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Maxime Thiffault
07-03-2014, 12:49 PM
Hi guys, you might already have seen this one in a few pictures of the show. But here is the shots of mine and some WIP of this big one.


WIP... what a journey...

I started with a 24x36 clayboard and sprayed it with my airbrush with FW inks. New to me i practiced a bit doing tutorials on printed paterns.

My goal was to get that smooth and even background darker in the lower left and lighter in the upper right corner.
So I had to spray it from further away but I does more fume... It was at the end of november so I cannot spray outside and this is what I found only when I was done...

I had to clean the entire house and still found some 6 month after. We found this pretty blue dust even in the kitchen's closets.:eek: everywhere!!!

This is also how I found the title because this song was playing in my head again and again... ''Blue'' by Eiffel 65.
Here is the link if you don't know what i'm talking about and you will understand how I felt at this time. Except I don't have a blue Corvette... Maybe only Matthew could be able to fix this... lol

This is my reference picture named ''Jellyfish school'' from mkrigbaum(flickr)
Cropped the ones I wanted and placed them.
Then scratching started.
Used a lot of FGB and had a few stings in my hands of course even if I tried to remove them off the board into the garbage asap.
After I did the main scratches I airbrush it again to gain the translucid effect I wanted. OUTSIDE OF COURSE...:evil:
I came back in again and did the highlight and fine details with a scalpel blade #11.
I finally add sunrays and sprayed it.

Thanks for watching!!

07-03-2014, 01:03 PM
Thanks for showing the process. This is a stunning piece. A show stopper. especially in that size.

07-03-2014, 01:27 PM
Meets and exceeds all my "Cool Cool" requirements.

I'm curious as to, what kind of pressure setting you used for the Airbrushing? It's hard for me to believe ( but I do believe you ha!) that you could get THAT much color outside the work space. WOW... What a mess. Ok ok I did have to laugh. I've long had a vision of doing a glacial scene with a penguin in the foreground. ( same kind of blue starting point ). You might have tried airbrushing some water at the Clayboard.... Dropping the pressure as low as you can and still get a fine spray,when applying color. The lower pressure will not push so much color into the surrounding area & dampening the board will help get that smooth look you needed. AND cut back on any chalky issues. I hope this helps with the. Ext one..... Because I wanna see some MORE!

07-03-2014, 01:40 PM
Thanks for the WIP! It is really nice to see this up close and how you did it. I was stunned when I saw the pics of it in the show. Just wonderful!

07-03-2014, 05:19 PM
I am glad I got to see this one in real life... much better than online. :thumbsup:

Your jelly-feesh are awesome! :D

07-03-2014, 06:41 PM
Fantastic work!


07-03-2014, 07:11 PM
Stunning art piece aside, I LURVE the blue paw lol!

07-03-2014, 07:33 PM
LOL at the blue hand & paw!

Thanks for sharing your process, Maxime! You did a wonderful job creating this magical piece.

07-03-2014, 07:43 PM
Yes, thanks so much Maxime!

07-03-2014, 07:50 PM
One of my favorites of what I saw in the show. Very outside the box. Love it!

Harry Seymour
07-03-2014, 08:13 PM
Great work Maxime.

07-03-2014, 08:40 PM
Thank you for sharing these, Maxime. The process shots are great and I had to laugh at the dog's foot. The piece in real life at the show was spectacular.

07-03-2014, 08:54 PM
Beautiful, hypnotic...

07-03-2014, 10:35 PM
I once saw live jellyfish swimming and I found them breathtaking, mesmerizing, and poignant.

Your scratchboard brings forward the same feelings as I mentioned above. It's truly beautiful and really captures the delicate nature of the jellyfish. Wonderfully done!

By the way, I laughed when I saw that blue-stained doggie foot. :lol:

07-04-2014, 08:11 AM
Enjoyed your process and WIP. Grinned, not laughing, at the hand and paw, but know it was a mess to clean up. The piece is other worldly and quite beautiful.

07-04-2014, 07:16 PM
I'm so glad you posted these progress shots. This one really grabbed me when I saw the show photos. Love it.

07-04-2014, 07:57 PM
Thanks for posting the WIPs, Maxime. This one especially had to be seen in person to feel the sensuous quality of the entire board. Magical work!

07-05-2014, 12:44 PM
This is so creative. And stunning. I'm sorry I missed the show. (I keep saying that every time I see photos of the artwork that was part of it). Great job, Maxime.

07-06-2014, 07:24 AM
Oh superb! Absolutely superb and so different. Great!

07-06-2014, 04:51 PM
Superb indeed, Maxime, and inspirational as well....I feel a monochrome color custom car piece coming on....assuming I can find someone with an airbrush......
Seriously...this could be almost as cool as yours!

07-06-2014, 10:29 PM
Yes, very creative and very nice.

07-08-2014, 09:27 PM
LOVE seeing your process on this lovely piece. Thanks so much for sharing.