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11-30-2013, 09:44 PM

Welcome the the Goal Post. Goal setting is a very good tool to help people get organized. If you write or post your thoughts, you are more committed and have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Your goals can be short term or long term. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals. Goals are personal, so everybody's goals will be different. They are your goals, so you can do what ever you want.

Come join the regular gang and get encouragement to help you reach your goals. We have a very friendly group and we are always looking for new people to join us.


11-30-2013, 10:00 PM
Purr! Ready to set December Goals!

1) Finish "Steampunk Twins" and come up with a better title.
2) Paint something awesome with metallic Pan Pastels and write the review plus a cool "using metallics" tutorial.
3) Finally paint a Wombat in a Garden for my dear Australian friend who's waited patiently for years.
4) Do some art, participate in Spotlight and that sort of thing.
5) Edit "Chazho" and work on my 2014 plans
6) Do some art and some writing every week.

Ambitious month. But I put off a lot in order to get Nanowrimo done and the weather really did me in. I'd like to start getting going on the things I wanted to get done in October. Or erm, years ago. Very glad she commented on an LJ post to ask about the Wombat.

12-01-2013, 05:57 AM
Hi Doug and thanks for starting the thread.
A fine set of goals there Robert and good luck. Don't forget Christmas comes in this month and will take up time.
Well done on last month's Peg.
I have had a think about some goals and have only included those I think I can accomplish (sez he :lol:) Unscheduled things do have a habit of spoiling a good run don't they :clear:.

December Goals: Christmas this month so goals adjusted accordingly.

art related:-

Do some more work on the pastel box
Attend a Christmas card pastel W/shop in Southampton
attend 2 more pastel portrait classes before the Christmas holls
take part in the Christmas card exchange (with 17 others)
observe JV's next two lessons. Do one of JV's paintings following his lessons

Non art related goals:-

prepare house for guests at the weekend
prepare and cook for nine as a Christmas Lunch on the 22nd of December. SWMBO has decided it's to be Burgundy Beef. This I can manage in the slow cookers. Trial run today to make sure it tastes OK.

go to Bexhill and get measured for some arrows for the re-curve bow. Order a dozen. Takes up half a day to get there, do the deal and return. My Christmas present to self.
Take SWMBO's grandson's car to Seaford for its first service on Wednesday (08:30 20 miles away!). He is a student teacher and does a higher mileage than us retirees. Best of luck all and a merry Christmas.

12-01-2013, 06:19 PM
Robert- Thanks for getting us started. You have a good set of goals to keep you busy for the month. Writing and art seem to be a good combination for you. Good luck with your goals and your health.

Jim- Cooking for nine? That's when I call in the troops for help. I also find a bottle of wine usually helps the chef.:D You have a good set of goals for a hectic month. Good luck with the goals and the progress on the box.

My goals for December are:

1) Prepare homemade ground using gesso and pumice and apply it to hardboard panels and use at least one panel for a painting.

2) Work at least three hours a day for five days a week on the small Abstract Winter Landscape course. The course runs from Dec 6 to Dec 20.

3) Paint two more paintings 9 x 12 or larger.

4) Watch the Bob Davies watercolour course and get everything ready to start the course in January.


Sarah Rose
12-01-2013, 08:04 PM
I'd like to do some courses at some point, I think I am far enough along that I would pick up some stuff.

We don't celebrate Christmas, I do my best to ignore it and all associated behaviors, like shopping. So December for me is a great month to be in the studio, and I don't have to spend all that money or lose the time. We had a traditional Thanksgiving so that was enough, and it was very realizing with a friend and her creative smart daughter.

I would like to try to keep painting on a regular schedule, I really need to mentally set that time aside. I do well if all I do all day every day is paint, but I have to get back to my sculpting and it can be challenging to fit two arting activities into each day. It can be mentally draining.

I need to sort/organize my pastels, too, and the figure out what new ones I need. I have read a bunch on that here on WC...just need to do it now.

12-01-2013, 08:13 PM
Robert good set of goals. Hope you can keep healthy this time of year.
Jim, wow dinner for nine. Good luck. That's a lot to do before Christmas.
Doug, as usual thanks for setting up and hosting.

Goals make cards from my Christmas painting and write letter. ( already running late)
Send off all the cards!
Try for a spotlight and get in some painting and sketching.
Survive the christmas trip to Chicago and Grands without picking up crud or injury!!
Seems enough for now.:lol:

12-01-2013, 09:45 PM
Hello to all!..

Well, my NOVEMBER was such an interesting month that I didn't even have time to post any goals... It was work, work, work...
Now in December I'm not going to kill myself. Seriously... one of the main goals would be to take it easy. Is that a goal?... :angel:

Now art-related stuff...[/B

Two main things - attend reception at my New Hope's art gallery, what is holding one of biggest at East Coast 6x6" fine art shows. I have 6 paintings in, 3 are pastels... would be nice to see official opening etc.:clap: :clap: :clap:

The second will be attend watercolor workshop with my beloved teacher Larry Lombardo. Glad he is teaching and painting again... he was away of both for a while. This is local event, not that much of an effort involved.

Hopefully I can take my time and put a proposal for local art-center on 1-2 workshops what I can do for them next summer.

Then I'm hosting landscape challenge on WC for this month. Some beautiful stuff posted for references, welcome to be a part of it!

Paint. Something. I care less what.
Pay my dues here and there...
I wish I can say "sell a lot", but it is not really up to me. :crossfingers:

Non- art stuff:
End of year kennel paperwork.
Do more of dog grooming.
Star finally do something with that blog for our finches.
Perhaps start of some exercise program, I feel like Momma Bear at hibernation period. :o :o

12-01-2013, 10:42 PM
Oooh purr! So many great goals. December's going to be a good month. I didn't put Yuletide Crafts on there but it's always an option.

Doug, I didn't answer a couple of things you posted on last month's goals thread, so here goes.

No, the guy I had trouble with was not the great carpenter. He showed up on Tuesday with the great carpenter. Now I'm not sure I'll ever see the great carpenter again, but, on Tuesday he put shelves in my junky bookcase that had none, so he did his project while the new bloke cleaned up and I ran around like a maniac getting ahead of him. Ow ow. I need to call again tomorrow and make sure I don't get the wrong guy again, because that will just set me even farther behind.

