily art becomes a habit too, then it's easier to draw or paint than not after a while. Other ways to get going - new art book or reread a favorite, look at challenges here for references and ideas for paintings. Spotlight is always good for me, I really get into the Spotlight, but the WDE is sometimes a good starting point. The main thing is to get started and to want to do that piece right then with what's at hand. Then make sure my pastels are at hand.

Oh and you live in Florida! It's colorful there year round! Warm and tropical bright! But I can see that going there disrupted your habits and knocked out all the things you usually do to prepare to paint. Nothing's the same. Habits like painting need to be rebuilt, so best thing is to set up for painting and organize everything and sit by a window with a really good view. Or go outdoors during a time of day it's not too blistering hot and sketch outdoors, plein air right in the yard. Find an alligator or something interesting to paint. I would be looking for gators if I was there. Flowers are probably everywhere, they were in New Orleans. You have palm trees and tropical plants outdoors!

If you live in a boring place that the architecture's ugly and outdoor stuff isn't inspiring, there are probably still some interesing small nooks and bits of wild places. Weedy patches are good for intimate landscapes. Birds still come by and you have to sketch them fast - bird gestures are another good starting point. Life sketching creates a different kind of reference than photography, it becomes a fluid, lively one that leads to cooler paintings.

So there's my block busting suggestions. If you're homesick and hate the way Florida looks, go through old photos and paint the place you miss.

And pet the cat, that always helps.

Barbara, LOL love George sunning himself by the lamp! Toasty warm and comfy cat. He's beautiful. Yikes about your son's broken arm, that's so rough. Not much you can do to help, so relax and let go, he'll be all right, it's being seen to but I can just imagine how you feel about it. Take care of yourself and pet the cat. It always helps to pet the cats. Give George my love.

My cold is mostly gone. Today's been a resting up day because I went out and really overdid it, but that's different. I could smell my Ari. My nose cleared up and sense of smell is back, so when I bury my face in his neck I can smell that subtle distinct odor of his face fur. When he was a baby kitten it was very strong and I imprinted on his scent, realized that new kitten smell was exactly that - him as an individual. It's much more faint now but just as delightful and goes right to my heart.

Life is a lot more enjoyable with full senses.

02-13-2015, 09:13 AM
Robert- I'm so glad San Francisco is helping you to feel better. Health is everything. I'm not so sure I'd want to pose for a portrait, I somehow still think I look 30 and am not eager to shatter that delusion.

Barbara- I hope your son is ok. I know even after they're grown, they are still our worry. (I was just hoping I'd have 'normal' mother worries like partying too much in college not nitrogen narcosis, etc...) I had hoped a stray dog had found me after the loss of my first dog 7 years ago. no such luck. I ended up getting Charlie from an awful place when he was only 6 weeks old. I fed him pieces of trout (I have a fisherman friend) along with a little milk replacer and puppy food to try strengthen him. they had been eating a regular VERY cheap dog food, outside in the cold of March. He bounced back after a trip to the vet and a couple weeks.
here he is a couple months later, he was up to 25 pounds or so, with his best buddy Otis-


It's been really cold here. The driveway melted during the last warm spell so it's not a steep, curved sheet of ice. the truck, in 4 wheel low was sliding sideways back down. Snow is ok, ice sucks.
spring is good.

Hope everyone is doing well and painting lots.

02-13-2015, 02:26 PM
Barbara and Sharen: I am soooo glad I am in Florida and missing all the cold weather you are having.

Robert: Thanks. Yet again you come through with good, sound and valued advice. I have pulled down a couple of reference photos from Spotlight and I am going to investigate WDE! My pastels are still clean from when I packed them for the transition to the south, so I can't use that as an excuse. I am taking your advice and have my sketch book at my side to encourage daily work. I just have found myself in a state of inertia and I had such momentum going.

02-13-2015, 08:39 PM
Oh Sharen, they are cute together! Looks like they really get along well. Sometimes even if you wanted a rescue, you wind up finding one in a different rough situation. Ari was picked out for me by his mum's human, from Snow's first and only litter. I thought Snow was adorable - she looked like him but very tiny and much lighter, then she met "a big black cat" and I got emails saying "your cat has black ears" and "You can call him anything you like but the boys call him Mister Robert's Cat." Plus pictures of "These kittens look like yours did at one week old but yours has black ears" and three week old Siamese and well, irresistible. Six weeks old, he got brought to me by my friend's dad my other friend Andrew, on his way back from visiting her in Indiana.

