View Full Version : First Ever Attempt At Digital Art

06-29-2001, 03:58 PM
A friend of mine gave me Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Illustrator 9.0 among others about a month ago. I've always been more for traditional art but last night I started to get into the Photoshop program. I was really amazed at how much you can do.
I thought I'd share with everyone my first ever digital work. Mostly it sucks, I was just practicing with the tools but I'll post it anyway.

06-29-2001, 07:23 PM
This is a very good start! You are getting a grip on my favorite tool.. smudge! (Oil painters use fan brushes.. Watercolorists use washes, graphite artists use tortillians, and I am lost without smudge!)

You have dimension going on here, which I am guessing comes from that traditional painting background. I love your colors. Are you painting with a mouse? If so, then this is VERY good. I would be so lost without my wacom tablet.

I hope you dont mind, but I went ahead and saved this as a .jpg and loaded it up so it would show up on the forum for everyone to see. Not everyone has photoshop and when they download it, they might not be able to see this. :)

07-01-2001, 05:20 PM
thanks shehaub for saving it as a jpeg (didn't realize i needed to do that) and for the great comments.
oh, and yeah. just usin the mouse. don't have any tablet.

07-01-2001, 10:55 PM
I like this, too. This has actually helped me with a painting I've been planning. It is going to include a pond, but I've never painted large quantities of water. This has given me an idea of how I may portray it. Thanks!