Second thing I forgot to answer. YES! Glad you ordered the Bob Davies watercolor course. I bought it a few months before I moved and it totally rocks. Lots of DVDs, very good lessons all the way through and there is a website with forums to discuss your progress and post the painting projects. His instruction helped me to get past things I hated about watercolor and could not do for the life of me. Most of the wet in wet techniques were an uncontrollable nightmare till I got that course. Well worth the money, you won't regret it.

CM Neidhofer
12-02-2013, 02:56 AM
Goals for December: Just recover from the second cataract surgery and hopefully enjoy a visit with my son from Denver. Painting again as soon as both eyes are clear again! Not a lot of time now that I'm working again, and I know I'm absolutely rusty. Might be a little while before I can post anything worth looking at!

CM Neidhofer
12-02-2013, 02:58 AM
Well I tried to make a post, but WC says there was a data base error or I followed an invalid link! Getting late now. I'll try another time.

And now it posts! Nite nite.

12-02-2013, 06:33 AM
Hi there Doug.
Nice set of goals.

Jim- Cooking for nine? That's when I call in the troops for help. I also find a bottle of wine usually helps the chef.:D You have a good set of goals for a hectic month. Good luck with the goals and the progress on the box.
I call for help when it's from kitchen to dining room time.
I call the toddy 'chef's perks' Hic :clap::wave::clear::lol:

My goals for December are:

4) Watch the Bob Davies watercolour course and get everything ready to start the course in January.
Now that would be nice to follow - I wonder if our portrait group will be up to watercolours by then? I know we do watercolours and acrylics. Then oils in the summer.
Best of luck with the other goals

12-02-2013, 03:54 PM
Sara Rose- I understand what you mean about being far enough along your artistic journey to make it worth while taking a course. I think you pick things up that you are ready to understand and other things might be over your head, but a year or two down the road you understand the other things. I just watched a watercolour foundation course on Art Tutor that I watched two years ago. Back then I picked up a few things, but yesterday I understood most of what the tutor was saying. I guess what I a trying to say is, you are always ready to take a course. You will get something out of it and other things will click down the road. That is just my two cents (Canadian:) ) worth.

Sorting your pastels is a great idea. You will know where everything is. Good luck with finding a happy balance between your painting and sculpting. It sounds like you will be very productive this month.:thumbsup:

Jen- Another month that includes the grand kids.:thumbsup: The Christmas cards sounds like a great idea. I bet people love getting them. Have a great month!

Tatiana- The reception and watercolor workshop both sound like fun. I will have to pop over to the Landscape channel to check out the challenge. I think it is that time of the year again to start thinking about exercising. I know how you feel. My jeans seem to be shrinking.:clear: Good luck with your goals.

Robert- Thanks for your opinion on the Bob Davies course. Just watching his foundation course on Art Tutor has given me hope of learning this medium. He explains things in plain English and shows you everything involved in the process. I a looking forward to the more involved course.

Great news on the new shelves! I hope you get to keep him and get rid of the other guy. You don't need any more stress in your life. Sometime two people just don't get along. My fingers are crossed for you.:crossfingers:

Christine- Good luck on recovering from cataract surgery. I hope all goes well for you and you are back painting soon.

Jim- There has to be some fringe benefits for the chef, but a little too much can mean a very late dinner.:lol:

I am adding another goal that has to dd with getting ready for the watercolour course.

5) Prepare tints, tones and colour mixing watercolour charts.


12-02-2013, 09:46 PM
Yay! Another month for setting and completing goals!

You are all going to laugh at me. I don't have the finances at the moment for any kind of classes, so I went through the inner-library loan and got every pastel book available for miles around! :rolleyes: I've got about forty books coming my way in the next couple weeks! :clap: I'm looking forward to getting into some new "real" techniques and exercises.

My goals for December are:
1) Choose a picture for the Spotlight and get it completely finished
2) Try at least two paintings (probably small ones) using techniques that I either have never used or am not comfortable with.
3) Try one of the above paintings without blending with my fingers! :D

I don't have many goals, but I also have a TON of things planned!

Wow Robert, I always enjoy seeing your input. You always have such a positive attitude! I can't wait to see the results of your Pan Pastels. That's one of the things I'm hoping to get for Christmas, and if I don't, I'll probably get a tiny set to play with in the spring. I don't have any yet.

I've been following your progress with your pastel box Jim, and am really looking forward to seeing it finished. I admit with all your classes and workshops, I can be a little jealous! :wink2: Oh, and don't sweat preparing for nine. We prepare for fourteen every meal! (Did I mention I was one of twelve kids? Yeah, I'm still at home, but hey! It's fun!) Need any advice just ask!

Mind if I ask a rather insipid question Doug? You mentioned one of your goals was to prepare your own homemade ground. Do you mean making your own texture to put on paper or another surface to do pastels on? I've only used different papers, and never really thought of using stuff like this. Does it use up pastels more quickly? Three hours per day, five days a week? Wow! I'd love to be able to do that! Maybe in the spring I'll have more time... :crossfingers:

Good luck on the courses, Sarahrose! I can't wait until I'm able to do the same thing. Organizing huh? I admit, I'm kind of an organizing freak. I love to organize! I'm constantly getting new drawers or tackle boxes (great for carrying pastels and keeping them organized!) to organize and re-organize my things! :angel:

Turpintine45, you're brave to be going to Chicago this time of year! The herbalist in me says "Load up on garlic, vitamin c, and echinacea!" I didn't even think about using one of my own paintings for Christmas cards, great idea!

Wow aolaranora, you sure motivate me with all you are working to have in shows and shops. Maybe one day I can be like you... :thumbsup: Good luck with the sales this month!

I hope your eyes clear up quickly and completely CM. My dad just had a similar eye surgery done, and it's taking a little while to get clear vision. You may be rusty, but you can't be that bad! I'm still planning on learning something from each and every one of you! :heart:

My! It's great to have other people to share their goals and make me feel like I'm being held accountable! :clear: I can't believe it's taken me this long to find all of you! :D

12-03-2013, 12:12 AM
Robert, BTW, where we can see any of those Your novels?

