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Silent Jaguar
12-19-2013, 05:53 PM
Hi all. This is just a sketchpad of ideas and not 'graphic art' because that is a different forum and topic completely. I'm just wondering if anyone else here has a digital journal in lieu of a traditional sketchpad. This drawing was made on the Moleskine App on an iPad mini, which I primarily use as a traditional journal, in other words, formulate and try out ideas before taking it to the easel. Do you too?


12-19-2013, 07:40 PM
Well I did not know there was such a thing, sounds clever.:thumbsup: I am waaaay behind on tech- no "i-anything" yet. I do like your sketch here very much. Very clever subject matter and looks like a ... sketch!!:cool:

12-20-2013, 01:48 PM
Welcome Jaguar to the Art Journal forum. Great digital sketch. There were some people doing some interesting things digitally several months ago. Haven't seen anything show up recently except yours.

12-23-2013, 06:43 PM
I haven't done any digital stuff recently but do like creating work on the computer. I have shown it here. Dour does too.

Silent Jaguar
01-04-2014, 06:23 PM
Hi and thank you Candace, Debby and Vivien. I love the endless paper the digital world provides. Basically, I can draw and make all the mistakes in the world, but everyone in the house doesn't have to see the mess until I put it on canvas! Hahaha! :)