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02-05-2014, 03:09 PM
For many years I have painted traditional, with oil. Then, I went on to play around with art digitally .. the programs I use are Photoshop and Painter .. I have done clones, photo manipulations and all kinds of digital art in the past 12 years, but my favorite thing to do is to start with a blank canvas, much as I would do with traditional oil .. and then just go from there. This past year, I haven't done much digitally, but am off now .. attempting to learn watercolor. Whatever medium it is, I think for me it is about a constant journey of learning. Thanks for peeking in.

I am apologizing for the huge "watermark". Because of people like those who post at Pinterest and insist on taking things that don't belong to them .. I'm just going to slap a huge watermark on everything I post here so that the images won't be of any interest to them. Thanks for understanding.



Leslie F.
02-05-2014, 04:12 PM
Beautiful! Wonderful light!


02-05-2014, 04:36 PM
Thanks so much for very kind words .. love to just play with that paint .. be it digital or traditional! :>) Hugs...Charlie

Leslie F.
02-05-2014, 05:43 PM
And digital requires less clean-up! I may have to paint digitally with cats on my lap, but at least they don't drink the rinse water or walk through the palette! Nor do I have to clear the table at the end of the day....

02-05-2014, 06:00 PM
what a beautiful work of art,you must to have lots of fun creating it ....good luck down the road,......its pertty cool

02-06-2014, 05:57 AM
Great use of color and composition.

02-06-2014, 10:01 AM
:wave: Welcome. This is a lovely work of art..I like the steps you showed. I like digital paining too, as well as traditional. I also noticed you had the look of painted on canvas. :thumbsup:


02-06-2014, 11:08 AM

02-06-2014, 03:58 PM
Thank you LavenderFrost .. Lucy the canvas is a texture from Deviantart that is applied as the final layer .. downsized if needed (in fact, I left the texture a wee bit too large on this one) .. and then the blend mode of that canvas or watercolor layer is changed to multiply and then the opacity played with. I've been dinkling with digital art for a little over 10 year now and am still struggling to get it under control! LOL! .. much like traditional watercolor .. I don't think another 50 years of painting would allow me to learn it all!!! .. thanks Ari, and Pixs I love snow .. so a snowy road leading home is fine with me! .. Leslie some days I just need the smell of the turpentine or the watercolors all over my shirt! :>) ... then, it's fun to dinkle digitally again! .. again, thank you all.

02-06-2014, 08:14 PM
beautiful! lovely lighting.

02-07-2014, 09:34 AM

02-07-2014, 12:03 PM
This is absolutely beautiful, so soft, yet not washed out, it has great values.

I understand about the watermark. The internet makes it too easy today for work to be taken and prints to be sold. It's a really big concern for artists.


02-07-2014, 05:25 PM
Stunning!! I'm particularly drawn to the lighter area far down the path - I want to go there :)

02-13-2014, 12:00 PM
Ahhh...Kezulos .. that light area, far down the path? .. that's where home is! :>) ... and, we all want to "go home"! .. thank you for kind words .. thank you
Elainepsq..my only reason for the watermark is a "pinterestprotest"! LOL!
Also, thank you Bryn and b'anna .. I just wish that I had downsized the size of the watercolor paper overlay .. oh well, it's always something, isn't it? .. Again, thank you all.

02-13-2014, 11:55 PM
Beautiful and it could be the road by my house :D , You make me think I should go back to my Painter prog. . In ArtRage you can put the texture on the bottom layer and then paint on or above it and the texture will show through and reduce or enlarge the grain and roughness

05-23-2015, 07:53 PM
Oh I really love this!! The colours you have chosen are so subtle. It's a really pleasing painting to look at! :)

05-24-2015, 02:08 AM
I totally agree with you that your paintings should not copied and then be used commercially (without your permission), however some of us perhaps do not have or obtained the skill to create and need to watch others at work.

I congratulate you on a very nice painting and imaginary scene.

05-27-2015, 03:05 PM
Love it! :) beautiful background light.
Charliemae if you would like to try watercolors, try Rebelle, it's a new app with unique real watercolors, maybe you will like it. (I am a creator of Rebelle) :)

05-28-2015, 11:20 AM
Beautiful, looks like a real watercolor painting.

05-28-2015, 03:16 PM
The first three images on the page are very instructive, thanks for the visual tips!