Jen - "surviving of Christmas" it is about it for this month. Good luck with yours! Fortunately we don't have many relatives to deal with, but friends and cards... yest, it is on my to-do list us well.

Christine, good luck with Your eyes! be careful with those. cataract surgery is not that simple as some think it is... just went trough it with my dear husband... no fun. Of course his case was not the "normal one". He had two surgeries on his eyes before this one...

Dough, how interesting that we both will be up to some watercolor... Good luck with Yours! I'm rather intimidated with mine...

Rebecca at Your age I lost my job, my family, my first husband and almost lost my head... I had no time to paint, it was survival games what would make a great material for few movies... No painting was involved. I only started painting regularly in 2009 and trust me - You have PLENTY of time to get where I am way before You will reach my age. Just have to stay motivated.

Well, today didn't get far with my goals... painting session was not much success. Made a video with canaries, but not good enough to use it on web site... Not much really accomplished, spent most of day on computer answering various letters and messages. Perhaps tomorrow will be more constructive.

12-03-2013, 11:51 AM
Purr! Thanks, Tatiana! 2014 is when my novels will be out. I'm still not finished with Steampunk Twins - it actually needs a new title structured like Pride & Prejudice, Genius and G.... or Talent and Temperament or something. Actually I might have something with that last, trying to explain the title problem gave me one better than Steampunk Twins. It's the start of a series. Unfortunately the book's not done and my editor just told me I need more than a little epilogue. The personal conflicts - especially with booming fathers - still need to be worked out. So this is going to be lots of fun. Greek gods can dally with mortals, but is she really thinking of marrying one? That's just not done! I'm still having fun with it, but I only got to 50,000 and won the t-shirt.

I want to launch a bunch of books in 2014, move to a full time schedule or as close to it as possible and start shoveling these finished-need-edits books out of my hard drive into the market. The SSI problem's sorted out, I've got some if not all of my experts lined up. Production means Content Editor (main editor) goes through it and I rewrite, then Copy Editor goes through it and I read and okay (checks for spelling errors and bad grammar and obvious mistakes we didn't see), then Proofreader, which is three passes to catch the typo or mistake the rest of us didn't see. Mean time cover artist gets it to create a good professional cover in Photoshop, a medium that I just can't wrap my head around because it's Collage. I can draw in Gimp, digital art isn't the problem. It's "collage" mixing stock photography and choosing models for characters and stuff. At least I have a concept now. Also a banner artist for advertising. Then finally the less expensive but absolutely essential "formatting" editor goes and puts in all the code to make it an actual e-book and send it to Print on Demand, so it has print editions available.

Pretty heavy stuff, but that will let me put out a production as good as anything a major publisher would if they'd bought it and leaves me with a 70% royalty to add to my income streams. Everything goes to the business until I can cut myself $1000 a month in salary. Then phone in and quit SSI and go on doing it.

Chazho is the start of the five book series I wrote in the homeless shelter, one of my best but... I wrote it that long ago and I'm much better at it now. So I'll be editing that up to current skill and modern style. The first half dozen or so will be starts of series or type of books, then I'll go around again with book two of each on what will hopefully evolve to a steady schedule. Cross your fingers on that! lol

I might either have to hold one back to create it or just declare a bad weather gap for November every year if this keeps up with being "worst month of the year in San Francisco." I'll see what happens.

Christine, wow! It's always frustrating catching up after an absence but you have so much to look forward to. You could always warm up with your sketchbook or a series of little pieces just to get your hand reminded what to do and respond to your new eyesight. I wouldn't worry about things not being as good as usual. Sometimes mistakes turn into serendipity. Happens to me more and more since I started accepting them like that and not trashing anything.

Also, I get that message periodically on WC. When it says invalid thread and all that, my post went through but the part of the process that glitched was returning me to the thread to see it. I eventually got that and quit double posting when it happens. Irritating but this is WC where I know glitches happen but love it anyway. It's also intermittent - it'll do that for two days for me and then work fine for a while. Sorry it jumped from me to you. I didn't realize it was contagious!

Jim! I'm awed. Dinner for 9! You are the best. You're lucky I don't live close enough to just invite myself and make it 10! I shudder at the thought of watercolor portraits. Things wayyy beyond me, that. They don't have fur, it makes it hard to do those furless faces with watercolor! Cats of course, dogs with a good reference, even horses, but humans? Really hard getting skin in watercolor without tidemarks looking like they're wearing very strange makeup.

Sarah Rose, I forgot to mention that classes are great even for total beginners. You're not, but it makes for very rapid growth. I've found that classes are good at any level, depends on the instructor. You won't regret it if you get into a good class or workshop. If it's at a college check the instructor though and look at the syllabus. I had some bad ones when I was in college and had to sit through too many prerequisites to get to Life Drawing, only to find that it wasn't offered in my last semester when I could finally take it.

I can see just skipping Christmas. I live alone retired due to disability though, so I do it because I like it. I've got distant grandkids, half the shopping is done but I'm waiting for the right coupon since the kid presents order is only $60 and the current free shipping at $100 would not work with my budget. After that it's decorating for myself if I want to, which is health-based, and watching favorite holiday movies on Netflix or Amazon. Without a long list or a large house or even an apartment, it gets easy to just pick and choose the fun parts. No kitchen = no massive cooking blowout but sadly, no annual homemade cookies that I used to like making or big turkey to eat on for the rest of the month.

Doug, the sad thing about the new guy that I don't get along with is that we would get along if neither of us was sick. Or if even one of us wasn't sick. He has a disability and his symptoms clash with mine. I left numerous messages explaining this but the agency hasn't called me back. I hope they get around to it this morning and that carpenter dude shows up. If they both come today, life's going to get bizarre with a quickness. Though if I get them both I can send "incompatible symptoms guy" to Safeway taking up his entire shift, keep us out of each other's hair, it's top of the month shopping day. Then get carpenter dude doing the bath-and-cleaning stuff and not have to sacrifice that to getting the shopping done. Ever since they cut my hours (cut everyone's), top of the month I lose a bath day.