He weighed only a few ounces and was mostly fur. Within a month I found out the little red point they decided to keep was dead, killed by the family's pit bull, and the two black ones that ran away came back through the yard. They met the same pit bull now tied outside for the children's safety and died. It was very sad. But it haunts me to think how terrified he must have been in his early weeks with that dog in the same house, and how lucky we both were that I got him. So he was a rescue that wasn't one.

He was scared of dogs for years, but likes the little chihuahuas and dachshunds in the hotel. When they're smaller than he is dogs don't scare him and he gets rather gentle with them.

Yay for your doing Spotlight, Norma! I have a couple of the references out and cut two pieces of Colourfix Suede to work on in white, but haven't got started because symptoms. This might be another sick day, just brainless and watching nature videos. I know what those are though and don't let it bother me. I have the next painting planned, both of them, tomatoes and turning the pink rose into a red one.

I too am very happy to be here in San Francisco instead of out in the awful cold places I used to live. I'd be on bed rest if I was, I know it.

02-13-2015, 09:56 PM
I think I've caught the 'bugs' you all have. Itchy eyes, aches, pains....... I'm so sick of the cold and this weekend is supposed to be the worse. I haven't even been out of this house much this winter. This weekend:

"The strong wind will also produce extremely cold wind chill temperatures of -15 to -25 below zero Saturday afternoon. They may even reach 30 below Saturday night!"

I want to live somewhere where it never gets below 70. LOL

Robert: I hope that whatever bug has found you dies soon and doesn't come back. I hate feeling crappy. No energy to do anything except sleep.

Sharen: I love the doggies. Is the little brown one Charlie? Is he a mixed breed? Part Lab? We need face pics. LOL.

Ah yes. My son. They did surgery last night and 2 titanium plates, 12 screws and a bunch of stitches later, he went home today. He and my grandson will stay with his fiancee over the weekend. I'm so glad it wasn't any worse.

02-14-2015, 01:13 AM
Oh glad to hear that he got out that fast. Nothing like winding up with lots of spare parts and metal, he'll have fun going through airports from now on, but at least he got out. Must be a lot nicer at his fiancee's! Purr.

Yeah, likewise. I've got a little tail end of it and hoping it just goes away completely, comes and goes. Today was a rest day anyway but I'm all set up to paint in pastels and will as soon as I get some energy.

02-14-2015, 08:04 AM
Can you catch someone's cold over the internet? :rolleyes:

Hope everyone gets over their sickness soon- its almost spring. (I say this as it is snowing and very cold here.) I am ready for warmer weather

Charlie is a mix (he's the one in the snow picture before, all grown up at 80 pounds) He's Lab, Shepard, Rotti and maybe something else? the product of a neighborhood indiscretion. Otis is an oversized field bred Lab, that thankfully didn't end up with a duck hunter as an owner because -he Hates gunshots, won't retrieve, and doesn't like to get his feet in mud. Total housepuppy.

Neither of my boys are nice to cats, they weren't raised with any, but they do back down after the cat scratches them once. Ari is a lucky cat in many, many ways.

Barbara. that's a lot of hardware. I hope he heals well.

02-14-2015, 05:05 PM
It sometimes feels like that if too many friends have colds! Or over the phone, my daughter and I kept throwing it back and forth this winter. Not true but coincidence and maybe some general reaction to a particularly nasty winter all around.

Ari is a lucky cat and I'm a lucky man to have him. He is so loyal and adoring, he takes good care of me. He was feeling lazy this morning. It's hilarious to watch his front end get up, look around, slither a bit to change direction and go back to sleep all without his rear end getting up at all. I would have worried but ten minutes later he got up and finally ate the lovely breakfast of favorite cat food I laid out for him. No problem walking on his hind legs, all cat parts worked fine, it's just his rear end slept in.

02-15-2015, 09:19 PM
I just want to curl up in blankets and sleep. LOL Every bone and muscle in my body hurts. I've already emailed my manager (who's in India) that I'm going to be checking mail periodically tomorrow.

This gave me a chuckle and it's art-related.


02-16-2015, 12:35 AM
LOL Barbara, love it! Heh yeah. Good weather to stay in and cuddle with George and rest up. Seriously. I'll bet it's nice in India though.

