View Full Version : Raphael pastels?

07-13-2014, 04:16 AM

Anyone ever did uses these, the price is very low I think, the brand Raphael is like Rembrandt or Winsor & Newton.

07-13-2014, 10:33 AM
Hi Vincent,

Judging by the description that they are good for school work lets me believe these are nothing more than school grade academic pastels. Also judging by the colors and look of the pastels, they seem of low quality and pigment..not very vibrant and there are only 48, so definitely not artist grade.

They may not even be suitable for an underpainting. I also wouldn't say they are like Rembrandts or Winsors. Keep in mind that good pigments are expensive, anything that is that cheap, is most likely using more binder than pigment.

07-13-2014, 11:08 AM
Agreed, they look like it's even the same range of colors as most of the inexpensive student grade sets. Comparable to Loew-Cornell, Blick student grade or Alphacolor without the annoying clamshell heavy plastic packaging, just a cardboard box and styrene trays.

They have a very soft, consistent texture and all the brands of them I've ever handled become pretty frustrating over time with their low pigmentation and don't layer as well even with blending and fixative. There's a texture reason why actual hard pastels like Nupastel or Cretacolor Pastels Carre or the Derwent pastels line works better for underpainting.

They're all right for sketching and the right tool to use on paper like newsprint that's also not archival. Blick advertised their version as good for pavement painting and that really made sense to me. Sticks are large and consistently soft, pavement concrete has tons of tooth and every brand I've run into says it's non toxic.

It's eerie that even the gaps in the range are the same across these brands. Pretty easy to match the colors with hard pastels and any technique these will work with does also work with hard pastels.

07-14-2014, 12:49 PM
Interestingly they appear to be made by Raphael (makers of some exquisite Kolinski sable brushes) or else the logo has just be plastered on there erroneously. Because you cant trademark a name you sometimes see companies trying to pretend they are something they are not ( Lyra makes a line of pencils and pastel pencils they call "rembrandt" but they are obviously not even close to the same as the Talens Rembrandt line).

As other have noted, these look almost identical to the Alphacolours or Loew Cornells of the world. They would be fine for goofing around with but would be frustrating with anything more serious. Robert outlined the flaws beautifully.