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12-13-2014, 10:07 AM
After seeing Blayne's new set of lightest lights and reading the comments I decided to take the open stock route and order one from each color family.
I have three sets of Terry Ludwigs now so thought I should print up Terry's full set list, cross off the ones I have so I don't purchase any duplicates,

I was so pleasantly surprised that with My Maggie Price Basic Values set, darks 2, and Vibrants set, I only found ONE duplicate! I think that is amazing...thanks Terry!

It was interesting comparing sets too. It looks like the Darks 1 has similar colors as Darks 2 but just a value up or down. To me, it seems I can buy 4 sticks from open stock and have the darks pretty covered too.

Terry's sets are discounted as compared to open stock (not true of some brands)and the discount is about equal to buying a full set. And yes, I'm always doing price comparisons. His colors are beautiful but I don't NEED a full set. It's nice to see I still got a great value without overlap.

I might just have to cross check his portrait set.....

water girl
12-13-2014, 01:08 PM
Enjoy those new TL's! I remember my first set of TL's...the sticks sat and sat in that box, and I'd lift the cover and look at them again and again. I don't know why I was afraid to use them. Then one day, I pulled out one stick, touched it to paper and fell in love. :angel:

12-13-2014, 11:29 PM
I love my Ludwigs..... I've got quite a few of them, and when I feel the itch to buy more pastels I seem to go either for them, Mount Visions or Giraults... my three favorite brands.

I've got the 60pc Ludwig portrait set..... love it. Just sayin'.....:D

12-14-2014, 04:06 PM
Oh that rocks! I'm still tempted by the Maggie Price Values though I think I have more duplicates wit it now on account of Violets Set. Vibrants yum yum. Really want those. Was tempted by Darks too but have a bunch of darks from assorted mystery boxes.

I need to get that chart and go through it too. I have some gaps, especially greens, but it's hard to find saturated greens in Terry Ludwigs. I hope he someday comes out with a set of Vibrant Greens in values in warm cool mid emerald, that'd be awesome.

But likewise, don't think I'd use the full range because while I love them they're finishers.