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12-21-1999, 10:55 AM
I am working on a wolf piece for a Christmas present; and, needless to say, I am coming down to the wire. I have the colors I want laid in; but, I am unsure how to get a 'fur' effect. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to paint fur with watercolor?


God Bless!

Drew Davis
12-21-1999, 02:25 PM
Fur is soft; it has lots of soft edges, plus a bit of texture.

You could try scraping. You can use your fingernails, the handle of a brush (possibly sharpened), a single-edge razor blade, or even a dry, stiff bristle brush, to make linear marks. Scrape into the paper when the wash is wet, and the paint has a tendency to fill in the cuts and make darker lines. Scrape when the wash is dry, and you can get back to white, or lighter staining colors underneath. The various tools will disturb the paper to various degrees; a bristle brush won't do much more than disturb your wash, while razor blades can dig holes into the paper.

Another technique would be drybrushing. Load the brush lightly, and wipe it on a rag or paper towel so there's little paint left. Then, with light pressure, render your texture across the surface of the paper with just the edge or point of the brush. You can try splaying the brush out into scattered hairs (best done with one of your old ones), or scumble a bit with the side of the brush.

Either way, you just have to suggest the texture in a few places on the form. There's no need to draw every hair.