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10-04-2003, 08:24 AM
Long time no see strangers ;).

Ok, after my little dramatic exit about a month ago, things seem to be getting a tad better. I cant say why i left as it was very personal, but i can say, things have taken a turn for the better and i didnt even have to give up the one thing i loved for it to be so.................art :)

With that said...............

Oil pastels are sooooooooooo neat!!!!

Just got back into painting about a week ago, and it feels like i never left, just took a break. Had a rough spot for about a day or two, but a wonderful aunt helped me out of that ;).

And ive been painting up a storm ever since, finished 6 paintings and one of them is in oil pastels.

Used Pentel cheapies and Caran daches. Gotta say the freedom is good , tho i spent about 200 bux on pastel pencils about 3 months ago, kinda wishin i would have thrown in some more Caran Dache oil pastels.
Im gonna try to get some pics of my work soon to put up here before they get shipped off to potential buyers.
Ive missed you guys bunches!!!
((HI SUE!!!))

Got a question..................Has anyone used Oil Pencils??? My aunt told me about them but i cant find them locally, do they work like oil pastels in pencil form?

And for all you soft pastel painters, I bought the 90 set of Derwent pastel pencils, they are very good, not hard, not soft, but somewhere in between, also bought 45 set of Van goughs Pastel pencils LOVE EM! they are not kidding when they say they are as soft as the rembrandt sticks, saves ya the trouble of having to sharpen a stick , just use the pencil.
Also bought 60 set of carbothellos, they of course are my faves! And a 12 set of fabers pastel pencils, which they said were the softest, but i disagree, carbothellos seem to be the softest, and do not get gritty.

5 Of my pastel paintings were done with what i listed above along with a couple of rembrandt sticks on Suede mat, worked very well, the oil pastel painting was done on regular strathmore drawing paper, only cuase i wanted to experiment and was very very happy with the results, so now going to try other supports. Pastel Board by Ampersand is GREAT! Love it! so versitile, and if you use colour shapers with soft pastels on it it almost gives an oil painting look to it. But had to clean the tip of the shaper each time i blended, time consuming but worth it.

The oil pastel thread is a godsend! I needed to find out how to fix a painting once its done, and that thread answered more questions than i had thought to ask lol.

I "almost" want to convert to oil pastels, but after spending a small fortune on pastel pencils its kinda hard to really get involved with oil pastels, without comprimising what i just invested in. But thats how it goes eh? lol,

Steph :o

10-04-2003, 01:32 PM
Hi Steph! Glad to see you back and painting again! Those oilies are fun, eh? Never heard of oil pencils...there is something I've seen in black only, that you use to mark on glass, etc but sure that's not it...if you learn what they are, share! Looking forward to posts of your stuff!

10-05-2003, 12:22 AM
Welcome back Steph!

Sounds like you have an entire art shop in your studio!! Some of the things you mentioned, I don't even know about....will have to check on some more supplies after reading your post! :)

Looking forward to seeing your paintings!

10-05-2003, 04:21 AM
I'd love to here more about your pencils. I just bought some oil pastels and I'm crazy about them, but I've been searching for pencils too. It's very hard to find information on the consistency of a pencil. ..... for example, they might be listed as a pastel pencil, but I'm looking for a creamy lead not a dusty one. Maybe I'll also try a search of the brands you mentioned. Looking forward to seeing your work!

10-05-2003, 02:16 PM
Hi CHC and luciddancer! I wish i had an entire art shop in my studio! lol, or i wouldnt be looking all over the net for a full set of Caran d'aches oil pastels lol and colour shaper ;). The pencils i mentioned you can get at aswexpress.com cheaper than anywhere else online at the moment, even jerrysartarama, and he's even got a sale going til the end of this month, but everything that i bought came with free shipping which jerrys doesnt offer. Id have to say that out of all of em, the Van goughs are the Creamiest if you use em on pastel paper, using any of the pencils on suede is still a bit to get used to, thats why i keep my rembrandt sticks around. All of the pencils are dusty to some degree , less maybe if you use suede mat. I even bought a $20 dollar electric pencil sharpener with the grinding blade instead of a straight, figured it would "grind" the pencils to a tip which would take care of grit spots or hard spots in the wood, that usually break a pencil tip when sharpened manualy. but to no avail i still have to use an exacto knife to sharpen cause the pencil sharpener pooped out after 2 months, just not ment to handle those types of pencils. But i thought if i cleaned it regularly, oil it, etc, then it would stay good for awhile, it sharpened great when i first bought it, now it makes this horrid screach sound that i cant seem to find to oil. Oh well :rolleyes:

I found the oil pencils, but they are for woodcarvers/burners. Called Walnut Hallow, dickblick.com sells them. I need to talk to my aunt more about them and find out what she uses them for cause i know shes not a woodcarver lol.

I tried to oil pastel paint lastnight with some Pentel cheapy oil pastels, but they kept clumpin up on me, sigh, so im gonna have to wait til i can find more Carans.

