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08-09-2014, 11:46 AM

I emailed Richeson again, because honestly, I have to admit that I really like their line of handmade pastels. I know this has been discussed before, and even shunned by yours truly because of the whole "made in China" issue, so I figured that I would give them a chance to answer us officially about their safety and true lightfastness.

I know that paula Ford loved using them, and I read that Maggie Price also comment on how great they were, so I decided to try a small sky/landscape study with the 5 colors I have on a sample piece of La Carte, and it was really quite nice, painterly even.

I am hoping that Richeson, the distributor of Unison, would be nice enough to finally dispel any rumors about the pastels...Until then, I probably won't buy more, just for the safety concerns...but boy am I tempted..they are on sale for $2.37ea at my local store...lol

Any thoughts?? Anyone have any update or tests they've done?


08-09-2014, 12:16 PM
Other than where they're made, my main concern with Richesons is that the range isn't evenly distributed around the spectrum. A full range set was tempting until I tried their hard pastels full range and discovered lots of near duplicate colors, especially bright blues, with serious gaps. So if I were to get more of their hand rolled, I would prefer doing so in open stock to avoid getting near duplicates. Or stick to the smaller sets if I went for the convenience of sets.

I preferred the Gallery Mungyo for low cost hand rolled but that's because of the color range issues. In the colors they have the Richesons do perform well and they're big sticks. All the hand rolled ones have a particular great texture, with less crushing to the pigment crystals and very easy laydown, a sort of "fluffy" feeling on the paper.

08-09-2014, 12:30 PM

I certainly understand your concerns about color. They still only have the 120 colors and not many if any, darks. I would say they are useful on some things, and they seem to advertise how velvety their pastels make skies look..so maybe they focus on only certain subject matters? Not sure, but I like them...I would never buy a complete set anyway, but since they are offered as open stock, especially at a store that's fairly close to where I live, I wanted to try and take advantage of this sale.

Their hard pastels, were way too hard for my taste, and so was their soft line. I think you had once mentioned that if a company makes the effort to create a line of hand made pastels, chances are they are going to be useful, and since they have been around for at least over 5 yrs I think, they must be selling...lol

Let's see if they get back to me anyway...