View Full Version : art rage question

08-03-2014, 12:24 PM
Is there a way to change the default paper size and resolution when artrage first opens?

08-04-2014, 02:54 AM
I don't think there is, but there's an easy workaround. I create a document that's the size I want and paper texture I want and save it to my desktop. Then, when I want to paint, I just double click the document to open ArtRage. You just have to make sure to save your work under a different name (save as).

08-04-2014, 11:46 AM
Thanks! that sounds nice and simple, just what I was looking for! OH and welcome to WC and digital!!

08-04-2014, 01:26 PM
Thanks, Barb! Best wishes!

08-04-2014, 02:05 PM
Also, When you go to FILE/NEW PAINTING there is a little preset button in the upper right. Pull down that menu and you can ADD NEW SIZE PRESET. It's 2 clicks to go there when you are starting a new painting.

08-05-2014, 10:52 PM
Thank Elaine. I have that , I was just looking for a way around but thanks!