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12-22-2014, 05:24 PM
As many of you know, Pat and I have been the worker bees behind the scenes at the OPS for a number of years. This past year has clearly shown that as a society with an interactive membership is no longer possible. As a Society, we have sought to achieve the advancement of oil pastels in the life of artists internationally! and that goal has taken ten years to achieve, but it has come to pass.

Take at look at the Oil Pastel forum here at WetCanvas and you'll find members from all over the globe! The group at FaceBook has also achieved an international following! Art instructional magazines have featured a number of our members working with oil pastels and it has been accepted in several shows across the country!

And new artists are discovering the beauty and versatility of the oilies every day! And manufacturers are introducing more choices of oil pastels! All good things which have come to pass over the past ten years.

The site will now become a resource for oil pastelists, with links to demonstrations, sites, manufacturers, forums, etc! It will always showcase its members with a gallery page. The fee for registration will be $20 for new members. Professional status will be considered but Signature status will now be bestowed upon members who have shown exceptional improvement with the medium.

All current members will retain a gallery page for the life of the Society. We realize the annual show is always a big draw for members but financially, the cash awards cannot be maintained. The remaining finances will be used to maintain the site for as long as possible.

There is an open letter to all members on the front page of the site at www.oilpastelsociety.com. I hope all of you will support the OPS with any news you might have for The Oil Spiel! and

continue to keep painting!! We still have much to do!
Sincerely, carly hardy

Pat Isaac
12-24-2014, 12:54 PM
Thanks for all your work on this, Carly. In the New Year I hope to be able to get some demons done for the site.
I might add that twice in the past year my oil pastel paintings have taken 1st place in a regular pastel/drawing category. We are being noticed.


12-25-2014, 09:06 PM
Pat, Congratulations!! Your paintings are beautiful!