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Shirl Parker
05-01-2014, 12:10 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our monthly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives! I hope you will all chime in and look forward to hearing about them.


CM Neidhofer
05-01-2014, 02:07 AM
Remember this pic, Robert? You commented at one time how much you liked it. My granddaughter Saundra and her kitty, Gadget. Well, that was then...


And this is now! Gadget is three and Saundra will be four July 1!


05-02-2014, 01:28 PM
Oh purr! Both of them are so beautiful. I love that cat. Your cat's wonderful and look how she's grown! Both of them have grown so much and both have such sweet faces, wonderful photos!

My best friend and her partner found out my old Kindle - the little black and white one with the inbuilt tiny keyboard - was dying. So when they got a huge bonus from work, they upgraded their equipment, gave away their old equipment to several other friends and instead of passing on an old netbook as I'd been asked if I wanted, they bought me a new Kindle Fire HDX! 32 gig! A sale coincided with the bonus being bigger than expected and I am so totally stunned.

The camera in it is 8 megapixels. That was the cutoff size for "large enough to do as decent resolution as a film camera" according to an article I read over a decade ago comparing pro level cameras. They get better all the time and playing with this one, I agree with it. Aside from the obvious, that if I had to pay for developing or use B&W film and do it myself, I'd never be able to do enough to get even half decent with photography.

Here's my latest cool Ari picture. I cropped and resized in Gimp, then I did darken by two steps but that was all. It was just slightly overexposed and looked nice even with that, but darkening helped make the back of his head a little more distinct.


I was going to post the raw image from the Kindle itself because it does look good even without the Gimp treatment, but it was too large for the site to resize it. The color in this is amazing. I got tired of having him come out bright chrome yellow in photos because the light from the ceiling fixture is a bit warm and yellowish. It's not that extreme! This is backlit from the window and lit from above with the warmer light.

Love my fuzzy boy of course, but also love this camera! Many more kitty pics to come and definitely better art pics with truer color. If he came out this true in color my pastels will too.

I also put Sketchbook Mobile on it like the phone and find the big screen a lot easier to work with. So there's my insanely happy news for May Day! I had a wonderful May Day and am looking forward to one of the best months of the year right now!

It got blistering hot outside but my building stays a comfortable temperature inside, especially in the hallway, whether it's hot or cold. Cool in the heat and not much colder when it's bitter cold out. So I'm glad I stayed in because everyone who did go out came in sweating and complaining.

Oh and as usual anyone who wants to paint Ari from this, enjoy!

05-12-2014, 08:31 AM
Christine- Your grandaughter is beautiful. I hope you get to spend a lot of time with her.

Robert- Kindle- NICE! And as always, Ari is looking handsome. I'm glad you have him for company.

I've been absent for a while. Working in watercolor mostly since my last eye surgury. I was worried about possible dust in my incisions. I sold one of them
11x11"- I cropped it in some when I framed it.

So I spent part of that money on a mat cutter. I wish I had bought one 2 years ago. I got a Logan 350. I can't believe how easy it is to cut mats. It would have saved me from "making due" with so many pre-cut mats. Highly recommended. Bought at Jerry's, on sale, no tax, no shipping, with a discount for 89$. a couple of mats later, I think it paid for itself already.

My second eye surgury is tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll be glad when it's over. I am still in awe from the last one. Once this one is done, hopefully without any complications, I can get back to pastels and everything else. I'm still trying to prepare for the worst, so I'm geting meals cooked, cleaning done, and rides lined up for the next couple weeks.

CM Neidhofer
05-15-2014, 04:23 PM
Almost ashamed to post this in a pastel forum, but I guess we gotta start somewhere!! My Granddaughter Saundra having a busy day of painting and catching lizards!



05-16-2014, 01:29 PM
Christine, what a great pair of photos! Saundra is so cute and so is the lizard, it's a pretty one. Way cool to post her in the pastel talk, she'll get to pasteling soon enough. Might be at the age where sidewalk chalk is the start but she'll probably love pastels.

DB, wow, gorgeous watercolor painting. So happy to hear about your second eye surgery too, hope it went fantastic well and you're recovering fast! That is so incredible.

Congratulations on your mat cutter! Yep, I bet it paid for itself already. Mat cutting is fun. Not only can you forget the cost of precut mats now but you can also use custom shapes a whole lot easier. I used to like doing odd shapes of window within standard frame outer sizes, that and multi-layer mats. Fancy cuts were so easy with the Logan too. The 350 is a better one than my first Logan, which was the Compact and couldn't handle a 40" board.

