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Shirl Parker
10-01-2014, 12:30 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our monthly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives! I hope you will all chime in and look forward to hearing about them.


10-01-2014, 01:55 PM
Purring at you and everyone, happy October!

Ari cat is flopped comfortably under my walker in plain sight, happily shedding as he gets ready to start growing all those soft fluffy winter hairs. He's in great health. Me, not so much, I still have the flu or a flu-ish thing.

Each day the symptoms change though. I have hope I'm throwing it off fast, today it's that deep kind of coughing that relieves and makes me think I'm getting over it. Taking it easy, staying in and binge watching "Criminal Minds" on Netflix. TV shows are a lot better minus the commercials.

I can tell that I'm sick though because TV is fun. lol

They sort of took the general idea of Silence of the Lambs and ran with it. Since I liked the book and they took the best bits, it's kind of fun. Yeah, I can really tell that I'm brain dead on account of following the thinking of script writers, er, okay... maybe I'm warming up to November and this year's novel.

I have no idea what I'll write this year. Other than that if I relax and just let it happen, it'll pour out fresh and good like a plein air painting. I write alla prima. October is a good art month if weather permits, helps keep me from pre-planning the novel too much. Next month I go on "chapter a day" and paint after writing.

10-12-2014, 05:40 PM
Flu is finally starting to break up! Ugh! Still coughing a bit and it's dropped to being an annoying tickle at times, coughing mostly after sleeping. Instad of a full night's sleep I seem to be napping for two or three hours at a time and then waking up, with two to four sleeps a day. Almost like my cat, but with sludgy waking time in between.

Still I've been trying to keep up and do some art, especially pastels. Need to get out oil pastels too and do an oil pastels project so I can reach my goals - want to paint my cat's portrait as well as I did for the one in my signature line.

He's been getting rowdy and loud lately, but also spontaneously snuggly. He'll hurl himself over the arm of my chair into my lap and demand cuddles, sleep twenty minutes and then bounce off.

10-13-2014, 11:58 AM
I just noticed this thread today. I just want to say what a joy it has been to view WC posts and to here from so many inspiring artists. I have been fully engaged this month. Monday is a a "drawing in color" class and this week I start a portraiture class on Thursdays. I have been trying to do "one credible pastel painting" per week and so far I have three under my belt for October. I have submitted all three to WC for C&C and as usual received very gentle, kind and encouraging words and many helpful suggestions.

This past weekend was a local plein air event for which the weather did not cooperate. I did do two paintings, though one would not qualify as plein air. Today, Columbus Day, it is again cloudy and dreary, so I think today is curl up with a book with my 14 year old Havanese/Bichon mix (Riley)snoring by my side. Rob, she is my version of Ari. I will start Follet's third in a great series, "Edge of Eternity." I had ordered the book a year ago and it was released while I was in Italy. So, I think the next several days I will be buried in it.

Rob, I hope your flu symptoms are waning. I too had a bout of something fluish, but it only lasted three days. Because I had just returned from Europe, some people were avoiding me... the ebola scare is rampant.


10-13-2014, 05:40 PM
Aww that's so neat your 14 year old dog is that loving! I know the feeling, yes, she's your version of Ari. The companion who's always inspiring. Paint her portrait for one of your pastels! Sounds like a good plan to curl up with a book and a furry friend.

Flu symptoms are waning but occasionally give a weird kick, like today with the running to the bathroom and sudden gut spasms. I think that's part of kicking it out. For a few hours I'm fine and then wham, exhausted, that's what chronic fatigue and acute congestion combine into. Ugh. Can't wait till it's over. Wish I could actually get some good sleep and feel rested. Been having short sleeps and then waking for a while and sleep again almost at random. Would rather be painting than passing out.

10-14-2014, 11:41 AM
That fluish thing is really hanging on. I was luck that it only was acute for about three days. I agree that purging the bad stuff out of the body seems to help.

Sun is finally out today. Riley and I will take a walk (we're down from 1.5 to 1 miles walks... she gets tired but loves the walk).

10-15-2014, 10:33 PM
Aww glad you still enjoy taking long walks with Riley. Even though she's old and not walking as far, it's so cool you can do that. Ari and I had our hallway walk this afternoon. It was hot in our room so when he wanted to go outside I let him ramble up the hallway and down both sides of the T to check on the neighbors and whether any other animals went that way. He likes his little hallway checks.

You're lucky to be rid of that flu so fast. I've still got some lingering last symptoms and I'm still sleeping like my cat. A lot. Up for a few hours and then crash, up and crash, but all the sleep is starting to knock it out. I'm breathing better as I get up now. The runny nose and congestion really bugged me and that's seriously lightened up to mostly when I first get up.

Today was good for art though, not just one pastel but two. Admittedly one was just a goofing around sketch but two in a day is huge for me.

10-16-2014, 06:33 PM
Glad you are feeling better, Rob. I started a portrait class today at the local community college. I think the human figure is very difficult and am anxious to get better at proportions. I did two quick sketches from magazines... next time I will bring my own, more interesting subjects. I am tempted to order the portrait pan pastels. What do you think?

Riley is not happy with me. I usually take her for a walk, but the last several days have been rainy and nasty. Today was lovely, but I went to the portrait class and had to leave her. She hates being left alone. Tomorrow she will have me all to herself all day. Plan to jump into this weeks scavenger hunt and also try a portrait of a beautiful woman I photographed while in Italy. Wish me luck!