Yes! That's exactly it about Bob Davies. He puts everything in plain English and explains it thoroughly, tells you why watercolor won't do what you expect it to and what it really does. No one before him ever said "It will dry lighter than you put it on. Compensate for that and paint darker than you want it, because it will always lighten." That was huge in itself. I have so many, many stored watercolors that I might use as pale preliminary sketches for watercolors because they're just way too light, like overexposed photos.

I am having my usual post-November reaction of completely goofing off for a few days, taking a break from the stress. I gave myself no time off during November, when I was awake I was pushing myself to get the book done. Some of this is "Ruminate on the book" but the painting itch and drawing itch are coming back, happily - and no reason not to indulge since that is also rumination on the book! A sort of happy exhaustion.

I bought myself "Puss in Boots" (the sequel to the Shrek series) at Amazon for my birthday gift to self, something I've looked forward to for a long time. Shrek was big when I lived with Kitten and kittenlets, the whole family loves those movies. Now I've got the Cat one, finally saw it yesterday, oh man it is too funny and too good. They are cats. They took over the movie. There's more cats in it. He has a girl friend in it now and she's a cat of course, Kitty Soft Paws is as crazy and tough and fun as he is. Two of them, it's exponential! Also check out "The Three Diablos," a short featuring Puss in Boots versus the ultimate terrors... three kittens. I know the writers on this actually have cats, there's no question of it!

Anyway, today's chilly and if I've got time / energy might do some actual painting. I have to reorganize my stuff though since "incompatible symptoms guy" rearranged everything. My back is finally starting to come out of it, maybe I rested enough.

12-04-2013, 12:31 AM
Good luck with that, Robert!... It is a lot of work, but sounds like enjoyable work....Would be happy to take a look at one of those books when they will be out.

12-04-2013, 08:54 AM
Looks like December will be a busy month for quite a few people!

My art goals for December are;
1. Paint landscape for Gallery.
2. Finish Jaguar.
3. Start lion scratchboard.
4. Start portrait of a collie.
5. Finish tiger.
6. Paint possum.
7. Order more greeting cards and labels.
8. Take in more mugs to the shop.

Non art goals;
1. Enjoy birthday (this was yesterday so CHECK :lol:)
2. Finish up Christmas shopping.
3. Finish decluttering.
4. Buy chair/stool for desk.
5. prepare Christmas Eve dinner for 8.
6. Make two white choc cheese cakes and seafood platter + bits and pieces to take to Christmas brunch and dinner.

I am also experimenting with how I store my pastels pencils...not sure....hmmm.

Oh and I am looking for some local soapstone as I am going to give sculpting a go :)

12-04-2013, 10:40 AM
This a great topic for newbies such as myself....
I'm new to WC so my first goal is to explore this site...
it's all a bit overwhelming at the moment.
After many years as a watercolorist (mostly florals)
I'm ready (along with retirement) to explore new subjects (landscape)
and new media (pastels).
So the challenge is each day to set one goal relating to developing basic techniques.
But because I have experience as an artist my expectations are high and skills in this new field are.... well minimal.
I'm charting that progress (hopefully!) on a blog http://lesliesartpage.blogspot.ca/
and hope to come here for advice and helpful info.

Sarah Rose
12-04-2013, 11:25 AM
Leslie, welcome to WetCanvas! It's a pretty huge site, I was a bit lost at first, too, but then settled in here and feel at home. Enjoy!

Ligerwolve, decluttering huh? It is a difficult task. I decluttered by accident when we remodeled our living room and rearranged my office so my mother in law could stay here for a summer. All my clutter went into boxes and is now in the garage. I have decided I like the austere look and simply haven't brought the boxes back, it has been years.

12-04-2013, 12:09 PM
Hello SarahRose. Well as such we do not celebrate Christmas or birthdays. But we do like the faire of that time of year so we do indulge ourselves (I'm weight watching so it will be limited to the week only). We do not exchange pressies nor do we give offspring but grandchildren we do. We do like to have a meal out etc for anniversary/birthdays.
I agree with you on the course and have enjoyed many of them myself in the past. As has been said you take away with you what is useful at that stage. I do much the same with DVD's. I'll have to watch some again. As for sorting the pastels join the queue :angel:.

Hello Jen, off to the grands for Christmas is it? Safe journey. Or is it just babysitting at the Christmas holls? You wont be the only one sorting your cards late. I am still waiting for a batch of blank A6's with envelopes to come. They are supposed to be here today. I ordered A5 then thought them too big. I hope you get a spotlight in, I do like looking at others work.

Hi Tatiana. So you was busy, busy, busy in November. You was conspicuous by your absence but I realise how much you drive yourself by the goals you list here.Yes taking things easy is definitely a goal. I have had to do that on occasion. If not one can drive oneself to a standstill.
You have two lovely art goals but the non-art ones are drudgery ones. I could quite easily leave them to another day/month. I am sorry to hear you had a rough time in the past. I hope all is better now.

Ligerwolf, that is a big list. Happy birthday for the day before yesterday ( and you enjoyed it, checked :lol:) I have the Conte pastel pencils which are easily housed in a pencil case (holds 30) and zips to close. It is slightly less than A3 size and has individual elastic holders for indivdual pencils.WC pencils are in wooden cases and coloured pencils in a double case recommended by somebody on the CP forum. Again a zipper to close and holds two pencils per elastic container but the foot print is less than A4. If you do mainly studio work then many have used locally obtainable parts to make and paint their own desk holders. The CP forum is the place for ideas. Best of luck with your goals.

Hey Robert, I hope you get your helpers sorted in your favour. That must have been hectic, one making a mess the other trying to clean up. So you also have the DVD set that Doug mentioned. It would be good to get back into it.

Hiya Christine, the site does throw a hissy fit from time to time. I'm usually quite immune to them so it took me by surprise to get the same/similar message to you. Best of luck with the eye surgery. Definitely need them clear for painting.

Doug you have added another goal? Well done that man! 5) Prepare tints, tones and colour mixing watercolour charts. That should get you started allright. I'll look forward to seeing your progress.