I have a new acquisition too, finally, after years and years of drooling at it, the combination of my slowly saving up spending money and Dakota running a sale hit together. I just ordered the 120 color Unisons half stick set. I love my Unisons but get frustrated not having any purples in the set. I've used Unisons from beginning to end in a painting sometimes.

I should probably actually shell out for their handmade chart for the brand someday too if I add to the collection with open stock. They keep adding new colors still and John's Summer Set was tempting too, but I was really happier with the 120 half sticks even if some could duplicate my 72 assortment. The more the merrier and if I feel like I'm not going to run out, tend to relax and work larger.

I am going to have so much fun with them. Definitely looking forward to the package!

05-17-2014, 07:31 AM
Christine- you can bring her over to the dusty side later. I do love to see kids paint. I always tryed to keep my neices and nephews in art supplies. I think it's really important to let them make a mess and create.

Robert- Thank you. I've been taking a series of photos of spring blossoms in vases to try and do more similar to it. I'll be working in watercolor and acrylic until I heal up. no dust for now.

Yeah! for the 120 1/2 stick set. I drolled over that too. There are a couple good purples in the "special collection" set, but they don't have many. I still haven't broken the Unisons I have, just can't do it. a half stick would solve that problem. IF I come into a good sale while not being broke, I've been eyeing the John's summer, the orange and the shadows sets. Dreaming big here.

Eye surgury didn't go as well as the last one. I'm a little worried. I had very little bruising and redness from the first one, this one looks like I took a right hook. The whites of my eye are over half deep blood red, bruising on my cheek and nose. There is a lot of what I think is blood floating around inside that will hopefully all reabsorb. I'm wondering if I woke up fighting in the middle of surgury and damaged something. I'll see the surgeon in a couple days to find out. Not panicing yet, but getting concerned. I think the first surgury was a best case, this one may still be normal.

05-17-2014, 08:20 PM
I hope all that blood and bruising is just temporary, that it's not going to cause any long term trouble. That sounds awful, but it could just be that you were lucky the first time and bruising like that is what's normal. I hope you can see better.

I had something happen once that turned the white of my eye blood red, it lingered for a while but didn't affect my vision. I also saw this guy that got punched in the eye get that along with the black eye. It does reabsorb, your body clears it up eventually. Wish I could remember how long it took but that was back when I was a high school kid and it's really hard to remember.

Heh you chose the same ones I was dreaming of. John's Summer Set is gorgeous, those colors are a great range that looked floral to me. 8 Shadows is darn handy and that set's very small. I used to have it but it got packed in the wrong box when I moved and didn't make it to San Francisco, so I'm back to "no violet Unisons" again till the box arrives. I'm not worried about overlap if it matches some of the violets in the half sticks set because those are so useful and I use violets all the time in landscapes.

Oranges set is one I remember Charlie raving over years ago. I wasn't sure I'd use that many oranges but the longer I paint, the more useful they are. Lots of tints in that set. Could see doing a painting in oranges, greens and violets, that'd be fun.

05-18-2014, 08:31 AM
Robert- I'm hoping it will start to clear soon too. I won't know how well I can really see until I can quit using all the eye drops. one is to keep it dialated overexposing everything. I still have some debris and clouding but they said it could take a while. I had the bandage taken off the day after surgury and didn't look at my eye until a couple hours later. I wish I would have seen it before I left the office to ask questions. I would have felt better.
I'm wondering what kind of hit it would take to make the white of the eye that red. Must be a "guy thing" my husband said it happened to him too.

I suplimented my violets with Great Americans. They had a bunch of nice ones. I thought the Unison Orange set would be nice for fall trees here. I did promise myself no more supplies until I sell some stuff. The watercolor I sold justified the mat cutter. I keep hearing from artists that no one buys art around here, I'm wondering if that is true.

The mat cutter is going to open a lot of possibilities for me. I'm still trying to stay with ready made frames for economy, but now I can mat a 7x10 nicely in an 11x14. And 8x12 in a 12x16. I have a bunch of mats I'm going to change out when I the 53 peices I have displayed back home. I'm kind of looking forward to it. The Michaels here has rag matboard in stock so I can pick the colors. Ok maybe I'm a little too excited.....

I tryed to paint a little yesterday. I can do it in short intervuls, the eye strain still gives me headaches. I guess I am pushing it a little. I haven't been able to paint without black lines moving down my vision for 18 years. I'm a little impatient to see what that's like.

Shirl Parker
06-01-2014, 12:02 AM
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