View Full Version : Are there ever any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on full sets?

09-05-2014, 09:41 PM
Hi All,

It may be a bit early to be wondering about this, but after thinking about it for a while, I have finally decided to take the plunge and buy the Great American Full Monty set. The only thing is, I wasn't sure if they might be cheaper if I waited until November and got them on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. If I could get a good deal during all the crazy sales then, it might make sense to wait. But then again, being full sets, they might not be discounted at all. I know they are not affected by any other of Blick's or Jerry's sales. Does anyone remember from last year if full sets were discounted during the post Thanksgiving sales?

09-05-2014, 11:20 PM
Don't recall if there were any specials last year but I recently purchased two sets of 25 Terry Ludwigs and I went to every site I could think of and on that day Blick had 20% off entire order and free shipping over a relatively small amount. It pays to look around for deals. Some days I get better deals at Jerry's, other days Cheap Joes, etc. Just keep checking and since I get emails all the time on specials from these companies I'm sure on Black Friday they will have specials.

Pam :wave:

09-06-2014, 12:20 AM
I get emails from both Blick and Jerry's but I don't recall the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales as being any bigger than the other ones. Watch for the 20% off big order coupon to get it. They're doing it today... but it won't affect Full Monty. I just checked and Blick has Full Monty at their "lowest possible price" meaning super sale all the time. Those prices are usually serious discounts off MSRP more than things that go on the coupons.

However if you get Son of Monty at the same time you'd get 20% off that with the 20% off big order one.

I have never seen either Blick or Jerry's put full range pastels sets on Clearance unless they were discontinuing them. I got my 200 Winsor & Newton full range wood box set at Jerry's on Discontinued Super Sale and love it and also bought a bunch of small sets and grab bags at Dakota and Jerry's.

My feeling is that they don't do as big a deal on Black Friday as physical stores do, their stock is always moving that fast and they don't have the year's inventory to ditch before tax time problem big stores do. Dakota might but I'm not sure they'd be tossing full range sets and their prices run a bit higher than Blick or Jerry's (and their range is more specialized, they have a few brands neither does and combine the brands one has that the other doesn't).

So I wouldn't wait on it for more than the 20% coupon and that only if you're getting Son of Monty with it.

Full range sets are awesome. Sounds like you've become really serious about pastels and found a favorite texture. I love my Winsor & Newtons and wanted one in the "Rembrandt-like textures" - had been considering saving for a Rembrandt full range when I got it.

09-06-2014, 01:02 AM
Thank you both for the replies. Rob, that was exactly my thought about possibly using the 20 percent off on the big order to get the Son of Monty as well. I know it will not affect the Full Monty. In fact, that was exactly my plan, if I didn't wait until Black Friday.

Pam, those 20 % off higher cost orders do not apply to most full sets, with Terry Ludwig being a notable exception. If you try it with the other brands, you'll see that they are already counted as being "on sale" (it's just a sale that lasts all year), and so they don't get the discount. Rob is right: those are already rock bottom prices. I was just wondering if they might make an exception for the biggest sales of the year.

But if not, then oh well. I sort of doubted it anyway. I'm glad you popped in to confirm what I was thinking Rob, or I might have waffled back and forth on it for a while longer. But now I think I will go ahead and buy it today. Jerry's has it for ten dollars cheaper than Blick and I don't have to pay tax at Jerry's here in Florida, so I think I will order from them.

But yes, I have known for a while I wanted to invest in a full set, and I love the Great Americans. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be between them and Unisons. And maybe Sennelier. And Ludwigs. Oh, and let's not forget Schmincke . . . :) To be honest, when I decided to get a full set, it was VERY hard deciding which one. I very nearly bought the Sennelier. In the end it was the fact that I already have more than enough pastels that can do everything I want on sanded paper, and for me, nothing beats the Great Americans on unsanded printmaking papers. I do love working on those, and every time I sit down to do it, I find myself wishing for more GAs. That, combined with the fact that they have the largest range of spectral hues, sealed it for me.