I have made a start on my goals by taking the grandsons car for its first service this morning. It needed to be there for 08:30 and I left here at 07:45 to do just that. It took a couple of hours and they valeted it. He is a student teacher and has changed his placement today.
I only ordered the computer motherboard (for my defunct computer) last Thursday from China! It arrived this morning! Wow! How was that? Well done uncletang. So will get to that later. Watch out- more photos. Went to art class and had a different model. Didn't do her portrait any favours she looks as if she sports a 5:00 shadow but is definitely less alien looking than I used to do. Next week we do watercolour pencils.
I did watch JF's oil painting Saturday night but failed to do the drawing in time to join him in the painting. This next week it is stick pastels. The drawing is up so hope I get time to draw it this week. On cooking for nine, that is how many we had at home as there was 7 children in our family. So my mother had 9 peeps at each mealtime.
Ok better stop here and start putting together/diagnosing the old computer.

12-04-2013, 12:28 PM
Hello to you Leslie and have had a very quick look at your site. Your skills with the pastel are fine :thumbsup: If you want to improve then I recommend the 'spotlight' page and 'pastel forum' where there is plenty of help.
Good luck with your goals.

Sarah Rose
12-04-2013, 06:40 PM
mij (jim...I see what you did there!) Sounds like it's the food that keeps us non-holiday types somewhat still involved with them. We did the traditional holiday meal for Thanksgiving and a week later we are still trying to eat all of the turkey!

12-04-2013, 10:20 PM
Thank You for all kind words, Jim! I'm OK... I had very interesting life what mean none of it was simple... I still do, only it is not that extreme now...
As for the goals... "taking it easy" part clearly ain't working... yet. Just yesterday went to the market and returned with 200+ pounds of turkey... what had to chop and process for our dogs... all today... on the top of vet appointment... and other things. Running whole day - still not done. Maybe a bit easier tomorrow.

12-05-2013, 01:53 AM
Sarahrose - Ive been decluttering for the last few years (since my partner left) :lol: I dont want any boxes stacked any where. If there isnt room I cant keep it. I love your little horse statues by the way :)

Thanks Mij :) I have been keeping all my pastels in pencil cases, pencil rolls and containers but my new desk has a flat drawer so I bought some foam to fit it. Now I can either cut sections out, cut slits or just lay the pastels on it. Ive got some pieces of thick foam too which i will cut to arrange any pastel sticks in and then layer them in the drawer nearby in colour groups. I dont know if I will finish the whole list but thats what Im aiming for!

12-05-2013, 08:01 AM
Hi there Sarah Rose.
We used to do the turkey thing at Christmas and have turkey sandwiches for ever after until it was all gone :).

Tatiana, a 200lb turkey :lol::lol::lol:. I was still giggling about that this morning. I realized of course it was 200lbs of bits as soon as I saw it was for the dogs but it gave me a big laugh as I tried to imagine an over stuffed turkey strutting it's stuff around the pen :lol::lol::lol:. Thanks for the laugh.
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/05-Dec-2013/69634-pressure_board_sanded_to_size.jpghttp://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/05-Dec-2013/69634-foam_being_stuck_to_pressure_board.jpg Ligerwolf.
I had nothing safe to carry a set of portrait pastels to class on Tuesday. So I decided to complete one side of my pastel box and use that.
That means sanding the pressure board to fit, sticking on the foam 'duvet' then screwing on the pressure board retainer clips. I would then need to select the portrait colours wow wouldn't that be a bobby dazler?

I have done some towards that, in that I have sanded the board to fit. Cut the foam 'duvet' to fit the pressure board (it needs to be smaller to stop it catching the sides on assembly/use). I have also glued it to the pressure board and it is under the gravitational force exerted by the nearly empty computer case awaiting its new motherboard. I have used the already made box to spread the load evenly.
I intend including some photos of the stages described with the exception of the 'duvet', I forgot that one but can take one after the glue is set.

12-06-2013, 09:20 AM
I was getting ready for the off to the pastel workshop when SWMBO says the tumble dryer isn't working. On inspection it is cluttered with clothing fluff but it is the timer which is wrong :envy:. It is motoring but not engaging. I have no time so will tell SWMBO to call in the engineer whilst I'm gone. I hope it's not too expensive :crossfingers:. Unless she waits for me to come back :angel:.

12-06-2013, 10:25 AM
Its great that you are making a box from scratch Mij. Very impressive. I have thought about making a set of thin drawers but at the end of the day I'm too lazy :lol:

12-07-2013, 03:04 PM
Its great that you are making a box from scratch Mij. Very impressive. I have thought about making a set of thin drawers but at the end of the day I'm too lazy :lol:
Ha! So am I ligerwolve, that is why I got all the bits but put off the day when I had to make it. I have all the colours but am so afraid of taking them out of the box and not charting them. If I do that then I am bound to re-order the wrong colour. SWMBO thinks I'm colour blind :lol:. Well I like strong contrasts and SWMBO likes the subtleties. But come Tuesday we are expected to do a portrait in full colour! :eek::confused::(:crossfingers: Rainbow features anyone?

12-07-2013, 03:56 PM
Whoops, answering my own post again. I completed one my goals today - attending a Graham Cox w/shop in Southampton. The pastel we did this morning is here:-
I'll put up the second one in the same thread in a while.

12-08-2013, 07:14 AM
Jim, rainbow portrait can look very cool. Just get warm light on one side and cool on the other, then you can let yourself go and it'll just read like you intensified the light color. I'm not kidding. Get the values right and your palette will just look like personal expression. Yay for half the pastel box to carry your choices in! I'm so impressed with that entire project.

Liger, that's so impressive a list. Lots of big cats for me to drool over. Definitely work on those gorgeous big cats!

I've ground to a halt with art and writing, had the week of collapse and relaxation but manged not to get depressed at it. More just really relaxed, only to realize that I need to do the Sketchbook Project justice in about six weeks - penciled several pages today though while i waited for the exterminator's stuff to dissipate. Ari and I moved back into our room with again, much physical exertion.

This happened because of opportunity - the room the manager gave us to wait in had a big tall shelving unit with four deep shelves, they look about 18" deep or more. He said I could have it but I knew my home carer wouldn't have time to help me since she had to do two giant loads of laundry getting all the bedding washed simultaneous with the exterminator's work.

