View Full Version : Premade Pastel Foam Inserts

09-22-2014, 05:10 PM
Because it is still the first day of vacation and I am still in work mode....

Was making a cardboard box from See's candies into a pastel travel box. Had to visit 4 stores before I found the right foam and then today, as I am heating a scalpel and cutting-making my self crazy with this boring work when all I want to do is get busy with the sticks and paper. IT HITS ME! Having pre made foam inserts that can be modified by the artist to fit into the boxes available at craft stores or Jerry's would be genius. I would have paid anything to avoid doing this myself.

So I wrote up the idea and put in on Quirky's website.

If you would click this link (or cut and paste), weigh in, add your own thoughts to it and share this with your pals, it may get considered to go to the next level. Forward this please, skywrite it, however you feel like sharing. Much appreciated!