I have never tried Windsor and Newtons, but I have heard good things about them. As far as the Rembrandt-like texture goes, I think my favorite in that family are Art Spectrums. I like that they are a little thicker than Rembrandts, and more strongly pigmented. I have been using those and Rembrandts as my workhorses since starting with the Still Life the Colorful Way assignments (which I am still working on, by the way--just slowly).

Okay, well I guess I'll get to ordering! Thanks again for the input!

09-06-2014, 02:29 AM
Glad to hear it! They do sound really good, and it's good to know they're that nice on unsanded paper. I haven't had a problem with my Unisons on sanded paper and love those.

Oh, I think I agree with you on favorite in category. Love my 60 pure tones Art Spectrums and might get full range on that someday too, it's not that large or expensive. W&N was the brand that came up Discontinued deep discount and they're good though, do love them and don't regret any of the extras I snapped up.

I drool over the full range Sennelier because of my New Orleans experiences. The great painters I knew down there were all using Sennelier on Canson Mi-Tientes but I'm only likely to get the Paris Collection any time soon. I dither on that because I've already got the 80, but today's Spotlight convinced me that maybe it'd be worth the duplications - since if I'm using them for finishing having them all off in their set box would be great.

I'm hearing good things about Great Americans and might try the Chromatic Set, since Blick has that and it's how I work. Or one of the floral 78 color sets, look over all of the ranges for which one's the strongest across the spectrum with fewer neutrals. I can see why you'd want the full range. I liked the one I got in the Dakota Sampler but just need to find the right ones to expand into them.

I think if I had a place to live big enough to actually lay out the three big trays I might go for the Sennelier full set if only because I have got a light enough hand with them to work on unsanded by themselves. Eh, it really depends on a lot of things including how much I can supplement Social Security once I'm into the old age category. How well my paintings sell would influence it. I also considered Mount Visions because I do like their texture, I'd just need to get a big studio box or trays to hold the set, like a large Heilman with it. i don't like the boxes they come in but do like the pastels, but would be breaking them so I might as well leave 2/3 in their original storage boxes and put pieces into a travel box.

09-06-2014, 02:46 PM
I'm hearing good things about Great Americans and might try the Chromatic Set, since Blick has that and it's how I work. Or one of the floral 78 color sets, look over all of the ranges for which one's the strongest across the spectrum with fewer neutrals.
If that's what you're after, I think you may really like this set. It is my favorite Great American assortment:


It's the 60 Half Stick set, but I took the picture with a full stick over it so you could see that these are really more like 2/3 or 3/4 sticks. I love this set because it is almost all spectral colors, even more so than their color wheel set I think, which is 39 full sticks and more expensive. And, the Dick Blick sales apply to this one (the Color Wheel set is already rock bottom), so when I bought it I paid only about $80. I think it was a fantastic bargain. Not to mention that the little box it comes in is made of very sturdy wood!

Actually, I like this little set so much that I'm not even going to sell it when my Full Monty gets here. It is so small and complete that I feel like I can take it anywhere and be able to paint without too much trouble.

I don't think you'd regret buying the Paris Set, either. It is a great bargain too. If you do get it, check out the Society for All Artists. I bought mine from them, and it was only about $130 shipped from Great Britain. It was the cheapest price I could find.

Ah, there are just too many beautiful pastels out there! How is a person supposed to save any money? But seriously, after this, I am not buying another pastel of any kind for SIX MONTHS. I promise!

09-06-2014, 04:22 PM
Oooh yes! Thank you for good big photo of it! I do prefer half stick to full stick sets in that color range and this does have everything I use in it. I could be happy with this one - thanks for the tip! I was tempted earlier, didn't know its little box is wooden. That's another plus.

Oh wow, yeah, that is a good price on Paris Collection. Amazing to think having it shipped from Great Britain could be cheaper than getting it here, but I guess that can happen! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't regret the redundancy. It's not quite as high on my wish list as some things but it's definitely on there again. I find I regret not keeping the set box from the 80 color assortment since that was so easy to "grab at the finishing stage and put all others away."

I still like to work firm to soft with 3 or 4 boxes of pastels stacked, putting away the firmer earlier ones and taking out the softer later ones in later sessions. That's where the Paris would come in so useful.