Has anyone tried to melt oil pastels to make a new color? lol i got bored lastnight and did that, made some lovely browns and violets, and a couple grays , but unfortunatly it doesnt make them softer like i had hope, but doesnt make them useless to work with.

Well i still have 9 more paintings to go :eek: , im back to what i was doing before i thought i had to give it up. But its great and i missed it alot.

:waves: Toodles

10-05-2003, 04:32 PM
This website is the reason why i bought so many pastel pencils


Their demos and kits are very impressive, and seems easy to do, i havent gotten around to getting a kit yet, but will probably around christmas, if any one has tried this, or is going to let me know how it works out, im very interested :D

10-05-2003, 07:22 PM
Angeline bought and did a kit from the Bradley site..... was of a Castle, water and the surrounds.... she posted it in the forum, dont remember the name she called it, but you could do a search for her name, I think she enjoyed it very much.

I bought the whole set last year of Faber Castell Pastel Pencils from him too...... they are definately 'hard', but I like using them.... have a few Derwents, and they are soft and creamy

..... glad to see you back and enjoying yourself again

10-05-2003, 10:10 PM
Originally posted by srw2034
Has anyone tried to melt oil pastels to make a new color? lol i got bored lastnight and did that, made some lovely browns and violets, and a couple grays , but unfortunatly it doesnt make them softer like i had hope, but doesnt make them useless to work with. :waves: Toodles

Lol, you melted them? How? With what? Do they work ok? Which ones did you melt, the cheapies or the CDs?
Tell me everything! :D

10-06-2003, 04:16 AM
LOL, k i dont wanna hear no "tsk"ing, cause it was fun and i was very careful ;)

K i took one of my huge metal tablespoons (lol) and i um put it over a scented candle i had burning ( ya know so i wouldnt run my lighter out of fluid, i did this by a window by the way so incase it started smellin bad) then i put one of my cheapy Pentels in it and it melted nicely, then i scraped off the melty stuff onto a piece of something cold, and it hardened right away peeled it off and yep still usable. Husband said he could find me something else to use thats way more safer, like a heat gun and tin cups , it doesnt take much to melt these babies :evil: .

Would never do it to my CD's or anything else other than cheapies. I needed a brown and a grey and well so i improvised :D .

Thanks Shades ill have to hunt angeline down and chat with her about the kits one of my aunts is also interested in em.

Well, just spent most of my night making swatches of all my pastels before i ran out and lost the numbers, already i have to replace every white and black but thats a given i guess in this medium.

Ive basically used up most of my OP, experimenting and all ( no not melty experiments lol) so ill have to wait til i can get more....sigh.................anyone wanna do some traden :D ?Got tons of suede mat i could trade for OP's or SP's, in just about any size ya could think of plus colors (hoping im not breaking any rules by mentioning this :eek: ) , right now, im using em to make swatches lol.

Its 230 am and im NOT tired!

10-06-2003, 08:37 AM
Originally posted by srw2034
LOL, k i dont wanna hear no "tsk"ing, cause it was fun and i was very careful ;)
, it doesnt take much to melt these babies :evil: .

No tsking from this corner!
I am SO gonna try that! I want some pale, pale colors that I can't seem to find anywhere.
(now where's that old tablespoon.....)

10-06-2003, 09:38 AM
Hey Steph, missed this thread, just catching up here, the meltdown sounds fun , I could do with some good light beige colours and some really good blue/greys.... better start experimenting!

I'm curious though as to why you want to get rid of your suede mat... it's great for pastels and OP's, I'd buy it off you, but the shipping would be pricey I feel.... why not give it a try yourself.


10-06-2003, 11:35 AM
OH forgot to mention, if you have really soft OP like sens, or CD's try mooshin them together with a palette knife first on some warm aluminum foil its wayyyy better to try and make another stick doing that instead of totally melting in a spoon and scraping that off into a semi working clump lol.

I just sent ya a PM about the suede MO :D, i have no worries of running out of suede ;)

10-06-2003, 07:31 PM
Steph, got your PM and answered, as soon as I get my kitchen built I'll be mooshing. :D


P.S..... Err in what sort of shape do your reformed pastels turn out? :D

10-06-2003, 08:06 PM
LOL ..........got the giggles when i read your question about "form of pastel" lol,.............well first it turned out as a blob, then it turned out as long blob, then as i started to play more i was able to turn them into a decent size narrow blob lol, when you scrap your melty stuff onto something cold it will automaticly start to harden, so i made sure that i was able to get at least 3 scrapes about the same amount each time and when i put them on something cold i placed one clump in front of the other in a line making sure they touched enough to melt together...............does that make sense? cant really roll these suckers cause of the sticky factor, id say play til ya can get a decent form to handle ;)

Ill send ya a response to your PM tonight, at the moment i must go feed my heathens before they ravange my clean kitchen :D