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09-20-2003, 10:21 AM
I've been struggling with the difference of having 'natural' inborn talent to drawing ... and wanting to be able to draw. I placed a post in the 'debate' area ... but thought it would be good to discuss it here also.

Bear with me as I try to explain:

I admire and somewhat envy those who can take up a pencil and just draw a character with great expression ... without hardly trying ... my father was one of those folks ... my son is too, except he's not as good as my father was. My ex-husband, my son's father ... was also great at graphic design ... without much effort. There are MANY talented folks here, that just seem to have that 'knack' to putting on paper ... what they see or think, in their head.

Now .. take me. :D

I feel I need to create ... but not sure what ... because as I've been trying all the forms of art .. different mediums, forms and styles ... I get confused. I enjoy many of them ... some I don't like or STINK at completely ... and some I enjoy ALLOT, and they make me smile ...

BUT: I struggle so with what I'd LOVE to do ... which is draw whimsical characters (animals, people, etc.) I have all these ideas of what I'd like to put together ... but even as I practice, I notice that I only have certain abilities that come natural ... the others I struggle with and just don't have it!

Do I continue to try and learn those areas which I want to accomplish ... and display ... or do I continue to try and find 'my' area 'my' niche? I feel sometimes, that the drawing IS my niche, because it makes me smile when I get a character that I am happy with ... but it just seems that it takes SO much effort, and it's still not what I envision.

NOW ... here's what I did this morning. I just drew a character very quickly, that took NO effort ... and no thought. I'm going to attach it here ... as I look at it, it almost looks like something a child would draw ... yet with a little more character. PLEASE pay no attention to his left hand! LOL!! I wonder then, am I just NOT an artist ... or am I just NOT meant to draw?

Or does this drawing show SOME talent and potential? UGH!

I'm also going to attach a drawing/watercolor painting .. that I took time to do ... more effort and thought. Does it seem to show more talent there ... or is the character that I took no thought on ... show 'natural talent?

OK ... I'm starting to confuse myself! LOL!! I'd better stop now.

Your thoughts? Comments? Throw it all out there ...


PS: Wanted to add: It makes me REALLY happy when I draw a character that makes another person laugh, smile ... or just chuckle. That's what it's all about for me. That, and the amount of time I spend on this forum ... must mean SOMETHING! :rolleyes:



09-20-2003, 11:03 AM
Hi dd:)
Im new here on wc, but I already love this place.
This is my humble opinion to natural talent verses skills..lol
I started painting with oil when I was 8 years old cause my granmother was a landscape artist, and was running classes etc , so it was a part of my upbringing, and I had what they called natural talent, in seeing and tranfering it to the canvas from I was a child. This is figurative, classic art though
What I lacked though was patience, control and ofcourse allot of knowledge about the medium and equipement.
What I learned in my opinion( many disagree with me) that talent was just 10% or less, experience, knowledge,patience, love for art, and beeing willing to work hard at learning was everything.
I might be wrong, but I always belived that anyone can learn and everyone can be great artists if they have this great love for it and are willing to learn and work hard..
I can spend 20 hours on one drawing 50 x70 cm large, if I spend 40 it will be even better, and the more you paint and draw the better you learn to see, and the more you see the better you can draw or paint.
Now art is my first love, and where ever I am or whatever I do, I see shades, values, subjects, when we take a drive I always look for shapes in the clouds, how the light reflects the water, the movement in nature..its my passion.
At night before I go to sleep I visualize paintings, I twist and turn them in my mind, change the colours and light,..it always take me an hour to fall asleep.Each painting or drawing makes you better, your eyes , your imagination and each work of art is a great teacher in how to develope.
Sometimes it can be frustrating when you dont know how to do what you see in your mind, or to try to find information about something you want to learn, but love for art is much stronger than the frustration.
So in my opinion you can use any material you want, as long as you learn every little secret it holds,and make it an extension of you, and not let it be a stranger that controls you and have its own will too much.
Each work of art isnt seperate from you its an extension of you.
Both yr pictures is of you, and both shows something of you, so I dont think anyone should limit themselves to any style or medium, let the love for art set you free.

Art is selfdevelopement,if I ask you its you, if you ask me, its me -afacan-

Just some crazy thoughts from someone who loves art


09-20-2003, 12:51 PM
Dee, I know you're struggling with this, & I applaud your efforts at knowing that one of your prime motivations, or one of your values, is to make people smile. It really does show in your work.

I think your work would be well received as illustrations for children's books, or the greeting card industry. Your work has that whimsical style that suits that particular type of art field. The work I've seen of yours here is as good as any in that realm.

But whatever you do, don't give up on exploring anything that really appeals to you creatively. Artists are all made up of different stuff... & while some have a clear focus & direction, others need the play in order to learn more about themselves & their creative abilities.

I suck at any musical instrument. I'm focussed on nature & realism, because it's the combination of two passions... I write a little poetry, & I can write essays or articles, but I can't write a fictional novel to save my life. ;)

I hope you've tried the Artist's Way. It was a real revelation to me in discovering more about myself the first time I did it back in 96.

09-20-2003, 01:50 PM

I find drawing comes fairly easily to me now, but in the beginning had to work very hard drawing lines, ellipses, getting perspective right and so on. It might be fair to say that talent is necessary, but for some of us the discipline of training is crucial. I think that would be true for most people in that we have to learn using our minds to harness the talent. If we do, the the unconscious behaves as we would wish.

The things you love are surely the things to paint. So who said doing art was easy anyway. Keep on pushing and it seems that you are going to whatever, and you will find your way. It looks to me as if nothing's going to stop you.

Stoy Jones
09-21-2003, 01:17 PM
I agree with dodger about what we are made of and we all differ. I think you shouldn't allow difficulties in producing good work to measure your abilities and talent.

Cartoons come more natural to me than the other mediums I'm currently trying, but I still do struggle with certain aspects of cartooning as if it is something new in itself. I do on occasion beat my head on the wall and say, "I should be doing better, because this normally comes easy to me!" Is this a matter of perfectionism, maybe, but being picky and doubtful of my work propels me to improve. In my opinion, complacency can be the death of one's work.

I like both pics you posted and they both show a born talent. Stylized, that they are, it is how you use them for books, cards, etc. that makes them good and fit well for a particular project, whatever that may be. I think you are really 'wanting' to improve. Lean on that and push a little.:)


09-22-2003, 10:05 PM

I absolutely cannot draw and hate it but I LOVE to paint......so I have to find a way to do that without negating myself

I think we have to do whatever "trips our triggers" and "lights our fires"....so go for it

Your drawings are charming