So I walked that thing down the hallway myself about like you'd walk a refrigerator, round the corner and up to my room. Wheeled out the power chair and moved everything in the corner behind the parking spot. Walked shelving into place. Walked full tiny bookcase nightstand in next to it, parked power chair, wow. Even though everything that's on it right now is temporary - just the stuff that was laying around cluttering the room including Ari's cat bag - it's left me a lot more floor space.

Next step - sort what I stuffed up there temporarily and arrange things I need to get at easily onto the easy shelves. Top of the thing is now a flat storage for mat boards with one chunk of foam board over them. It'll get dusty but it'll protect the mat boards and if I get at it reasonably frequently it won't be as bad.

"Decluttering" is on my list too, I guess. But I couldn't turn down an opportunity like that shelving. It didn't even need assembly, just to get tucked in where it goes. i might even be able to expand the area if I tuck the short plastic dresser under the shelf, looks like it will fit well.

Not posting my rough pencil sketches. I'll be inking them next and they'll be much more plausible inked. Need to fill this thing with teasers and illustrations from the novel and get back to working on the novel too, so that it has that veracity of "sketches while writing." Getting those to look like decent illustrations while I'm trying to fill 32 pages fast, that's tricky. I still might manage it if I pencil everything before painting or inking.

Meant to try metallic Pans in it on the plain paper but, two hours isn't that much time especially when half of it was spent finding out backup Mac didn't feel like working at all. Might have been the plug, might be the machine, I don't know which. It's up on the new shelf out of the way to putter with when I find time.

Saturday home carer is fantastic. She got everything done and amazed me completely, did her usual intense care and depth with all of it.

Oh and if I'm up to it today, maybe get some of those holiday lights up to add to the 3d Floor Lighting Display. I bought them because half the hallway is all lit up with tenants running them out the door and around the door to go down the wainscoting. i love the look. It might not be visible from outside but it's very cheery to me, and I'll be the first on my side of the elevator - so far it's four folks down on the other end and the lady at the end of one hallway by the elevator.

My floor is starting to look like the suburban house displays, but more modest as it's really just one string per door and unit. Very cheery en masse. I might put up a strand inside too since I always liked that. Plus have all those cat-safe non shatter ornaments that I don't mind Ari swiping as cat toys. Any he pulls off can just join his jingle balls and play mice. I'll share, those toys are for both of us.

12-08-2013, 12:06 PM
It's the 8th already and I am just now writing my goals. They sound like a sad repeat from previous months. I'll continue with my mindfulness. Will increase the number of paintings completed during the month (both pastel and watercolor) Still trying to find a solution to making use of the back room as an art work area. The only hold-up is finding some sort of storage. Have been looking in used furniture shops and thrift shops and have tweaked what I want to do. Newest plan is to find a couple of used base cabinets (or something similar) and then lay a hollow core (inexpensive) door over top of them. Would have storage underneath and a flat surface on which to put my printer, books and magazines and container holding so-so paintings that I will probably brush off and use again. Anyway, that's the current thinking. Have completed the pastel for my Christmas cards, bought the cardstock and ink and now just need to print and send them. (At least this is one goal I can accomplish) :lol:
Jim, the box is coming along well; can't wait to see the finished product. Looked at the link with your painting. It's beautiful; that's my favorite color palette.
Robert, how lucky to come across the shelving unit. Good for you, wrangling it home and putting it to good use.
Everyone has such great goals. I'm looking forward to hearing that you've accomplished them (in spite of that pesky interruption known as Christmas...lol)

12-08-2013, 09:05 PM
Hello Ligerwolve. De cluttering does me no good at all. Today it cost me over an hour to sort my router when I tried untangling the birds nest soup I had behind the desktop and the wall. I have also misplaced the swinghinges I was going to use. To hades with decluttering.:eek:

Hi there Peg. No matter about writing goals out on the 8th of the month. All sorts are sent to trip us up one way or another. I had the tumble dryer go faulty just before my off on my Christmas card w/shop :clear:. De-cluttering here today I upset our router by unplugging it and plugging it in the wrong hole. OMGoodness :envy:. That put a pause in my progress!

Hi Robert, yes I have yet to 'get' the alternative colours that others use to do images and yes I know they look ok. But I still don't get it.:D

Anyway I have now misplaced the swing-hinges I had bought to retain the pressure board so will have to get more at the ironmongers tomorrow :(.
Mean while here is a picture of the foam 'duvet' glued to the pressure board and another of it just slid into its position except there are no pastels there yet. I have a list of portrait colours so I will pick those out tomorrow ready for class on Tuesday assuming this half of the box works that is!:lol::rolleyes::angel:


12-09-2013, 06:31 PM
Just finished selecting the portrait set and trying them in the now completed half of the pastel box. It seems to work with those 14 pastels, I am two short looking at their selection. The green earth and the A20 (additional 20 for those not familiar with Unison enumeration). I may have those in another box downstairs. Anyway ready for the off for the portrait class tomorrow :wink2:.


12-10-2013, 12:03 PM
Looks good, Jim. Enjoy the class! I see that you bought new hinges (or the others decided to reappear).

12-10-2013, 02:54 PM
Thanks Peg. I always enjoy the class as she always demonstrates what she wants us to do. That always go down well in my book.
The 'swing hinges' as I call them or 'picture frame turns' as the hardware store calls them were in my trouser pocket all along......:angel::clear::eek: .
I think memory is getting worser and worser.......

12-13-2013, 07:28 PM
Jim, I know that feeling all too well! Vanished stuff I hunted for days and weeks on end turns out to be right next to me or in my pocket or something. Or slid into my wallet when that was in my pocket. Drives me nuts.

12-16-2013, 05:29 AM
Hi there Robert. It seems to happen to me with ever increasing frequency since I turned three score and ten. I have to remember where I have put my three sets of glasses and my hearing aids plus spare batteries , let alone a host of other seemingly endless line of things that drop out of my hand never to be found again until the need for it has passed - or I have capitulated and got another. Then I see the other staring at me, mockingly from a shelf that I swear I looked at before :cat:It is so frustrating!

