View Full Version : oil separating in home-made tubes

shawn gibson
06-29-2001, 11:33 AM
I have been making my own tubes for a few months now, out of pigment, linseed and sometimes stand oil.

Most of the time, I get separation within a few days.

This doesn't 'bother' me, since I just drain the excess oil from the top of the ube when I go to paint, and then add my medium/s on the palatte.

But should it be bothering me?

I only make the tube when I've started the painting, and I don't think a tube has ever lasted more than about 2 months. I'm worried cuz I'm, well, ignorant of all the chemistry etc.

When will I not be ignorant anymore? (rhetorical Q...)

...when I am an old bottle of wine? :)