View Full Version : DB has new Rembrandt 120 half stick sets

SAS Designs
04-08-2014, 05:25 PM
Just in case anyone is tempted, DB now has a Rembrandt 120 half stick set, as well as a NEW Rembrandt 40 DARK COLORS half stick set. Both, as of today, can be purchased using the 20% off coupon on website for purchases over $99. free mailing too. Most of the other Rembrandt sets aren't subject to coupon discount. Coupon is good until 4/10.
Maybe I should have put this in Art Addicts Anonymous :)
Thinking with the Rembrandt 120 half stick box, and the Sennelier Parisian 120 half stick box, anyone would be ready for Plein Air ( if we ever get a Spring!) Here in Western MA we still have some snow on the ground. :(

04-11-2014, 04:27 AM
Oh no kidding! That'd be a fantastic combination for plein air. Or either by itself, but Senneliers are very soft to use as the only brand in a painting. I'm tempted and have other budget items preventing new supplies for a while. Need to edit and sell the dang novels so I can get supplies again!

SAS Designs
04-14-2014, 06:48 PM
Rob, sell the novels :-) Just got the 120 Rembrandt half sticks, they are gorgeous! Amazing price - as 20% off of $99. is still on DB ( free postage) I hpe you can treat yourself.
Have asked DB to send me a "sample" of their Artist Soft Pastels. Such mixed reviews of them, really would like to fill in some "medium" colors & their price is so good, if they're creamy enough. I still love my Mt. Visions, but find they're feeling more "chalky" to me.