Today I start preparing the house for entertaining at the weekend. I have been meaning to do a spotlight - not a lot perhaps the tree for light relief from Cinderfella's chores. I start with cleaning the brass and setting the fire place for Christmas day. It will be the only few days it gets lit as we utilize the gas central heating nowadays. I didn't go to archery again this Sunday and I haven't got any arrows yet either. Been to busy with the Christmas card project. Now that has been so much fun - my first time and all.:):clap:

12-19-2013, 01:10 AM
Hi everyone. Well i made a Spotlight and have done a couple of sketches. I had a wonderful surprise and honour today when my Christmas card got on the WC news letter. I just arrived at my daughters for Christmas and turned on my iPad to check mail and there was my painting "Naughty or Nice" staring at me! I will be out of town until the new Year but hope to make it back for January! Merry Christmas to all.

12-20-2013, 02:29 AM
Oh what a lovely surprise for you Jen. It is a lovely scene and I saw it where you put it originally. I do know that some peeps object to their work being paraded this way but I'd have no objections at all.

I have been ever so busy as SWMBO wanted our lounge and hallway carpet cleaned, boy was that hard work. Even though I use Forvorks (spelling) electric thingy-ma-jigs it's very hard work. The vacuum cleaner wasn't working so well and I found it 's suction tube was blocked. The brushy rotating bits had a length of something very stringy wound around it so had to clear that anomaly as well. Also steam cleaned the kitchen and utility rooms floors. Today it will be decorating and laying out the table ready for the visit tomorrow. I will also prepare the ingredients for the meal and leave them to marinade in the fridge overnight. It's a slow cooker job so will switch it on early tomorrow morning.

I put batteries in the Play-mobile rescue police truck (for one of my grandsons) and found that the blue flashing lights on the top don't switch off when the switch is depressed. On inquiring I was told that it has a delay function built in! When I timed it, it was a minute. Fancy that, a female with product knowledge! Wonders will never cease!

SWMBO's grandson brought a cold/sore throat home from the school he is doing his training in and we both caught it. I hope it will be over before Christmas.

12-20-2013, 03:54 PM
His partner Colleen has been suffering some pain of late and a GP from our local surgery sent her for a scan - about a fortnight ago. She rang him for some news and found out she had a kidney stone that requires immediate surgery and removal. :( They have to re-appraise their Christmas arrangements tomorrow. Cor it's all sent to try us! :eek:

12-21-2013, 11:02 PM
Jim, hoping that Colleen recovers well and quickly from the surgery. Wha a lot of cleaning you have done! Where's the sheet to sign up and have you take a go at my house? :)
Jen, what a great surprise! I posted elsewhere asking how does one get the newsletter.
Well, this is the goals post and so I will report in. On the painting front, not so good. Winter storms canceled classes and other obligations seemed to get in the way. On reclaiming the back room, I have made quite a bit of progress. Bought two base cabinets from Lowes, assembled them (oh my!, the first was not too bad, but the second was much better....do you think it had to do with the glass of wine I enjoyed while putting it together?), laid the door on top and have a great storage area and place for the printer, etc. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and am considering doing the same thing on the opposite wall to have a great painting space and get rid of the old craft/draft table I have in there now.
Survived my birthday yesterday and now it is on to Christmas......can really clean now that my art stuff is safely upstairs.
Hoping everyone has a great holiday.

12-22-2013, 04:28 PM
Jim, hoping that Colleen recovers well and quickly from the surgery.
Thanks for the kind thoughts Peg. When Colleen got there they did another scan and x-ray. The stone had moved to a safer place so she has been given a prescription for painkillers and implements to check that she has passed them (makes me cringe at the thought), They have gone off to his Dad's for the next ten days.
Yesterday we had my son's family across and my Grand sons had their prezzies. What a noise three boys generate. :eek: Mealtimes at their house must be bedlam.

Wha a lot of cleaning you have done! Where's the sheet to sign up and have you take a go at my house? :)
That sheet is hidden in my house somewhere :lol::angel::clear::wave: Nobody but SWMBO knows where it is :lol:.

12-27-2013, 04:23 PM
December Goals: Christmas month so goals adjusted accordingly.

art related:-
Do some more work on the pastel box TICK completed one side and used it to go to last portrait class.
Attend a Christmas card pastel W/shop in Southampton TICK attended and cards completed.
attend 2 more pastel portrait classes before the Christmas holls TICK attended and two pastels completed
take part in the Christmas card exchange on Wetcanvas (with 17 others) TICK completed photo available if desired.
observe JV's next two lessons. Do one of JV's paintings following his lessons. TICK as I observed but was unable to do one of his paintings.
Non art related:-
remove old seal from the shower bath and fit new TICK took delivery and fitted it.
prepare house for guests at the weekend TICK all went well throughout the Chistmas Coughs and sneezes apart.
prepare and cook for nine as a Christmas Lunch on the 22nd of December. SWMBO has decided it's to be Burgundy Beef. This I can manage in the slow cookers. TICK had to get out ar 6.00 to switch on slow cooker but was up at 5.30 anyway. All went well.
go to Bexhill and get measured for some arrows for the re-curve bow. Order a dozen. My Christmas present to self. NOPE FAIL, no time and anyway fouled up the new security measure introduced by my bank so cutailed my spending (not a bad thing at Christmas). They are sending me a larger easy reader type. So it will probably go on to January's goals.
I am putting this up early on Saturday the 28th as I am not expecting to alter anything else now.
SWMBO's grand son is staying here with his partner whilst he does his teaching practice course. He brought home a cough/cold/sneezey bug from his placement and of course we caught it. SWMBO was worse affected because her immune system is not very good. Nurse says it hangs around for three weeks!
A happy 'bug free' new year to all.

12-27-2013, 04:32 PM

12-27-2013, 06:05 PM
Jim, sounds like you've accomplished a lot! Would love to see a pic of the card. Sorry about the coughs and sniffles visiting your house.

12-28-2013, 01:21 PM
I had three cards in toto but I think this one was appreciated most. I did it as a Christmas card under instruction from the late Bob Errends some three years ago I think.