02-16-2015, 01:28 PM
Well, I got a decent Performance Review and found out my manager has been moved to The Netherlands. LOL Hopefully this will translate into a nice raise and bonus. :heart:

I'm bundled up in the house and am still cold. It's 5. And a 3-day lake effect snow event coming up. :mad:

George and Tallulah are back at the vet. I think T has an upper respiratory infection and George has something going on. Sneezing, coughing, not eating. <sigh>

I bought the textbook and workbook for "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. Bought them used on Amazon. I want to use pastel for the exercises. I have the hard NuPastels so I'm thinking of using them. Has anyone used this book and, if so, did you use pastels? I wonder if using pastel pencils would be better.

02-16-2015, 02:19 PM
Hey, it's up to a whopping 4 degrees here. -6 last night. at least it isn't as windy as yesterday.

Keep warm everyone, and to all of you enjoying 70 degree weather- make room, we're moving in!

My bird feeder has been extra busy. I need air traffic controllers.
I saw the eagle hanging out by the river on the way out for groceries today. I still love to see them around.

02-16-2015, 06:20 PM
That pic of the two dogs is fabulous. It's obvious they are good friends.

Robert, I'm so glad a change of location made such a big difference in your health. :) I hope you continue to have positive results.

As for myself today... two hours ago I got braces again. My mouth is torn up, but I'm eating a good meal right now, so I can wax the crap out of these brackets and wires. I plan on being as quiet as possible for a few days to let my mouth heal. My family likes to make me laugh, so this might be tough.

02-16-2015, 09:06 PM
DB, that's so cool you see an eagle locally. Almost makes up for your horrible weather. You should sketch from memory as soon as you've seen one, if they're around you might see them again. That is awesome! Glad it's less windy, wind chill can be horrible. Sure, come move in here! I'd love to have you for a neighbor. You might have trouble squashing your life down into one room but the weather's great!

Barbara, aw poor cats! Both of them down. That's so sad. I hope they get better fast. Congratulations on your performance review, hope you do get a promotion and raise out of it. Yikes your weather, that's awful, especially when two of your lap warmers are out at the vet! Hope they come home soon for warm cuddles!

Sure, I would think Nupastels would be fine for the drawing exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Sometimes sticks like that will give better results than pencils in terms of fine detail and thin lines, because of those corners. The main benefit of pastel pencils is keeping your hands clean while sketching. Those would work too. Sounds fun. Maybe start a thread in Studio for the exercises and share them?

02-16-2015, 10:23 PM
DBfarmgirl: My sister lives very close to the Susquehanna and several times I've seen the balds flying over her back yard. What majestic birds!

Leelanau: Ouch! Time for some nice smoothies and milk shakes. :thumbsup:

Robert: Both kitties are home and are on meds. George seems to be doing a lot better. We are worried about Tallulah because she lost a pound and was only 6# to begin with. I hope the meds kickstart her appetite.

THIS was just on the back porch. What is wrong with this picture. Poor Mr. 4. Sitting there like there wasn't a possum in his house! My husband went out and scared the possum off the porch. I'd forgotten to take in the dish of cat food. And yes. It is a BIG possum. They're not dangerous. Just an annoyance.

02-16-2015, 11:45 PM
Oh wow! Poor Mr. 4, with his food and nice cat house taken over by a possum. So glad your two sweet cats came home from the vet. Hope Tallulah eats and starts to pack on a few ounces again. So glad George is doing better. Give them both scritches and love from me and Ari.

02-17-2015, 02:56 PM
Letetia- My boys are good friends, they watch out for each other. and me.
I had braces for what seemed like decades (the whole tooth was covered with metal when I had them, yes I'm old). Ouch. goodluck!

Robert- I'd love to see Cali. especially in January... The snow last night looked like glitter, it is beautiful, but I'm ready for some warmer weather. I'm hoping so make it westward at some point in my life- I really want to see the redwood trees. I'd like to travel more even though I'm not so eager to head overseas at any point. the US has so much I think a lifetime of traveling here would keep me happy. My husband wants to travel route 66.

Barbara- I'm along a branch of the Juniata river. We have ospreys here also. Every time this farm gets to me, (17 years of restoring a house and the property) I see some awesome wildlife and I remember why I need to be here. I need the space, the quiet and the animals.

