View Full Version : best medium acrylic or waterbase oil

07-01-2001, 04:41 PM
can someone with experience in both these mediums please tell me WHICH medium lends itself to photorealistic blending of colors.
in other words if you had a panel with dark red to light red,almost yellow, which medium BLENDS like airbrush? can the waterbase oils be pulled into each other better because of the longer drying time or is acrylic better do to the fact that you can lay layer upon layer endlessly until the blending is achieved? ive only used acrylics so far and when i blend i paint and repaint many times to make a uniform blend. im just looking for an easier way such as waterbase oils.

thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!


07-02-2001, 10:09 AM
I would have to say that you'd have to try both watermiscible oils and acrylics and decide for yourself. I've seen photorealistic paintings in each medium, but like anything else, you have to really know the working properties of the paint to get the finest results. I don't think you can create an airbrushed look with these mediums. The method of paint application is entirely different. With the airbrush one is able to get such realism because the color is sprayed on and you have a finer control of the density of your layers, which makes such realism possible. It would be painstakingly difficult to do that with a brush if at all possible. I would look at the work of artists that paint photorealically. You'll probably find they work in more than one medium and look at each medium for yourself to determine which one appeals to you.