12-28-2013, 02:15 PM
Jim, that is gorgeous! Love the composition and the way the snow's blowing off those silo roofs. That's striking - it looks unreal for a moment and then I look again and wow, yeah, there it is, it does look right. Very peaceful scene. The smoke flowing smooth and direct upward gives it that stillness and I have seen it become that narrow a pillar sometimes. Heh, grew up in a snowy climate, this really brings back some memories. Especially those weeds punching up through the snow at the side of the road, that brings it all back. You captured exactly that feeling of those heavy winter days.

I looked at my goals today and just laughed, they're all a bust. I haven't worked on writing, didn't do a Spotlight, didn't really do much of anything but I got in some sketching waiting for the van on appointments. So that's my token effort this month, a little bit of life sketching. The rest can push forward into January when I will get on my feet again. I pretty much slept through December, but I sketched again last night. Posting it on the Studio since it's in pastels.

12-28-2013, 02:16 PM
I like it; makes me feel cold, though. I want to be in that house with the fire going......

12-28-2013, 05:19 PM
Hi all.
Robert those are Sussex Oast Houses which were used in the brewery industries to dry hops. The caps on tops were vents which turned in sympathy with wind direction to extract the fumes. Many have been turned into homes and furniture and windows have been designed to fit :thumbsup:
I remember doing that one in particular, we had some fun.
I did two miniature acrylics (a first time for me) on easels for my sister and her daughter . I did enjoy those, perhaps I'll do some more.


12-28-2013, 05:50 PM
Love, Love, Love your Christmas card, Jim it is beautifully done!

I haven't done a lick this month....too busy, with hubby coming home after 7 months in a facility. I have some good help, but it is still time..and energy..consuming.
hoping January will be more productive...

12-28-2013, 10:25 PM
Jim, thanks for the history on the house and the chimneys! Love your little acrylics, especially the one on the right where you varied the edge of the treeline and the big tree on the right. Gorgeous smoke and clouds. All three of these do give me the chills and make me remember the cold and damp, I can almost feel chilly slush seeping into winter boots.

Judibelle, January's bound to be more productive. I think the holidays just take a lot of energy for most people. Even though I didn't do much, I sort of did - and don't regret that, just need to plan for it every year and not try to accomplish too much when I know I'll be distracted and low energy from the weather. Though this winter's been unusually bad for me, the weather's not normal San Francisco weather at all. Things should lighten up though.

Today I accomplished something major, did my Spotlight more or less rigth at the end! And knocked out the metallic pan pastels project I wanted to do by doing the Spotlight Mallard with the metallics. So now I can write the article I meant to when I first got them, even got progress pics for it. Pics and sort of a rough of the blog entry on the pan pastels thread.

12-28-2013, 10:26 PM
Thanks for the lovely comments Robert and Judibelle, I must get to more painting this year.
Sorry to hear your hubby is not yet in the clear Judibelle and sounds like he might not be for a while. Hope you have a good 2014 to look forward to so a happy and healthy new year to you both.

12-29-2013, 09:48 PM
Jim, I like your acrylics. I've been watching some acrylics videos, in particular using them in a sort of watercolors manner. It piqued my interest and I may have to dig out my very small assortment of acrylics and give it a try. Of course, I haven't done much with pastels or watercolors, so why do I think I'll sit down and work in acrylics :lol:
Judi, hope it all gets better quickly for you and your husband.

12-30-2013, 04:39 AM
Hi there Peg. It was the opaqueness and quick drying that allowed mistakes to be over painted that attracted me to them to do the miniature canvases at Christmas in acrylics. I also have a 'starter for ten' here which has never been finished. I intend finishing that this next month. It is a landscape on gessoed hardboard.
I have a warm and cool set of System 3 primaries plus black and white that I used and are at least 22 years old. That's how long I've been procrastinating. :lol:. I'll have to try colour mixing etc with them.
I just love it all and go from WC to pastel to acrylics to oils. From graphite to charcoal and so on :lol::wave::thumbsup:
It such good fun! I am having a whale of a time. Don't tell the gummerment. they'll tax it.

12-30-2013, 07:19 PM
"My goals for December are:
1) Choose a picture for the Spotlight and get it completely finished
2) Try at least two paintings (probably small ones) using techniques that I either have never used or am not comfortable with.
3) Try one of the above paintings without blending with my fingers!"

1) Finished! Look in December Spotlight, and you'll see it!

2) I got a ton of pastel books sent to my library (okay, maybe only 47 books) :) and following the instruction from one of them, I doodled a simple flower and painted a triad of the same picture, using different stroking techniques for each picture:

3) I did the above three paintings without blending with my fingers. (okay, so maybe I did ONCE, but I caught myself and stopped before I had hardly done anything.

An additional goal which I failed to put was to try some paintings that were out of my comfort zone.

I've probably mentioned before that I'm terrible with details, so I always steered away from people and animals, sticking to fruit, flowers, and landscapes. I decided to try an animal, a snow leopard cub.

I was pretty disappointed with the outcome at first, but then I realized that I learn something with every painting, and I learned three things with this one.
1. I CAN draw good cat's eyes (my favorite part of the painting!)
2. I need to find some way to practice and work on my proportions.
3. I need to find more professional paper that will hold more than three layers of pastels to paint on!


After having done one picture out of my comfort zone, I felt a little more "comfortable" trying a second. I have always been fascinated by skies and water, and there is nothing that I have wanted to be able to paint more than that, but because I wanted to do it so much, I never have! I guess it was fear, fear that I would fail miserably and not be able to paint the two things I loved to look at the most! Well, I was very proud of myself for finally biting down and trying a water scene.

Granted, there is a lot wrong with this picture, but overall I was pleased with the outcome of my first water painting. I guess it helped me to realize, "yes, my skills need work, but it IS possible, and I WILL be able to do beautiful water paintings one day!"

"Thy Waves and Thy Billows"

12-30-2013, 09:37 PM
Wow, Rebecca! You accomplished a lot. Much better pastel work, those exercises are great. Those are beautiful cat eyes. Wonderful fluffy paws too, good fuzzy texture on the snow leopard cub. Your waves are great. You're making tremendous progress and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Congratulations on a fantastic month!

12-30-2013, 10:04 PM
I agree they are good exercises. The eyes on the cat look a little forlorn and makes us go awe shucks etc.:wave: