View Full Version : Digital Art Showcase - Please read

03-18-2014, 03:23 AM
This is the place to showcase your digital work of any kind: work in progress, finished work, work that you would like a critique or advice on, or anything that you just want to showcase.

Tell us about your technique and what programs you used
Since digital art can be quite diverse, we ask that you tell us a little about your process and what programs you used.

Tell us about your source of inspiration
If you used a reference photo from the Wetcanvas photo library or someone else's photo (with permission, of course) it would be nice to give the photographer/contributor credit. If you are asking for a critique or help with the piece, it might be helpful to include the reference so we understand what you were working from.

If you want a critique, or help with a specific question about your work, please ask.
We have lots of knowledgable people who will critique your work if requested. Since the Critique Forum here on Wetcanvas does not accept digital work, it is important that we provide the opportunity if you ask for it.

In replying to posts, please don't critique unless requested
[I]Some people may be reluctant to post if they are fearful of criticism, so unless a critique is requested, please just remain positive and encouraging.