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02-24-2014, 08:17 PM
Although I couldn't get a good photo, I thought I'd post what I finished today. It's the seventh piece in a Jazz Series I've been working on. 36x48x1.5 acrylic on canvas. Thanks for looking! :wave: Kim C&C always welcome.


02-24-2014, 10:49 PM
Wow! Very nice work. I love how they are faceless! Great colours

02-24-2014, 11:24 PM
GREAT work!

chammi kaiser
02-25-2014, 05:47 AM
I really like this Kim. Great style and lightness about it. Love the colours.

Magdalena Ladwik
02-25-2014, 09:02 AM
Looking at this painting I can feel the" foggy atmosphere " of jazz band playing on the stage. Absolutely interesting

02-25-2014, 11:38 AM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Feb-2014/149321-trumpet_player.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Feb-2014/149321-horn_player_.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Feb-2014/149321-Jazz_Trio.jpg

Thank you! Here are a few other pieces in the series. I've been having a blast with this body of work. Trumpet player 36x48; Sax Player 30x48; Jazz Trio 48x72. I just sold Jazz Trio so that is pretty exciting!

Kim :wave:

Magdalena Ladwik
02-25-2014, 01:41 PM
Very nice series indeed

02-27-2014, 12:57 PM
I like this. :thumbsup:

Very original.


02-27-2014, 01:00 PM
I like them all!

Charlie's Mum
02-27-2014, 01:58 PM
It's a very good and interesting series Kim.

02-27-2014, 02:44 PM
Kim, I love these paintings, they certainly say "Jazz", and your color design and sense of depth are just amazing! And I know you used a knife, since you mentioned it before :) They are so moody, atmospheric and it feels like I'm in a club listening to them!!
I like the clarinet player painting the very best, it just pops right out of its space!!

02-28-2014, 04:30 PM
very cool work, great atmosphere and because they are faceless it's all about the music