View Full Version : Favorite Terry Ludwig Darks?

Barbara WC
09-08-2014, 01:27 AM
Besides the infamous Terry Ludwig V100, what other Ludwig darks to people like?

I'm wanting to add a few more darks to my collection. I find R210, R200 useful.

I have the color chart, but some of the darks are so close, it's hard to tell which to add!

I'm looking for darks that are quite dark, but which hue can still be determined (especially looking for a nice dark blue). Some of the colors on the chart are so dark they really do look black! I already like V100 as my "black" :)


09-08-2014, 01:31 AM
V100 of course and the Deep Dark Green that came in my Dakota Sampler Greens set. I don't know the color number, sad to say. But it's nearly as dark as the V100 and it's a gorgeous deep forest green, faintly blue cast, very rich and dark. Playing with it with V100 in the deep darks of a painting with trees gives a gorgeous sparkly effect.

I have some other deep darks but haven't tested them much yet. Some are so very dark they look black on handling and I'd have to go over them with a white to tell what the hue is. Very strong deep darks! I know they're not the same looking at them in the box because one looks a hair warmer, another bluer and so on, but hue is sometimes difficult to determine. I see your point about how to choose without looking at the sticks.

Even looking at the sticks it'll be hard to choose until I chart them and paint them out with a white stick to see what the hue is under the deep mass tone.

Barbara WC
09-08-2014, 04:19 AM
Thank you Robert, you made a light bulb go off!

I already have the color chart, which is thick with pastel, but on yellowish Uart. I have had a difficult time distinguishing some colors, especially the yellows, because of the yellow color of the Uart.

There are so many deep, darks. The green you describe could be one of at least 6 deep blue greens on the chart...

That is the problem, so many of the darks and lights look so similar they are hard to distinguish. I have smudged a little of the color chart to tell the differences in the darks, it's not that easy on the Uart, white paper would be much better, IMO.

Perhaps I will try using a q-tip to remove just a smidgen of the darks onto white paper, maybe that will help. If there is enough transfer, I can also try mixing with a white stick to really see the color...

Thanks! I love WC! This isn't something I would have thought of on my own :rolleyes:

09-08-2014, 12:16 PM
That's what I did with various darks in other brands- just went over it with a white stick to see the cast of the hue. It can make a difference even if it's not immediately visible, the green and purple together in the darks make a lot of shimmer even if both look "blacker than black."

I think I first got the idea from artist grade watercolors - was a high school kid, got my first good pan set and discovered half the colors looked black in the pan. I could only tell what they were by painting them out with a lot of water and then they'd turn brilliant. Taught me to keep my palette organized too! Though inevitably there comes a day the cat knocks the set off the table and scatters pans all over the floor. Picking them up and rearranging usually means chaos or fresh paint-outs.

09-10-2014, 05:53 PM
Trying to be helpful here so I made a chart of the (Terry Ludwig Intense Darks) DEEPEST darks and then went over the bottom half of them with a white Great American. You can barely see any color at all even then. Also including the sticks in the box and the color chart I made of the box. If anyone wants to see other shades, let me know. I find them very, very dark.

Barbara WC
09-10-2014, 06:29 PM
Thanks for posting Jay!

Yes, many of the deepest, darkest sticks in the Ludwig line are so dark it's hard to tell them apart, even when on a piece of sanded paper!

Gotta love that V100!