Opossums can make some really scary noises. they look pleasant until you see their teeth. I wouldn't want one showing up on my porch. My sister had raccoons showing up to eat her cat's food. She live trapped them only to find out she didn't take them far enough away and they came back. I guess 5 miles isn't far enough! round two.

Still cold here but the sun is so intense it's melting the snow.

CM Neidhofer
02-19-2015, 05:37 PM
My roommates and I have finally completed the move to a bigger place! Cable and internet back on this morning. New futon delivered for my room. Now I can finally get my art stuff unpacked and set up. Maybe NOW I'll be able to get to my art without all the interruptions I was facing at the smaller place! Feeling very comfy!

02-19-2015, 07:51 PM
Christine: Moving is always a pain. I'm glad you're past that and now relax bit and Paint. :thumbsup:

02-19-2015, 09:13 PM
Christine, congratulations on the move! That is so great. I'm glad you're past the worst part and have more space now.

Letetia missed your comment on braces - hope you don't need them for that long, and that you can manage living with them. I'm probably going to need dentures eventually but afraid to get them since I don't know if they're covered and if there's any problem with the shape of my mouth they could easily get them wrong. The crookedness went to that too.

CM Neidhofer
02-20-2015, 02:42 AM
DBfarmgirl: My sister lives very close to the Susquehanna and several times I've seen the balds flying over her back yard. What majestic birds!

Leelanau: Ouch! Time for some nice smoothies and milk shakes. :thumbsup:

Robert: Both kitties are home and are on meds. George seems to be doing a lot better. We are worried about Tallulah because she lost a pound and was only 6# to begin with. I hope the meds kickstart her appetite.

THIS was just on the back porch. What is wrong with this picture. Poor Mr. 4. Sitting there like there wasn't a possum in his house! My husband went out and scared the possum off the porch. I'd forgotten to take in the dish of cat food. And yes. It is a BIG possum. They're not dangerous. Just an annoyance.

Makes me laugh about the possum. When I lived in Florida, I brought home a big bag of dog food. I put it in the corner of the deck, under the roof overhang. Forgot about it, of course. That night I heard this scary scratching and ruffling around outside. I looked out and there was a possum trying to get into the bag of food. I woke up then husband and told him. He picked up our little .410 shotgun and went outside in his tidy whities and his slippers!! Fired one shot, missed of course, and possum ran off into the woods. Wish I'd had a video of hubby goin possum hunting in his tidy whities and his slippers in the middle of the night!! LOL

02-20-2015, 04:21 PM
LOL! Yeah, I can't really blame them. It's my fault leaving the food out. In the spring it's raccoons and their babies. I have to be really diligent about cleaning up the food. They are SO messy. Possums are not. And possums don't carry rabies, although I still wouldn't want a bite.

02-20-2015, 04:27 PM
Robert: I had to have an upper denture last summer when my dentist discovered the upper jaw was deteriorating and my teeth were coming loose. I had it done last summer while I was still employed. LOL Insurance still didn't cover the who amount, but my dentist worked out a plan. It's coming up on a year to when I get my final denture. I've had to go in every couple of months so they could check everything. I'm quite happy with it.

02-27-2015, 05:57 AM
Oh that's good, Barbara. I'm just afraid to because of the amount of distortion in my bone structure. I don't trust that medical procedures of any kind are going to go smoothly and have no idea what kind of problems will come if I don't have any teeth in the meanwhile. Ill fitting dentures may be worse than what I have. I've been on soft food for years but at least I can use them for talking.

02-27-2015, 11:20 PM
Robert, I've been going to the same dentist for many years and I am terrified of them. But not him. He uses conscious sedation but then he told me my bones would not continue to hold the very large back teeth with all the filling they had in them. We talked over all the options and i went the denture route because I really did not relish having to make repeat visits to fix the teeth if I left them in. Everything went well. It's been a year and I will get the permanent one in May.

I'm not sure what dental insurance you have but you could check different dentists and what they could do for you. Good luck :)

02-27-2015, 11:28 PM
Lifting black pastel from white-the saga continues. :lol: Actually it worked easier that I thought. I used a combo of the press and lift with the kneaded eraser and the tip of my palette knife. It turned out pretty well. Hope to finish this weekend. Thank you again for all the suggestions.

Shirl Parker
02-28-2015, 11:59 PM
Time for a new chat thread. Click here. (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=20400755#post20400755)