10-17-2014, 10:14 AM
Wow, sounds like a plan, Norma! Very ambitious and should help a lot. There's nothing better than drawing from a live model. I learned so much during the years I was street sketching, just from having live tourists to draw. One artist friend used to work carnivals and she'd do five minute portraits with charcoal, it was amazing and gruelling, she really got good at faces.

I didn't even believe that for years till I got to try one and two minute gesture poses at a figure drawing group - and found out yeah, it can be done, you can draw a person that fast and it teaches not to hesitate. Sometimes it's better to do a lot of tries than to take your time fussing over details.

Aww poor Riley! They don't understand things like your having to go out. Ari hates being left alone too and gets very eager as soon as I come home. I had a snuggly cat in my lap for almost half an hour this morning, he really wanted a long cuddle.

Awesome you've got a photo of your own to work from with the Italian lady. Looking forward to seeing it! Don't know what I'm doing today. I still have the pear but I'm also tempted to do another Spotlight.

10-23-2014, 10:43 PM
I promised myself in my Goal Post post to rein in my spending and start saving a bit, so that I'm not caught flat-footed if I need something like a new computer or want something that's too big to buy in one month's spending money.

So of course there are lots of great sales right within what's left of my spending money or so near it's spitting distance. Deciding what to do NEXT month is going to be tough! Dakota still has those Blue Earth 21 color sets for $49 and I really like the Landscape one after seeing a landscape someone did with it. I know I already have the colors to fill its gaps.

Their real benefit, best thing about them is up in the Very Soft range and Very Tiny. From the size of the 12 color box I already have, a 21 color box is something I could tuck in my pack with my Rembrandts and have Handy Finishers in a good range, or paint with super softs if so inclined.

Terry Ludwig's got a holiday gift package that is a good bargain - the 14 Basic Colors would neatly bring my Ludwigs up to 90 and fill some important gaps. It is also a nice small palette in itself, suitable to toss in backpack for plein air excursion. For just $12 more I can get a nice pack of Uart paper and a baseball cap with Terry Ludwig Pastels stitched on it, something I would not be embarrassed to wear. I do not actually have a hat, any hat with a bill or brim to shade my face when I paint outside, so, this is a kind of important freebie and I could always use more sanded pastel paper. Serious bennies with a small set that already tempted me.

No way can I do both of those things in one month without busting budget. Fortunately though, I've got two months in which to do it and if I'm not stupid right now, could be able to get the BE's before that sale runs out. It goes to Nov. 1st and I get my check then. Which would put the money I could drain myself dry getting it now into savings, so that Christmas includes both presents for my loved ones and a Ludwig present for me.

And a bit less junk food in December and November but hey, that's some of why I'm a whole lot thinner than when I first moved here. Given the choice of Food Treats or More Pastels, I go to the dusty kind of candy store! lol

Why all this interest in plein air now... because this is October and I'm not as sick as I was last October. I'm getting my strength back, recuperating from the killer schedule of six appointments a month that drained me during my first two years here. I'm starting to actually use my pastels more and beginning to get the feeling I could do a plein air around the block trip.

Maybe not the big trip to the beach next spring, didn't have the energy last summer while recuperating but I feel very good for it already being October. If I don't overdo it, I might make that beach trip in May.

Between those extremes - a full outing with transportation and stay out for hours and come back exhausted after all that time on my feet, or just stay in and paint every two weeks from my clinic visit references - there's a third alternative that could work even in fall or winter on a good day. Just go outside and go around the block. There are some beautiful sights about a block away from my front door, measuring an L shaped block. I'm going out next week to vote, which is that same walk...

Oh Duh... maybe on November 4th when I go vote, I need to make sure I have sketching supplies and take my walker. Bring the pack. Bring pastels. I'll probably be in line, but if there isn't a big line I can vote first and then paint. It's closer than I thought! Coolness!

I'll just have to see what happens. Not sure if I'll get dusty or just pen-scribble but I will probably do something when I go vote. It's not that hard carrying my backpack on the walker, though I might lighten it a bit for the trip to make it a little easier to manage in the voting booth. I don't need a choice of three pads of paper and all the sanded paper even if that's a convenience for finding them when the pack's home. Or all those different things. If it rains it's just photos though.

10-24-2014, 06:20 AM
Rob, Where did you see the Holiday set of Terry Ludwig? I would love to see the baseball cap!

10-31-2014, 08:35 PM
I got an email about the Holiday Set from signing up for Terry Ludwig email ads. It's probably not hard to sign up for promos on the site. The gift package is still on till Dec. 31 so I'm sure he might mention it again. You could also call to ask about it. Check the site under Clothing - they had the hat a lot longer than they had the sale!

I think I saw Richard Schmidt wearing one in one of his videos or a photo on his blog once. It's been around for a long time!

Heh, today my check came early so the government workers don't have to do the weekend. Go them. Nice of them to do that. Made my life simple.

I went ahead and got the Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers Travel Set from Cheap Joe's and the Blue Earths 21 Land and Sea sampler from Dakota. Now it doesn't matter if the special price changes in a couple of days. I still like it better than their portrait assortment - it doesn't have dark warms or full strength warms but I have the 12 that I bought earlier to fill its gaps. It's got nice values and a deep dark blue, violet and green to work with, very handy for those subjects.

I think I'm going to have fun with it by itself and for using it for finishers. See how they go over Rembrandts. Should write up the Rembrandt set for my Art Supply Review Blog. Just did. Maybe that's Artish. I should sketch or something today though. Feeling sleepy - it's cold out and rained.

Shirl Parker
11-01-2014, 11:02 AM
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